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  1. I have a jar with my SWAG. I used to keep record of where they came from, but I lost it yesterday. Still hopefull that I'll find it somewhere. I just take something that catches my eye. Something unique. I don't like trash that people had in the wallet and left in the cache, like used cinema tickets or out of date coupons. It looks like there are a lot of pennies, even in the micros, I personally don't care for those. Funny, colorful, pretty, unique, there are the things I'm looking for. And of course, as a good cacher, I try to leave something even nicer in the cache. I buy my swag at my local "good shepard" store, a lot better then the dollar stores around here, and better for the environment. Extreme recycling is what I call it. Turn someone's garbage into treasures.
  2. It looks like they come in numbers first and then the alphabet. First 0,1,2...7,8,9 and then a-z For example after GCZ6M3 comes GCZ6M4 And after GCZZZZ comes GC10000
  3. So I can't discuss if I don't agree? I don't agree but I'll join anyway. Personally I have 32 finds and it's very hard to get to 100 where I live. So that's not rely fair. And as soon as I got to about 3 finds I totally got the idea and wanted to start placing caches. (I still haven't, because I'm doing lots of planing in advance.) So my point is, it's difficult to put a rule like this for people living in remote areas in the world where there aren't many caches. And if you put out exceptions for those, then the problem will be where to put the line.
  4. That's a good topic. I've been wondering how much people spend on ammo boxes.
  5. Thank you all for your quick replies. I'd like to have dozens of caches that are maintained well
  6. I've been wondering how many caches I should have out there and how much time it's going to take to maintain it. I know it varies a lot on how many people visit the cache, and where it is. But can you give me an average number of how many times you have to maintain it. A good start would be if you could tell me how many caches you have out there and how much time you spend maintaining them each month. Please don't just answer saying "it depends" or "it's a question that can't be answered". I know that.
  7. I have an idea of a puzzle. The coordinates lead you to a peace of wood. Trough it is a hole. And on a particular day of the year the sun shines trough the hole and shines on a spot on the ground that gives you the coordinates of the actual cache. I haven't rely figured out the details, but the idea obviously comes from indiana jones. Has this been done before. Is this allowed. Obviously it would not work on a rainy day, so people will have to wait another year to attempt it. Not that here in the north the sun moves a lot over the months.
  8. Theoretically, they could live anywhere within the "rectangle" formed by those statistics. Empirically, they probably live closer to the center than to the edges. It's extremely unlikely that they live at the dead center. Edit: Actually, they could live outside the rectangle, too. It's almost as unlikely that they live outside the rectangle as it is that they live in the center. One of my records, that I'll probably won't beat is "974 consecutive days without a find" (arg, why didn't i wait 26 days to have a cool number)
  9. That's mature.... Actually, its called sarcasm. Hehe
  10. I've been thinking about this as well. A good description on the web is very good, because that's the first thing a seeker is going to see. The location is very important, but if the location is not interesting, then the cache itself or the hide can still make an enjoyable trip. Content of the cache is one thing. Have SWAG, a good logbook and description of what geocaching is. The cache itself can be anything, as soon as it's weather and waterproof. Make it look like a rock for example. The hide itself is very important, it makes the discovery that much more rewarding. If it's hidden in a clever way, your bound to get some favorite hits. I've been thinking about attending some Do-It-Yourself workshops to learn how to create a unique hide.
  11. I actually live in a country with only 250 caches. My first thought was to place some of my own. But then I thought I should find some of these 250 before I start myself. It's been a few weeks and I think I'm ready to start placing my own. Getting that number up a little bit.
  12. It would be nice if there was a list of GeoTrails somewhere.
  13. If you want to have one newbee, I'm from Iceland and I've only done 25 caches. Shoot me an email steinninn [the at] steinninn.is
  14. My email is steinninn@steinninn.is I don't have a car, but we could chat and maybe hitch a ride
  15. After posting a pic of my area, I thought why not post one of my country 250 caches in total.
  16. I guess in depends on the zoom level of Google Maps. Here's my area.
  17. Haha, did you see Napoleon Dynamite. Where he's selling Tupperware and drives over it with his car. Well, it broke.
  18. Interesting. Over 400 finds, as it seems to be within walking distance for cruise ship travelers who stop briefly in Iceland. I think the key point for this box is having everything inside in a heavy plastic bag, that I would replace often if I was the owner. Now that's what I'm talking about!!
  19. Not in Iceland, it won't Yes, I've thought about that, and that's fine by me.
  20. So most of us agree that a wooden cache would be good if it would be possible to avoid moisture buildup. Any tips on how to do that? The only wood cache that I found (GC14Z1P) has been there since 2007 and looked great.
  21. My first thought is that planing coins in advance is rather difficult. Since they might be gone quickly and new ones come in their place. But I'm not from the UK so I'll let someone else answer thi.s
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