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  1. Ok, I mailed the trade to Rock and Crystal, Oshndoc, Damenace, AtlantaGal and Lizzardman today. Wanting on couple of replies. Did I miss anyone on a trade that is done. I have 2 computers and the emails may have gotten crossed. Please email me if I missed a trade.
  2. BTW, my son did the artwork on front. Rusty touched it up for us.
  3. Thank you to the emails I received on how to attach a photo. Let's see if I can this now.[/img]
  4. My Black Nickel coins are gone. I have gold and nickel left. Coins were made by Rusty 110 Nickel 100 Gold Not sure how to attach a pix. Can someone tell me how to attach a picture?
  5. Looking for a Legna and Soulbait geocoin. will buy or trade.
  6. The coin with the Turtle on it and the words Turtletoes is mine. I had it made in Nov last year. it is trackable and has an icon
  7. The instruction say to open the palm quick install tool done Add cachemate.prc file done Add mathlib.prc file done Hot sync done It hot syncs I go into applications and there is no cachemate. What am I doing wrong
  8. I had to get my Palm TX replaced under warranty. Trying to load Cachemate onto my new Palm. Followed instructions. Just not working. What am I doing wrong. Please help
  9. I placed order for regular coin. Thanks and be blessed Turtletoes
  10. I WILL START BY SAYING "SHAME ON ME" Today is my birthday. I have been trying to get a loggerhead 2006. I don't have much to trade. I have a King Boreus 1000th hide Alien coin by geocoinstore Mississippi 2006. I WILL BUY THE LOGGERHEAD 2006. Does anyone have one for sale of trade? Thanks, Michelle/Turtletoes
  11. trying to email you getting bounced back. Sent PM
  12. These turned out nice. Are you offering a set price? I would like 1 set of all 4
  13. Order sent for 1 set, 1 copper, and 2 pins. Thanks
  14. Got 2 Gas Cans 2 Caching with kids 9/11 couple of the ATA coins I needed seems like something else too.
  15. Sorry, I haven't been keeping up with the forums. What metals were decided on and how many of each? I got 24.00 for the set. How much individuals if someone wanted extras? Thanks, Michelle
  16. I received my star coins and noticed there is a generic icon. Will there be an icon??
  17. Today was a great mail day. Pirates Geodiamond Phone a Friend Kansas Micro and something else I can't remember
  18. I would be interested in 5-10 also. Any idea of when?
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