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  1. Run the "Find Stats Gen" macro within GSAK. Check the group settings and make sure you have option 32 selected. That should give you the info that you need.


    Use the snip tool in Windows 7 or Screen print in Windows XP to grab the info.

  2. 2 for 2 today. One wading hip deep in the snow for about 100 feet. The other was easier, until you got to gz, it was only knee deep. Took me longer to get the little critter out to sign the log than to spot it. Needed to use some on-site engineering to retrieve the prize. 10 minutes later, cache was in hand. :grin:

  3. Caveboy_Ken and I just went to Peoria, IL in an attempt to do a 5/5. On the way, we stopped to eat and get gas and there was supposed to be a 1.5/1.5 about 100ft away from the eating establishment. 1/2 hour later, we still couldn't find it. We thought that maybe we should just turn around then and there because if we couldn't find one that easy (it should have been hanging in a tree) how in the world were we supposed to complete a 5/5 with a 13 mile hike. :blink:

  4. I know this may sound odd but I would suggest setting up a separate e-mail account just for geocaching. Set it up before you set up the geocaching account. I know a lot of people who have done this, myself included.


    Use a live.com or yahoo.com account. My normal accounts are laker91@blahblah.com but for my geocaching account, I like to use lake91geo@blahblah.com so I only get my "important" notifications when a cache is placed. You can set smartphones up to access multiple e-mail accounts so that is easy.


    Just my $.02.

  5. Hop out of your car, walk up to the potential finder and say "Excuse me sir/ma'am, this is private property". :laughing: Just kidding. Introduce yourself and enjoy the hunt together. I met some good friends on a couple of FTF hunts. One set of friends at 11:30pm on a hide that was only 2 miles from my house and another friend on one that had us "Stumped" for quite a while. Shared the FTF on both of them.


    No need to be stealthy with them if you can figure out what the other person is doing. :ph34r:

  6. Glad to help! Anything to prevent yet another film canister under a lamppost skirt 😊


    Hey Chief301,


    Last night we solved a puzzle and found a short Alladin thermos next to a lamp post skirt under a pine tree limb. Granted it was covered in camo tape but I don't think it will last too long. :blink:

  7. דער קאַש איז נישט אין די אַרייַנגעשיקט קאָואָרדאַנאַץ.


    צו געפינען אויס די לעצט קאָואָרדאַנאַץ האָבן צו סאָלווע די רעטעניש בייַ די ווייַטערדיק אַדרעס.


    זייַן דיסקריט אין שאַרף פֿאַר די קאַש און זייַן געווער דעפּענדס אויף עס.


    ברענגען שרייבן מאַטעריאַלס.



    Hope this helps. You might want to use google translate to read it.


    BTW, I second what TriciaG said.

  8. Welcome back from a transplanted Yooper.


    If you are using c:geo, when you click on the green (traditional) icon on the map, it will show whether it is a small, large, not chosen, etc.


    I checked out your profile and see you are in Litchfield, MI. Check out the Litchfield Travel Bug Hotel (GC38A66). It should be fairly easy to find and may have a Travel Bug or two in it. Also, there is a multi that is not a small, Prairie Park - Nature Walk (GC37J82).


    If you ever get up to the Grand Rapids area, look me up and we can go for some non-micro caches. There's a good group of cachers in the area who would be more than happy to show you around the area.



  9. Alexhager, you can use the app that shall not be named to project a waypoint. From the main cache info page, slide your finger from left to right, click add waypoint, enter data as requested, then save the reference point.


    Another couple of apps you might be interested in are GSAK for the pc and GDAK for the droid. GSAK allows you to sort and filter through your Pocket Queries in a number of different ways. GDAK does something similar but uses the exported database from GSAK. I use all three apps as well as my Garmin on a regular basis.


    If you haven't heard of them yet, you might also try out WhereIGos. Download WhereYouGo to your phone and then download some whereigos. They're fun puzzles to solve and play.

  10. Welcome aboard DLAPOINTE.


    Check out http://www.mi-geocaching.org/swchapter. SW MIGO has a meet-and-greet every 3rd Thursday of the month in Grand Rapids. During the winter, we meet at a church close to Standale, MI. Check out GC45P7F for more info on the one coming up in April. In the summer, we meet at Palmer Park which is located just off of US-131. Take the 54th St exit. The nice thing about Palmer Park is that there are several caches in the park.


    If you make it to one of the MnGs, look me up and I will try to make introductions to some of the GR crew.

  11. Can't answer all of your questions but I can answer the one about transferring PQs to the 62s.


    Connect the 62s to your computer and then download the PQ. Once the PQ is downloaded, unzip it so it becomes a GPX file and then move it to the Garmin\GPX directory on your GPSr. Mine shows up as drive F so my directory is F:\Garmin\GPX. The documentation says you can load you can load something like 2000 waypoints and 5000 geocaches, but I have had mine lock up when trying to load over 4000 GCs. May have been a low battery issue though.


    As to logging, I generally find it easier to log the entries on-line as the full keyboard is a whole lot easier to use.


    I also use GSAK to keep track of my stats, solved puzzles, and unfound GCs. It's a great tool and widely used. Check it out at http://GSAK.net. I have nothing to do with the software but am glad I invested the money to buy it. You can trial it for 30 days with no limitations and then it does a countdown before you can use it after that. There are a lot of macros you can run once you have the database populated. BTW, you can do a bulk upload of logs to geocaching.com with it as well.


    Hope this helps.


    Another happy 62s owner,


  12. Torlang,


    Welcome to the addiction. :grin:


    You might want to check out a piece of software called GSAK (www.gsak.net). A lot of geocachers use it in conjunction with PQs to load up their GPSrs with specific groupings of geocaches. For example, next year I will be working on getting caches older that 1/1/2006. (It's not always about the numbers) I can load up GSAK with a pocket query of all goecaches within a 50 mile range and then run it through GSAK to further narrow down the list. That way I don't have to keep going back to run a PQ to get all geocaches within the radius and then run another one for the older ones. BTW, there's a whole lot more you can do with GSAK as well.

  13. One a day for the year. So far so good. :grin:

    And stay out of the poison plants for the rest of the year. Check my avatar and see what it did to me.


    A couple more days and I will have reached my goal for the year. Had a blast doing it and stayed out of the itchy plants for the most part. :D


    2 more days and I will have hit 366 days in a row. Woohoo.

  14. Went caching this weekend and used both my phone and Garmin 62s. Phone was used for a quick one today that was close to a road. The Garmin was used while I was trekking through a park that had tall pine trees and 16" of snow. Thankfully my friends had a pair of snowshoes for the second day. The park was in town and in an area where cell signal just wouldn't work well as the signal was interfered with by the pine sap. Glad I threw my GPSr in the car before heading out just for that reason. Was able to grab the oldest cache in Otsego county Michigan because I had the additional hardware with me.

  15. You aren't the only one that has that problem. I have it too. Verrrrrrryyyyy frustrating at times, especially when I have it tethered to my phone out in the field. I have to try clicking on it a couple of time and sometimes zooming in and out will eventually get it to be able to click on it. Not sure if it is a precision thing on the iPad or an incompatibility thing with the site.

  16. A lot of good suggestions. Another would be to look for geo-trails. Especially in the woods. A couple of months ago I went for Bevery, the oldest active cache in Illinois. There were a number of other caches in the area and I completed them rather quickly by spotting the obvious trails that previous cachers had blazed. A couple of the containers were about 20-30 feet from where the GPSr said it was supposed to be but the trails led me in the right direction. Made for a great walk in the woods and I had fun doing it.


    Enjoy the thrill of the hunt. :antenna:

  17. Could always do a flash mob event. If it's already got lights, do it at night. If not, grab a small portable generator and light up the night.


    Why a flash mob? Why not a regular event? Someone can supply hot chocolate and a some Christmas music, and if its a park that allows ground fires, get a fire going. Hang out, chat and enjoy.


    Doesn't necessarily have to be a flash mob but I thought it might go along with the tree light idea.


    In fact, I'm headed to a Christmas Tree lighting flash mob event tonight.

  18. My only problem with touch screen GPSrs are when it gets wet or your hads are cold, they don't respond very well. Ever try to mess with your smartphone in the rain? The touch screen will not respond to touches.


    I tried both and like the 62s in the cold and rain and I can use my phone, Samsung Galaxy S III, if I want to when it's nice out and the accuracy is pretty good (within 10 feet).

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