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  1. Could anyone give me advice on a magellan Triton 200 I am interested in purchasing one but I would like to hear from a few users first....
  2. Hey, I can hook you up with a Garmin eTrex for $80.00, it has only been used twice in the field for geoaching. I recently got a New Colorado and really have no need for the eTrex. I still have all of the papers and everything. If you are interested let me know. By the way, you have a PM
  3. Well, mtn-man, I have already found over 30+ caches myself, I know that is a small number but hey what do you expect from a newbie, so I guess that I have got a good start on that recommendation. I understand the guidelines fairly well, I have been reading tons of articles and recommendations from other posters regarding Caching. Who knows I might even "study" the forum rules in the days to come. LOL By the way I love the SHAMELESS PLUG of your business that you have included in your "signature." I guess we have a lot more in common than you thought!
  4. I am an educator and I am thinking about starting a Geocaching Club in my local high school. Have any of you done this if so, what tips could you give? I am all ears, so please share your experiences or any advice that you may have. Many of the kids seem to be very interested, I just figured that someone that has done this before, might be able to point out a few obstacles that I might overlook. thanks, GorillaXpress (content removed by moderator)
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