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  1. I say go for it. As was said before, make sure the cache container will keep things dry. Check this one out that a couple of us did a few weeks ago: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC1FKVZ. The container is actually a Thermos bottle with straight sides. People who work around the cache know it's there as do a number of fishermen. They usually will wave when they see "those crazy geocachers" wading out to get it. Not exactly a muggle-free zone but :ph34r: skills not required.

  2. I have on several occasions. Great way to build up your network of PAF buddies. You already know that you have something in common. In fact, I met a fellow cacher about a month ago and he ended up calling me last weekend to help with a cache in a park about 20 minutes away from my house. We ended up spending about 3 hours doing a number of them that he hadn't done in the area and he helped me with one that I hadn't completed.

  3. Stopped by police, fell in swamp, wandered by a homeless guy in the middle of the woods and got in trouble with my wife. All this on one cache that was posted at 11:30pm and I needed to get one before the day was out. Cop knew what caching was, hosed the legs and shoes off when I got home, homeless guy didn't move, and the wife kept calling and telling me how ridiculous my obsession was. Kept my streak going though. :rolleyes:


    On another cache, I ended up with contact dermatitis that took 12 weeks to go away. Doc had/has no idea what I got into and neither do I.

  4. 95equinox,


    Welcome to geocaching. No, it is not illegal to use c:geo for geocaching although Groundspeak prefers you to utilize their own app. I use c:geo and really like it. Others like NeonGeo and like it. For c:geo, simply enter your login id and password in the settings of the app and you should be good to go.


    c:geo uses a different way to get the information from the Groundspeak web site than the API that they have developed.


    Have fun.

  5. I have been using GSAK to be able to drop GCs to my Garmin and I'm sure there's support for a Magellan as well. Create some PQs (Pocket Queries) and bring them down into GSAK then send to GPSr. Works great and the price is right. Free if you don't mind waiting or $30 for no wait. I went the paid route as I liked the software so much and want to see it continued to be developed.

  6. CGEO works great. In fact, they just released the new/fixed version with Live Maps. Once you have started the app, hit the Menu button and then Settings. Type in your geocaching.com account id and password. It should verify the login and you should be good to go. That being said, it does NOT use the geocaching API. I have been using c:geo for a while now and no complaints. I realize it is not the GEOCACHING.COM app, but it works really well for me. I have tested NeonGeo and it works quite well also.


    Good Luck and welcome back to the adventure.

  7. here is mine as of 2-17-2008


    N 42° 55.903 W 85° 28.954


    If I cache a tad more west I will be in the Thornapple River in the Grand Rapids MI area.


    I live in Kentwood, MI and mine is N 43 23.102, W 83 59.324. It ends up to be over by Saginaw, MI as I have snagged a few out in Burlington, VT while out east for training.


    I've seen your name in a number of logs, gvsu4msu.

  8. Maybe ask a couple of geocaching friends to verify your findings first. I would contact the CO and let them know what coordinates you found it at. If you are using a phone vs a GPSr, then it may be that your phone is off. The difference between my phone and GPSr can be up to 35 feet sometimes depending upon tree/building interference.

  9. If you want all your finds, including archived caches, then you need to use the special "My Finds" PQ. Go to the Your Pocket Queries page and scroll down to the "My Finds" heading. Then click the "Add to Queue" button below that.


    Just wanted you guys to know that when I use Google Chrome and the "Add to Queue" button does not function. If I open up IE, the button works fine.

  10. Doesn't sound that far fetched to me. I kill electric watches. Quit wearing one about 15 years ago because I was tired of buying a new one every 3-6 months. Sometimes my phone will flake out on me for no reason. (Not just my current one, but several that I have used.) Sometimes caching can be challenge when my 62s says one thing and my phone says to go the exact opposite. That's about the time I really start looking for geotrails.

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