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  1. I got a Garmin Quest with MapSource City Select for Christmas. Having trouble downlaoding geocache waypoints. Can't figure out how to do it. Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. I am wondering whcih GPS unit the most accurate. I have a Garmin Rino 120. Somtimes it seems to be off up to 50 feet in coordinates. I have an old Garmin 12 handheld (I think). Seems to be more accurate at times. Any feedback.
  3. Thanks for the help. The decimal minutes were off. I reset. Hopefully that will do it. I will try again today
  4. Hi. I am new to geocaching. Read the FAQ. I entered the coordinates for couple of the caches into my GPS. I checked them more than once. I was miles away from where I should have been. I haven't used GPS in couple of years. Could it be off?? I have a Garmin 12 hand held unit. Thanks for any help.
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