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  1. go with garmin GPSMAP 60C,....it is auto routing....beeps when you need to make a turn....waterproof...easy to read color screen, and city streets level capable when you load on the mapsource maps..and you can store personal points of interest and address in it too.....that is what I use now,....dont go without auto routing, if that is one of your priority,....because i went from etrex yellow...then bought the legend because of the mas,....and not even 5 months later i had to update to the 60C once i seen it and used it....the color screen and auto routing is awesoem to have during any trips
  2. I can't talk about the Magellan, but I went from a yellow etrex to an etrex legend to a GPS MAP 60C, and the 60 C is more than I ever would have imagined that a handheld GPS could do, ( color screen, self routing option, easy to use, and just right size to cary) and it does so much more....I didn't use it much for geocaching yet since winter caches in this area are rare, but for navigating in cities, it is awesome. NO REGRETS IN BUYING IT HERE Kingquad
  3. WAAS does make it more accurate yes when you are in a clear view of the signal.....but dont forget that the etrex serie has an internal antenae, and if you are in heavy bush or such you might loose signal....if you want to get a good signal mostly anywhere get a GPS with a quad helix antenae..
  4. WAAS does make it more accurate yes when you are in a clear view of the signal.....but dont forget that the etrex serie has an internal antenae, and if you are in heavy bush or such you might loose signal....if you want to get a good signal mostly anywhere get a GPS with a quad helix antenae..
  5. it's not improvement on the geocaching maps that i want.......I just want to see a map
  6. would it be hard to AT LEAST for Canada get a map of major highways and routes......that is what most of us would need on the map it option anyway......if we see the cache is close to an highway that we will be traveling on we check it out .....and if we see the cache is inside a city we will be going to.....we can always do a poquet querie for that city or place we are going... we dont need all the fancy city streets and stuff....in my opinion anyway.
  7. I am just wondering if we are EVER gonna get the Map it option with an actual map in Canada(instead of a grey screen with cache icons here and there on it), it will be great to be able to use that option too especially when i drive from 1 place to an other i could take all the caches that are close to the route I take. and make myself a geocaching route.
  8. go with the yellow garmin etrex.....that is the GPS I used for like 3 years....and if you really want to, the yellow etrex will work with a computer too you will just need to buy a data cable for it. and they sell for really cheap too...I just got rid of one a few months back for 60$ canadian. that is really all you need...and if you get more into it, you could always upgrade later to bigger fancier models and keep the good ole yellow as a backup.
  9. this last hunting season, myself, my dad, 3 of my uncles and a friend went hunting, we all have GPS, and we ALL RELY on them too much, because since we have GPS's we just wander across the woods without realy looking at what is around us. since the GPS will get us back home anyway. So on one of those days,..my uncle's little yellow just decided to die on him..so there he was lost in the woods.....what saved him that time is that we all carried 2 ways radios and we were still able to have contact with him. and we knew in what area of the wood he was in and knew that if he walked south he would make it back to the road.( the road goes from east to west for like 50 miles) so we went to the road and told him where to put the sun while walking to get to the road. that's it for my lil story and now I always cary 2 GPS's when i go in the woods (one just for backup with the campsite coordinate entered on it)
  10. I just received my 60C, never tried the geocaching mode yet....but from what i see it seems liek a nice feature and cant wait to go out and try it out
  11. very nice case,....I was actualy looking for one liek that which we can still use the gps inside THE CASE......it's probably not too hard to make a small hoel in it yourself,....I might try
  12. I have a 60C and right now it is loaded with 56.0 mg of maps.....so the 60C CAN take it's full memory worth of maps.....I filled my 60C with Metroguide Canada V4 and Topo Canada V2, but make sure that if you click on the autorouting options on the maps to do it before you get your 54 mg worth of maps because that will increase your mb's
  13. I pay for geocaching.com, and really think it is a good thing to pay for since i use it alot and it brings the whole family together at doing something we all like doing, as for GSAK, I downloaded it like 2-3 times,....but it is a bit too complicate for me so I uninstalled it and probly wont use it again. so that is why I will not pay for it.
  14. Good idea about Walmart's gps area.....I will do that tonight....and will also bring a few at Canadian tire, in the GPS's section
  15. I'm SOOO not an artist too,...that is why I started this topic....and I couldn't see why it would be posted in parks and places where it shouldn't,....since it is US.....the geocachers that will be printing and posting them.
  16. I am just wondering if there is any type of geocaching poster we can download/print, and post at work/corner stores buletin board if they allow us, etc.......because I am sure a lot of people that doesn't know about geocaching would probably love it if they even knew it existed.
  17. I owned 2 etrex before,.....the yellow and the legend they are both really good GPS's, but i found that the antena on both are not good if you go in the heavy bush since they are not quad helix, and on my legend, the rocker switch which is just liek the one on the vista started to not work as good after you been using it for a few months. the GPS I would go for if i was you would be a GPS map 60C.....I tried them, am waiting to get my own too right now, and they work awesome. the only reason I wouldn't go with the 60CS is that too many people are having bugs and problems with them,.....and for myself it is not worth to pay the extra money to get the sensors, since i always have a compas with me anyway.
  18. waiting for my 60C to arive by mail now
  19. So in other words you are looking for a garmin etrex Vista C or an etrex Legend C
  20. RINO's work with any other FRS radio that you have,.....but wont give you the coordinate of your buddy if he doesn't have a RINO too. So you dont have to be talking to yourself even though you have a RINO
  21. and if you have a gps with altitude sensors it will not work properly because of the pressurized cabin
  22. I have an etrex legend too right now, and also have the mapping software for it. as far that it goes for geocaching, the only difference that the mapping software would ofer you is a planned(plotted) route from your house to the caching area (only if you do it from your computer). In the city the metroguide software would give and show you every street in the cities that you load on the gps and also all the points of interrest but in order to make a route from point A to point B you have to do it on your computer first again. I am now upgrading from my Legend and going for a Gps Map60C, which is a autorouting GPS(which means can plot a route without the computer ANYTIME), is a colour GPS, and the inside memory of the gps is like 6 time the one of the Legend, somethign else to look into when buying is the antena, Etrex's use an internal antena which is not as good in the bush as a quad helix antena would be. just my 2 cents worth Kingquad
  23. alright, I got it now.....I'll give him a call and see if it works,....thank you
  24. is there another program instead of GSAK, because GSAK doesn't let you use USB unless you are a registered user and the map60 use usb for data transfer....there must be a free way to use that geocaching option on a map60C, since it comes in with the unit.......
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