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  1. I cache because what else would I do with my time? Clean my house?
  2. I did that once with lattitude My machine said I was over 5000 miles away. A closer look showed me that I was just moving my thumbs too fats when I was entering my numbers.
  3. I found one on the Eagle watching trail back in february rhat had never been found or listed. It was about 530 or so feet away from an archived cache, but the cache it'self was not listed. Which was odd because all teh others on the trail had been listed here.
  4. .... When you open your washing machine and find 5 plastic baggies inside and you don't bat an eyelash.
  5. "The Raiders' March" from Indiana Jones That's all I got.
  6. Dear Geo-Santa I know a little girl who isn't going to have a Christmas this year because her daddy's been out of work with medical complications. Please bring her anything I would have liked as a kid.
  7. There is a lovely cache in the old section of a beautiful cemetary here in town. It's a great location, and I've been doing a little upkeep on it as needed because I feel kind about it. The cache "owner" hasn't logged in for over two years and all attempts to contact him/her/it about adopting the cache have failed. Is there a way for me to adopt the cache without the owner's permission, since they're obviously not talking or is it an imperative thing? Is this something that needs to be taken to a local reviewer? Should I just go get my L&L and wait for the SBAs to appear?
  8. Congrats to you and you little girl. My youngest came just 13 days after I started caching.
  9. I have a Garmin GPS 80 MIL. It's not fancy, and that's OK. I load the coordinates in (By "load" I mean "Type in painstakingly by hand") and give it a simple, six-figure alphanumeric name (or ya kno, whtevr). The beauty of my simple machine is that I can toggle between the pointy arrow and a location reading fairly easily. I just go back to the waypoint list to see where I'm supposed to be and compare it with where I am. The only drawback is I can't load difficulty ratings or clues. P.S. I'm primarily paperless, and it makes for a very interesting hunt with no clues or ratings
  10. Magnetic Declination World-Wide And it just gets crazier from there.
  11. It boils down to this: If my husband were to get done up like over-done British royalty and I were to braid my hair, rouge my already prominant nose and hold up a jug labled "Fire Water" while wearing second-hand clotes (OR worse yet scanty buckskins) in a picture posted to this, would it be "racist" ot just us poking fun at ourselves? Edit on account of my lousy typing skills
  12. So there's this tree in the park across the way that drops HUGE acorns. The one I've got right now is an inch and a half long. I've got its cap and everything. IF I were to make an evil micro out of it, how well do acorns do? The shell is just under an 8th of an inch thick. Thanks!
  13. Citation please? I think what they're looking for is this (or something simmilar) My mother works for the USPS. Many years ago we had an awful ice storm that caused a tree to crash into her house. I tried to call her at work, and all I knew was she "threw" what the unwashed masses refer to as "Junk mail" So I called and asked to plaese speak to "Mary Smith" (names have been changed) Now my mom's real name isn't nearly so common, cut the lovely lady on the phone asked me where in the PO she worked. I committed the crime of saying she orked with the Junk Mail. I was told in no uncertain terms that the Post Office did not have junk mail and was hung up on. Turns out the stuff is actually called BBM or Bulk Business Mail. They do take themselves way too seriously down there. Caches on mail boxes? No way. If you MUST have a cache in your yard, put it in the flower bed UNDER your mail box. But make sure your finders don't park in front while they're hunting.
  14. I was bitten by a large number of ticks a few years back. One of the bites, on the back of my neck, was itchy. The next day, I was running a fever but not a terribly bad one. I asked my husband to have a look at it, and there was a red bumpy rash spreading from the bite. So I called off work and went to see my doctor instead. Rocky mountain spotted fever No fun, right? I cannot remember what she gave me, but she said I was lucky to have seen her so soon. So I use either "Cutter" or "Off" whichever I can find, so long as it says "Deep Woods" in the title. The more DEET the happier I feel. I do have a friend who is alergic to DEET, though. I'm not sure what she uses.
  15. The picture is clearly not of the poster, it violates the terms of the aditional smiley (LAME) and should not be counted because of it. Is it racist? Meh. It wouldn't take much to make me into a simmilar caricature, although of a different race. Likely it's some bitter teenager who got photo shop for his birthday thinking he's funny. As for the hippo-mouthed Arnold... no idea. Enlighten us. Maybe it'll be a chuckle.
  16. If I keep going at my current pace, I'll hit 1000 sometime in 2020. Sad, I know. Congrats on your 1000!
  17. Way back when? I've only been at this for a year. I've no idea how many caches were within a 100 mile radius of my house, but most of them are more than 30 miles from here in Missouri. No idea how far I drove to get my first 50. I don't particularly care, either. Don't particularly give a rip about FTF either. My GPS is fairly basic. OK It's the most basic model with a pointy arrow I've ever seen. But the accuracy is great. I love the hunt, and it makes me sad when my favorites dissapear. I'll always be able to hunt again tomorrow. P.S. I actually described caching to my 87 year old grandmother, and she got it.
  18. Everyone's so uptight latey, I thought I might try to lighten things up. I've abstained from posting in the "Tracts" thread mainly due to my lack of diplomatic skill. But I digress. Does anyone else go back over thier old finds and feel a little sad when you see they've been archived? As an example, I was particularly fond of GCVARN ANd now it's gone, and I'm a little sad. I also like to return to cache pages and read the logs that have come after mine. GCZK17 for example, as I found a note in it from some Muggles with a penchant for foul language. Anyone else crazy like me? Of course it could be that I left my GPSr on someone else's bus and didn't get it back until very recently.
  19. I'm curious, too. Since there's this really awesome tunnel that just so happens to run under a very active railway. Every day when I pass it on my bus I wish I could put a cache down there. It's SO cool. But as far as I can tell... active railroad tracks=no cache. Le sigh.
  20. If you cannot place a cache in the park, here's what Id do. Have a clue-cache outside the park someplace (An LPC at McYucks or some other non-nationa park place nearby) with the co-ords to the place you want them to visit. Once there, they will have to get clues to thier next destination (The cache location) by decrypting a key they either obtain from your LPC clue or the cache page itself. Something like "Look at the plaque that's above the overlook. The lines are numberd 1-17. Your clue is Line 1, 3rd letter, 17th letter, 43rd letter..." Each letter corosponding to a number 1-9 (Zeroes could be added somehow, but I'm not sure at the moment) to get the co-ords for your final. SO not only do they have to visit the destination, they have to read about it too. Good luck!
  21. Knitted GPSr cozies? Hats to leave in the caches? Dry socks to leave in caches? I already leave charms I made with swarovski crystal beads in the geocaching colors. This is very ineresting. I'd like to see what people come up with.
  22. Every weekday I pass a fellow cacher's houes on my bus route. They drive an orange car with the Groundspeak logo on the back window. I keep wanting to say hello. So If you're reading the forums, come into your yard and wave at bus 49!
  23. I like both. I like "Muggle" and I like "Bugs!" and "Poachers" and "Pogue." I have some vague recolecion that it means something a little dirty in Irish. I've forgotten what it is exactly. A quick glance at google suggests it might come from the verb that means "kiss", but It's something other than that. Anyway. Use what you like. I'll probably put them into groups and name the offending parties accordingly.
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