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  1. I'm willing to adopt someone or be adopted (still learning the ropes!) in Hertfordshire, Essex or North London. I don't drive so would need to cache near public transport. I have 3 children who sometimes come with me so don't mind meeting someone who also has a family.

  2. Hi Sarah


    I live in Hertfordshire on the Hertford train line, I don't drive but am willing to meet up for caching days if I can pursuade hubby to have the kids! Welcome to geocaching, this is a very addictive hobby!


    Hi there ,


    I am very new to GC but enthusiastic

    i´d like to find a female buddy to go round NE london geocashing together


    i drive but enjoy walking i don´t have any friends who are interested in going

    so hence the search for a buddy . .


    i live in E17


    let me know if this is inapropriate or not the done thing !!!


    best wishes


  3. This is my first event that I am holding - Riverside Green in Stanstead Abbotts on June 5th. The village is on the Liverpool Street to Hertford East Line, there are several buses that run through and we are close to the Essex border. I'm hoping to have a few caches published on the day and in addition there is the River Lee series running through the village as well as other local caches.


    I look forward to meeting everyone!



  4. My first cache was also not far away from me, found without a gps (as was the next approx 20) and where I picked up my first geocoin. I'm highly addicted and don't have enough free time for caching to my liking! Geocaching is one of my main reasons for learning to drive, so hopefully soon I can explore further to my hearts content.

  5. Sorry if this has been covered previously. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some unusual UK caches. My husband is keen to try some of the 5* rated caches but I'm having trouble finding any that are not puzzle based such as Bongard Christmas Puzzles GCH61T.


    Thanks in advance

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