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  1. Yup, thats pretty much how you do it. mark a waypoint then edit it. after doing that for a caching trip and have 25 of them set up, not only is it a pain in the rear, it is also a pain to the finger tips!!
  2. Hey there prime Suspect. I like your signature line... Ok, back to the thread.
  3. Thank You! Hope this outing will NOT be your last. I like this sport alot! it gets me off my lazy butt, and it is actually getting me into better shape! Good Luck and I hope you enjoy!
  4. The only way you can download the information from the GC website is to own a Garmin. If you have another brand, you can still download the info. You will just have to download it to your computer and then have a program to where you can then download it to your gps from your computer.
  5. when you leave your "signature item" is that pretty much you signing your name on the log book? or is it a swap item? I am starting to drop two packs of AA batteries, but I don't intend for them to stay there. I intend for people to take and use them.
  6. Whoa. Yeah, thanks for the heads up!!!. what times do hunters usually hunt?
  7. Hello and welcome to the madness! Before you know it, you will be out every possible moment searching!
  8. If something like that happened to someone that was hunting my cache, I would definately take it down. In my opinion, if you have to be that secretive as to not attract muggles then I wouldn't be looking for it. And if I have to worry about some punks causing trouble, I definately wouldn't be in that area. IMO, caches are supposed to be for pleasure, not wondering what is going to transpire or happen to me as a hunter. And I most certainly will not search for a cache that I have to constantly watch my back. either for trouble or muggles. Just my opinions.
  9. vouchers and supermarket receipts, yes, I can see getting rid of those, but the "toys", you never know when a cacher is going to have his or her little one with them. thats why from time to time I will put in a sealed toy from Mc. Donald's. But I don't use the toy as a trade though. And I will only put the Toy in the cache if there is a lot of room. ex. ammo can. But if the toy is going to fill up the whole cache then I leave the toy out.
  10. You would love getting your hands on caches I find. My wife runs her own Mickey D's. So if you ever come to South Western part of Indiana and see a cache with at least 3-4 Mc Toys. You know that more than likely I have been there at some point in time. Actually, thats not all I leave behind. the Mc toys are due to my wife bringing them home because that particular promotion is over with, Then I get tired of seeing them on my computer desk. Plus you never know when a cacher is going to have a youngster with them. My 2 and 3yr. old daughters were thrilled when I took them with me once along with my wife and a cache had a couple toys in there. I also try to leave 2 packs of AA batteries. I will buy the large 24 packs from Sam's Club and divide them up into 2packs. Seal them into ziploc baggies. You never know when your batteries are gonna decide to die on you in the field.
  11. I also forgot to mention, If by some slim chance I happen to find ANY of your family's TBs, I will most certainly pick them up and happily move them onto the next stage of their journey.
  12. I am new at this also, but what I did was started with caches that were close to me that I was familiar with the area, that way it was a wee bit easier for me. I have almost finished up the ones that are within 2-3miles of me so I will be venturing further and further away from home so I am sure it will get harder as time goes along. And the people that log that their 4yr. old went right up to it, seems a little far fetched to me. When I log that I found the cache almost instantly, I mean it took me less than 5-10mins. Just be patient and you WILL find your first cache.
  13. Kind of off topic, but Congrats to your Sister, Brassine Family wishes her all the best!
  14. That is just down right insane! I could understand possibly if it were a multi cache but all single caches? There is a small State Forrest near me and there are about 17 caches in it, but at least its by roughly 4 or 5 different people.
  15. Yes, very cool indeed! Thanks for letting us know about it!
  16. Oh, I fully understand what you mean! you get back to the paved road and it is steaming. I honestly think its worse after it rains then before.
  17. Thanks for the information. As you can tell, I'm still a little wet behind the ears.
  18. First of all, I want to wish your daughter well on her TB and her goal of raising awareness of the ASPCA. I know with our local Humane Society and the ones surrounding our area they are over crowded with with Cats and Dogs and are always seeking donations of some sort. I honestly used to donate two 50lb bags of dog food every six months. then it got to the point to were they were calling me wanting to know when I would be bringing in dog food. To say the least that kinda cheesed me off. So I stopped doing it. My wife's grandmother wanted to adopt a puppy/dog so we took her to three different Humane Societies, all they had were mix breeds and mutts that had no manners what so ever. Which is sorta to be expected. But what we didn't expect was the $150 adoption fee!!! PLUS, we had to show proof of her being Spade within 30 days or we would be subjected to a $50 fine! For $200 you can get a pure bred 12wk old pup with papers! Who would want to spend at least $200 for a 6month to roughly 3yr old mix/mutt dog with no history of his or her back ground when you can either spend that money on a pure bred or go through the local paper and find "Free to good home" I would like to also add that I do NOT know how the ASPCA/Humane Society works in other states or regions. I am just basing my comments and feelings towards our local Humane Society.
  19. So there is no rule stating that I am prohibited from returning to a cache to pick up a TB that has be placed there. As long as I keep the TB going.
  20. If you can create a waypoint of where you are right now, do that then go in and edit the coordinates. THats what I have to do with my Etrex H unit that I just bought over the weekend.
  21. While I was out searching for caches today, there was one on my list in particular that I wanted to find. It contained a TB that its goal was to travel to Microsoft's headquarters in WA and return back to its home cache. It had already made it to its point and was finally back in its home state. When I found the cache the TB wasn't there. There had been 4 or 5 signatures in the log book inside the cache since the TB was placed there. I contacted the owner, but so far I haven't received a response back. For future references, what should I do, when I don't find a tb or coin that is supposed to be in the cache that I found?
  22. I know we have our FTF junkies out there. But what about TB/coin junkies? My question is this, is it alright to go to a cache you have already been to, to pick up a tb or coin to log it and pass it onto another cache? Is it against GC rules? or is it not considerate of others for me to do this? some of the TBs I have picked up and been logged as being there for a month or more. So far all the TBs I have gotten are from caches that I have found for the first time. Also what about taking two of them? If that is wrong then I am guilty. One cache I went to had two TB items in there and I took them both. One was released less than 24hours later. the other has a specific goal so I have had that one for 2days. And on the one I have now, I contacted the owner telling them to give me upto 5 days to place it since they have special wishes.
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