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  1. Doesn't matter what you get,....but myself I bought 4 GPS before I finaly ended up with my GPS map60C, ..just make sure that you see working the GPS you want to buy,...and compare it with others,....you want it for motorcycle....so at least get one with autorouting and color would be very nice, it makes it a lot easier to read while driving.....map60C is way out of your price range,..but I got mine pretty cheap through the GPS garage sale on here. Kingquad
  2. wow thank you very much.......this is all I really need.......now I can see where caches are without opening them individually....big thank you again... Kingquad....
  3. waiting for the update too...... thanks
  4. could we get an update on last sunday's map update attempt?? thank you
  5. I bought 4 GPS before I got to the one I realy want, so if you think you want a feature dont settle for less, because on the long run it costed me more to always upgrade than it would have costed me to go for the GPS I really wanted. I had a yellow etrex, a etrex legend, a GPSV from Ebay, and finaly I got the one I really like the GPSmap 60C,
  6. I know for myself in Canada, Canada Metroguide V4 for road trips and TOPO CanadaV2 for hiking is all I need.
  7. they are cross......good luck
  8. just have the little suzook,.....the big 700 wasn't out when i bought nime lol
  9. that is how I rate it.....because a hint shouldn't affect the cache terrain....it just helps out on the dificulty. So I always rate without hint.
  10. so does that mean we wont be getting the MAP it option in Canada......I got lost in this Google map conversation stuff
  11. yes I would if it was an ATV trail and each legs are just basicaly telling you to turn here and stuff yes I would......but in other hands if they are all odd coordinates here and there NO I will not do it. so coordinates telling you the right way to go YES coordinates just there for no reasons NO but now with the mapping software that most GPS have a turn by turn leg system is almost useless to make, it will be more of a waste of your time to try and do it.
  12. for myself the memory in the 60C is more than enough...and if you have a laptop that's even beter,.....you could just load new maps further in your trip if your trip needs more memory than what you have in your gps.
  13. I have a gps 60C now,...and I wish I would have bought it for my 1st gps so I wouldn't have went through 4 before getting the one that I really wanted.
  14. I am not sure.....but a member only cache should probably be in your nearest cahe listing, the only reason why you dont see any is probably because nobody made any.
  15. took me about 5 minutes through paypal
  16. what we always do here with a GPS map60C and an old palm IIIC, is I go on www.geocaching.com. and if I run a pocket querie from the area that i will be going(only if you are a paid member you can do that), then you open GSAK, and from GSAK I set the filters out for the caches that I want to do,(example..difficulty and terrain less than 3)..then from there I export a cachemate file and install that cachemate file to my PALM IIIC.(that is only if you buy cachemate it only cost like 7-8$....is is worth is price). then when we leave on our trip..we just need to click on find...geocache....search for nearest..and once the gps tells us the nearest cache from our location, we just need to check on the palm and read the cache description/ hints/ etc.... It saves us a hell of a lot of paper, ink, and time doing it this way. and the only thing you really need to buy is cachemate for a 7-8$ GSAK works without paying for it,....but DARN NAG SCREEN lol
  17. I dont really know about magelan,....but me and my garmin 60C and mapsource cd's...the only way you can delete regions from your gps is to load new regions in it,....or you can just go in your map settings and desactivate them.
  18. thank you very much,....we will be waiting patiently to finaly see something here in Canada YAY!!!!!
  19. (BUMP) what is status on those maps??
  20. I have the same problem wiht my 60C, I dont think there is a way to get it to update automaticaly once you are on that find page. but once you know it it's not to bad to go back and forth I guess.
  21. yes,...any release of mapsourse can be update from their website....but just the mapsource program....you will not get the most recent maps for free from their website. if you buy old maps you will just be using the old maps on a new version of the mapsource program.
  22. Anything more on these new maps coming online ??
  23. Welcome to the fun and good choice on the gps. legend is what I've used for the longest time before I upgraded to the 60C and now the kids are using my legend to find caches.
  24. I have an etrex legend and also a garmin Gpsmap 60C and my legends always loose satelite signal where the 60C keeps a good lock and even waas reception.....I think the problem is realy because of the etrex line which they use an internal antenae, instead of the 60C which has a quad helix antenae. Quad helix antenae are way better at keeping signal as far as I know.
  25. only have canadian software here .............sorry
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