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  1. Already did check Ebay a few times,.....but can only find new units, accessories, or very old GPS, no luck on finding a cheap or broken gps map60C yet
  2. Hi guys,...I am looking for a new USB board for my GPS Map60C, I have a real hard time to load thins in it, because my USB contacts are broken inside the GPS, I can change the board myself,....but just trying to find where I can get the replacement parts to put in it, or if anyone has a DEAD / Broken etc...GPS Map 60C I would take it for parts too if price is good. Kingquad!
  3. I would also have to say that Ebay is the place to get a real cheap Palm,....I've got mine a PalmIIIC for 15$ shipping included, like 3-4 years ago.....and if you ruin it during a hike it wont be as bad a ruining a brand new one... Kingquad
  4. Thank you very much,....that is exactly what I needed....
  5. I am leaving the area, and have put my caches up for adoption,.....but what is the best way to do that?....I can't just give my cache page away to anyone easily, ....and If I just give my cache page to someone else to copy and paste on one of their own, then it would make my cache a new cache which realy isn't one. what is the best way to give a cache to someone else???
  6. all of my caches are now up for addoption, since I am moving out of the area if nobody interrested by the end of June I will archive them. Kingquad My other caches are: Boardwalk GCJV17 Specially4kids GCP6TH Kingquad 1st GCJFRP OFFROADING GCKBBY Reflection/Projection GCKQVR email me at : duchesnep@gmail.com ,if Interrested in some of them. Thank You!!
  7. D = Difficulty T= terrain 1.5/1 = the difficulty is a 1.5 out of 5 and the Terrain is a 1 out of 5
  8. good ole yellow etrex....cant be any easier than that.....
  9. if I remember good on my legend I had to go on find/waypoint/the waypoint you want/then click on the sub menu on the top right and there will be an option which will ask you to project waypoint.
  10. keep your pocket query as simple as you can......dont filter and use GSAK to play and filter them.....they usualy come by emails in less than 5 minutes
  11. I dont think you can as far as I know.....I know I cant with my 60C and Mapsource Metroguide Canada V4
  12. I know for sure that that cable does fit with the Etrex yellow and the etrex legend,....but not sure about the new extrex legend C, ....but on the older models it would have fit under the rubber cover on the top back of the unit. ..............just checked and you have wrong cable this is the one you need, and they gave you the etrex legend cable not the etrex legendC etrexC lighter cable
  13. I also have Topo and Metroguide on my 60C, but I still think that if you are not a big hardcore hiker, it is not really worth all that extra money for Topo....I only use Topo when I am out in the forest for a long long hike...
  14. What most people do for winter caches is that once they found it, they just take the extra time to make a few false trails and false stops all around the area. and most of the time anyway, those false tracks will be done anyway since you are searching for the cache too, and making tracks all over the place. for the container's choice, the only thing I could recommend would be to make it fully waterproof, (like able to be underwater and not leak), that will save you a lot of time on the long run for cache maintenance. hope this helps a bit Kingquad
  15. both me and wife are 28, boys are 4 1/2 and 18 months, and the dog is always part of geocaching too....for pictures look on profile
  16. We usualy do the easy caches in family, but for the long hard ones, I always bring the only one always ready to follow me anywhere I go.....my good ole friend Nemo my dog.out of all the caches I found he was there for over 95% of them.
  17. I have a Palm IIIC, and it works awesome for paperless caching,.....the only thing you might want to get after is cachemate for 7-8$, and download GSAK. it's the best thing we ever had for caching. we go on a week trip somewhere, I load up all the caches for that area on my 60C and the Palm, 500 or so caches. and while driving I check on the gps map and when we see a cache, take the palm out and read the description of the cache, and if it seems easy or fun enough, we just do it.
  18. My recommendation would be to go for a good model, because you dont want to do liek I did....which is to buy a yellow etrex, ...then get hooked and want a better one so I got a an etrex legend,....then I wanted something bigger and better, so I went for the GPS MAP60C,.....which I am sure will be my final one.....myself, I want and need the Auto routing/ maps, and colored screen. and now you can still get the 60C for around 350$US.
  19. I have a GPS Map60C now, and really love it.....but I dont see a difference in accuracy at all from this one to my old yellow....but when I went from ole yeller to the blue legend I found that my yellow was better for accuracy.....walking with a buddy at same time for same cache,.....the yellow would always bring us closer to cache than the legend would...
  20. like badlands said,....premium membership with pocket quieries and GSAK .....it does all you want and way more.
  21. I been checking a few Motorolas and cobras, GMRS, but they all seem to be using rechargeable batteries......you guys have any names for me to check out.....thanks
  22. I want to buy a GMRS 2 way radio.......which ones are the best, small enough to fit in a shirt pocket....has a long range, .....and I would also like one which is powered with AA Batteries instead of a rechargeable battery ( which I really hate).
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