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  1. What you are saying makes sense, but then what is the Collectable checkbox for under the edit TB page? If I hadn't seen that, I would have assumed the "move to inventory" was the way.
  2. Are you looking to transfer ownership to another user, or simply put the physical coin in his hands? To put the physical trackable in his hands but maintain ownership, I'd send it snail mail. If you want to transfer ownership, you can use the following site http://geocaching.com/adopt/
  3. I did not know this until my wife pointed it out last night during our drive home. If you go to the Geocaching.com on your phone (GPS enabled), thre is a link near the bottom left which allows you to "Find My Location" and search geocaches near you. Are there any other features that are available via moble phone besides this neat feature?
  4. When did you activate yours? Mine was activated 10 June 2010 and sometime within the last 2 years, it became collectable again. http://coord.info/TB3GW6Z
  5. I'm not sure if I'm the only one that noticed this, or if I am late to knowing this. My SRT4 vehicle trackable was not collectable when I registered it, and sometime since, has become so. I've had to steal it back from other cachers who have retreived it from me (virtually). When I checked the trackable page, the option to be collectable was not checked off. Was this a known bug previously discussed?
  6. I have the garmin mount right on the stem of my mtn bike. Works great and keeps the GPS a bit lower profile and reasonably safe if I crash. Worth every penny/ Are you talking about these? Love that coin! Not to go too off topic, buy my wife's shop is now sold out of them. I might however have one or two hidden in the back of my home office in case needed.
  7. I did a quick search and only found ~161 caches that matched TCDN. I think the that it may be no longer maintained.
  8. I have the garmin mount right on the stem of my mtn bike. Works great and keeps the GPS a bit lower profile and reasonably safe if I crash. Worth every penny/ Are you talking about these?
  9. We are having a similar issue, but not nearly as drastic as ones described in this thread. In our case, the caches are being stolen. The culprit is a premimum member as PMO caches are not safe. Unfortunately the Audit log for PMO caches doesn't give you enough info to pin them. Currently looking into placing a couple game cameras around random caches. Unfortunately I have too many caches to cover all of them, and the caches being attacked are not all new ones. The kicker is, unless you can nail the person with something illegal, nothing can be done through GS once you figure out who they are. The culprit needs to do something wrong on the GC or GS site to have GS step in.
  10. If I go out when it might rain, a cheap (dollar store) rain poncho gets tossed into the bag I'm carrying. If I'm out hiking, I'll opt for my nylon rain coat (also doubles as my spring/fall coat) and my heavier canvas zip away pants. The nylon pants that come with my rain suit doesn't breath enough for warmer weather. They are ok for temps below 30'F.
  11. Would it be possible to include the visible attributes from the search page under the own cache page (trackables, Needs Maintenance, etc).
  12. We've been lucky up this way. I have found a couple field grow ops in my time (mtn biking, backpacking, etc), but no chemical labs or similar. None of which where while geocaching however.
  13. Our two boys (soon to be joined by a sister) where born into geocaching and the outdoors. Park and grabs are a no go normally with the boys. Out in the bush is where they want to be. We've logged hundreds of hours with one of the boys in the kid carrier backpack and many, many miles. The tricks I've learned; Carry snacks, drinks and a spare change of cloths for the boys (the kid carrier has a huge pocket). If you are using a trek pole and water bladder in your pack, they are going to want one. When safe to do so, let them walk the trails for a bit. If you spot the cache first, give them hints or pointers to let them find and retrieve it. Small--> Large caches are treasures Micros and nanos are adult caches As others have mentioned, bring plenty of swag. Our oldest attended his first event at 2 weeks old. Our youngest co-hosted his first event at 3 weeks old.
  14. I think you misread that, 9 DNF's in the last 7 months, all with notes about long searches and no smilies This is the same number of DNF's as the first four years the cache was in operation, and of those 9, seven were "couldn't look" Cache timeline: {first four years} - 475 finds, 2 DNF with search, 7 DNF due to muggles {last seven months} - 9 DNF with search I can see how NA and MN logs could be abused, but they have their legitimate use as well. PseudoHybrid said it well, I think, when he said that (paraphrasing here) using NA and NM logs well is the means of pruning the game to keep it lean and fun for everyone. I've got a VERY tough puzzle cache, and while I have not had any NA or NM logs on it yet, I expect to get some eventually from an inexperienced cacher or an overzealous one afraid of posting a DNF. Either way, I intend to follow up on any that arise as though they are necessary. I see it as a responsibility I accepted the day I published my first cache. I wouldn't normally use the NA based on DNFs alone, but the rest of the info you provided makes it's use valid in my eyes.
  15. I'm iffy on the idea. Some of us already do community maintenance on the historical and/or worth while caches in our area. Because of the cost of maintaining my own caches and what not, I carry the supplies, but am selective on which ones I will repair. Here is one I watch very closely http://coord.info/GL5XXJPX The thanks I get are the many smilies after the fact, and the couple actual thanks posted in the logs. I have had no issues getting the NM attributes removed from the caches I watch over. A clear cut log posting stating what was done, with a note to the reviewer with photos will generally take care of the NM log. Unfortunately I have not been able to adopt any of the caches I watch over.
  16. That is what I was thinking... Original thought was a fire hyden on a 5/5 hide. Don't think I could get it into the location though. Would be pretty funny to find however.
  17. I have a few ideas for new cache containers going out next summer, but thought I would see if there where any better ones out there or ones that could be easier to transport. I'm looking for totally out there cache containers you would never expect to see in the middle of the bush. To give you an idea of what I am looking for, I've got a mail box (on a post) in the middle of the bush as one of my letterbox hybrids. It got a few laughs.
  18. I'd invite you out to complete our simple logo. Only 41 caches. Not sure if the bushwhacking and terrain would be friendly to the rail trail folks though. We also hid them in 5 different groups (seporately), so the hiding styles are different, containers are different, and most are actual caches with swag.
  19. WOW indeed. I can't believe they pulled that off with traditional and multi caches. Most large art I have seen are unknown, so that the physical container does not have to be at the art spot. Physical caches are pretty tough depending on the terrain. It looks like they where lucky with a nice area with no lakes or swamps. We had to do a couple unknown caches because the required cords put the cache in water or swamp.
  20. For the most part, I agree with the above quote. As for the others picking on you about your 3yrs old.... I have one (and a 1 1/2 year old). My 3yrs old might be a bit special, but electronics are his thing. He actually demands my Oregon and leaves me with his geomate jr. It might be hard with such a large group of new people who don't share your excitement right off the get go. Go out yourself and do a few. Maybe even take just your daughter. Keep it fun and she'll buy into it. I've taken a few kids out with me and as long as they treat it as treasure hunting, it's fun. Micros and nano caches are adult caches Disclaimer: Both my boys have been treated to the outdoors since they where born. My oldest's first event and find was when he was 2 weeks old.
  21. The Stig asking a question.... (See avitar) Not sure about currently, but before smart phones, I use to be able to use <my phone number>@<phone company>.com. You'll have to search your provider's site or call and ask. My old phone when I first started was something like 5551231234@PCS.Rogers.com
  22. Yeah, and drop it into satellite view and checkout the terrain. The terrain looks pretty forgiving. The space we used is all bush. No one has done all 41 caches in one day yet.
  23. Holy wow. There is probably more caches in that photo, then we have within a 100 mile radius of the center of our city. Our now not so impressive GeoArt... GC map
  24. That is a very nice looking camp. It is actually nicer then most of my backpack camping sites. Someone put a lot of work into it. Yes... it is a permanent camp, though. It is abandoned fall thru spring. One of the joys of finding it is seeing all the bits of folk art scattered about. The gallery, unfortunately, doesn't really show much of that. I have a funny story about my trip to it. I had used my Nuvi to get me to the general area, where I parked the car. I unplugged the Nuvi and stuck it in my back pocket and used my handheld to take me to the cache. It was springtime, but fairly late in the season, so I was apprehensive about the possiblilty of surprising some of the residents, so I walked very slowly and quietly, stepping toe-first (a trick I learned as a boy... supposedly the Indians snuck through the woods that way) to avoid snapping twigs. I kept my eyes peel for any movement. So far, so good... a little further, still good... I spot the first of the structures ahead of me through the brush... still not seeing anybody, but not taking any chances... ... then, suddenly... "APPROACHING GC1H7AZ EAU CLAIRE HOBO CAMPS" That's when I realized that I had I forgotten to power down the Nuvi. That's actually worse then having a cell phone ring on you. Definitely funny considering it read out the name.
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