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    QR Codes

    I have two questions... (1) Are Groundspeak going to introduce QR codes on their travel bug tags (will greatly help at Geocaching meets!), and, (2) Are there QR Code reader software available for Garmin Oregon's?
  2. Welcome to Geocaching Dave. If you are using a 'Sat Nav' as in a car navigation system, then you will need to print out a cache page with the co-ordinates on. On the Sat Nav work out how to view the co-ordinates _ this is usually found by pressing the satellite reception bars. You then move around till the co-ordinates on the Sat Nav match to co-ordinates on the print-out. The maps on Sat Navs work but the point marker snaps to roads which is annoying. I found my first 80 or so caches with a Tom Tom One.
  3. I'm preparing a few travel bugs and wondered if there are any travel bugs competitions/races around the West Midlands? Or even further a field if the race accepts a postal start.
  4. I'm preparing a few travel bugs and wondered if there are any travel bugs competitions/races in England? Or even further a field if the race accepts a postal start.
  5. If the 'fake wood' is not very thick you could have two magnets attracted either side one with Velcro® glued on it. Therefore you would not be defacing anything. ...just a thought
  6. Great. I hope it is included. Can't wait to see...
  7. If you want symbols use html codes like º, ½, ◊, ♠, ♣, ♥, ♦ etc... See ...symbols and html codes.
  8. I've done a quick search and I don't think this has been mentioned before, apologies if it has. Also if a moderator feels this should be placed/copied in the travel bugs forum then please go ahead. I'm asking for a feature on travel bugs pages. I would like the travel bug owner to be able to create a checkable list at the top of their travel bug page. The list would show the goals the owner wishes for their travel bugs, eg. Visit Statue of Liberty; Visit Eiffel Tower, etc... I think it would get make a better experience for people who have picked up the travel bug and make it easier for the owner to record how their travel bug is progressing with their goal(s). What do you think?
  9. On my Oregon I start a new track, and record as I go along. Then looking at the track on the map I can see what order I did the caches. On the map there are different icons for found and DNFs. Funny, when I see a lot of 'scribble' when zooming in, I know it was a difficult cache to find.
  10. I'm not sure whether this post should be in the 'Benchmark Hunting' forum, but I will try it here anyway. It is a question: I know that in the UK we call benchmarks trig-points. There is a trig-point in a field not far from where I live. There used to be a footpath with a stile either end. Recently the landowner put up barbed wire around the field and blocked one stile at one end with panks of wood and newly planted young trees. The landowner then put up 'Get off my land' style signs everywhere that would be the envy of a teenager's bedroom. This caused a stir with the locals. It turns out the unused path on one side of the field was a little used registered footpath, but the main path used by walkers (but mainly dog walkers) was just a private path (not registered with the local authority). For more information see this newspaper article. OK, to my question. The actions of the landowner means there is no access to the trig-point in the middle of the field. Can a landowner block off access to a trig-point? Note, I tried to ask this question on the Ramblers forum, but I could register an account with the forum.
  11. As a newbie I'm really excited in my cacher of the month position (I'm sure in time I will grow out of it). On 'Travel Bugs Released' I came joint third with overanout. Wow! So just wanted to say: thank you adambro for setting up The Cacher of the Month Competition.
  12. I’m a DBA. That’s fine but you are asking finders to rate when they place a ‘find log’. If a geocacher has found 100+ caches in a day, they may not have the time to rate the cache, so will accept the default (which may be 1 or something else). With my suggestion geocachers will have more time to think through why they chose their top ten caches on their own profile page. Hey, you could have a textbox for small comments as to why you think the cache is your favourite cache. The comments could then be shown on the cache details page.
  13. I was reading the 'Extra-credits for hiders, Ideas to increase cache quality and reward hiders' thread and noted Isonzo Karst post about cache rating. Basically Lep’s Favourites idea and Coyote Red’s log word count idea. I’m a newbie and although I have done a search of the forums I would first like to apologise if this has already been raised. I would just like to add my ideas... I’m not in favour of Coyote Red’s log word count as I try my best to write as much as possible to a log, but it sometimes depends on my time constraints and even the mood I‘m in at the time. Also in the past I have written more for a 'cache 'n dash'micro than others see GC1E340 SPOOKY LANES for an example. I do like Lep’s Favourites idea but I would like to proposal a simpler method. On the profile page we hade a top 10 list of your favourite caches (which could be changed as and when). A 1st gives 10 points, 2nd gives 9 points … 10th gives 1 point. When you visit the cache details page cache rating is then given as the average points collected from people’s top 10 list. An average of 10 points gives 5 stars, 9 points = 4½ stars etc… It’s works on a regional basis (which is good) and it’s doesn’t judge all caches based on the geocacher’s preference (I.e. some like micros, some like ammo boxes) and it’s not prone to defaulting. What do you think?
  14. I found this near a cache... Nice place to spread your ashes _ and the urn!
  15. I’m a relative newbie here. I have searched for an answer and couldn’t find anything. Could we have an easier way to find a series than searching via the name of the caches? I think a series should be a type of cache in itself, so you can post ‘completed’ logs to the series and thank the owner for going to all the trouble of setting the series up. Perhaps you can only post a ‘completed’ series log or view the series logs when you have found all the caches in the series.
  16. Some Texaco petrol stations are selling a ‘safe can’. It is a Heinz baked beans can with a tight plastic screw on-off end for hiding your valuables in you larder. It would make a good cache container except for the obvious issues: clearing it away with a CITO or similar event; encouraging geokids to hunt through litter (trash); and, if you are reading this thread then I guess the spoiler is out and it won’t be a surprise! I have bought one (about £3), and I’ll think I’ll black out the end and leave it in the garden for a few nights to ‘weather’ it.
  17. For me I actually like the clue, and if they are cryptic they add to the enjoyment of geocaching. However, the most pointless clues that irritate me the most are no clues at all and ‘It’s supposed to be challenge’.
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