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  1. Oh, sure. You could log your own hide. But you have to look at yourself in the mirror every day after it, too.
  2. I just popped in to see what a "Parkade" was. Most of the ones around here you can walk into without paying a fee, even if they are privately owned. In fact, I can't think of a single one that requires a special code or opener to get into on foot.
  3. Because the weather was fabulous. Because I didn't get any bad news about my family's health today. Because I found 16 caches. Because I was able to spend time with my family. Because my nephew spent the night last night. Because my little one had three acorns and a rock in his pocket when we got home. Because the windows are open and I'm going to go to bed tired and truly ready for sleep to take me. As soon as my laundry is done washing.
  4. Well, I never had this in my profile before today, so I came here to see if someone could help me out. In the meantime I went to check the caches I'd logged today since that seemed to be where the problem originated. I had indeed double logged 4 caches. Just looked at the cache names up and down the list, then deleted the extras.
  5. It means I'm an idiot. Never mind. I figured it out. I need a smiley with a bag on its head.
  6. I have to ask, what do you need the UV flashlight for? I've only ever heard of them for use in tracking things like blood. I'm just curious how it would help when caching. Does it work sort of like a blacklight, where certain things you can't otherwise see just light up like crazy? Scorpions. They're UV reactive and something I'm terrified of. don't even like em when they're encased in acrylic.
  7. I tend to shy away from high terrain caches that require special equipment like boats, climbing equipment, hang-gliders or things of that nature. I have, however, used my 6'3" husband to reach things that I could have only gotten by climbing, or tweezers to get caches that are just out of reach, I've considered buying a "Quilling" pen so I can wind up those logs for nano caches. Flashlight, extra snacks, water. Stuff like that.
  8. Yeah. Some of them look fun, and I may log them as notes, but I don't think I'll be using them to get to 300 by my geoversary. Thanks!
  9. Are "Challenges" the new virtuals?
  10. My 100th find was a wonderful milestone. I even put off finding it for a while because it was unavailable for a bit. Now, it's closed down completely to protect the area from White Nose disease, which is plaguing the bat population. I was brought to the cave during a geology field trip back in high school with the best teacher known to mankind. I turned lose a travel bug honoring him, and got my 100th find. It was a great day. You can see the details here, at Burksville Cave
  11. Not "funny" per se, but I have to brag on the Bitty One. I'm heading out to a mega event this weekend so I've got all my stuff on my side table; my Nuvi, my 80Mil and my new Magellan GC along with my old compass because, hey, there's no school like the old school. Bitty one is always taking things from the table and handing them to me, "Here Mommy, that's yours." Today my compass got knocked down. I'm blaming the cat at this point since little guy usually hands stuff back to me. Anyways, I say "Mal, my compass is on the floor right there, can you get it for me?" My 2 year old son looks at the floor and assesses the situation. He picks up my compass and hands it to me. Easy peasy. I still want to know how he knew what a compass was or if he just handed me the only thing that didn't fall under the "car" "train" or "stuffed animal" categories.
  12. Yeah, basically the bug's page would say something like "It's ME!" and I wouldn't hand them out at all. It'd just be in a couple different colors so I can (as was stated before) have one ready to go most of the time. As of now I only have the heather grey. I'll get down to it sometime between now and Friday.
  13. I've had a TB dog tag set knocking around in the bottom of my jewelry box for a bit. I'd gotten it with the intention to use it in the traditional sense, but could never come up with a good bug or mission. Then I thought of the travel bug tattoo, but the more I kicked that around in my brain the weirder I felt about tattooing a number on myself. So I've decided to make a t-shirt (or 3) with it instead. I have a usually irrational fear of getting into trouble over this sort of thing and I don't want the Groundspeak secret police knocking on my door. I have a mega-event this weekend.
  14. The Explorist came today. Its name is "Tiny"
  15. I remember. I was very pregnant, in fact I gave birth to the Bitty One 13 days later. But I was bored. Very very bored. Geocaching had been knocking around in my head for many years, so I joined the site and looked up a cache near me. Right across the street, actually. I didn't have a GPSr at the time, but I've lived in this town the vast majority of my life so I printed up a google map and came back with the smiley. 11 days later I had my Trusty GPS80(MIL) in hand, and two days after that I had a healthy baby boy. Fun times.
  16. My Garmin 80MIL is "Ol' Trusty" The Nuvi 205 my mother in law gave us for Christmas is "Thingy" and needs a male voice because he's definitely a boy. A Magellan GC is en route to my house and I'm sure it will get a name after I've used it for a bit. Usually it's something I just end up saying to the equipment and it sticks. Like naming the cat, "Paige Marie!" Naming equipment makes it easier to talk to: "Shut up, Thingy!" is something I often say. I'm gentler with Trusty because he's old and has been dropped on his head many, many times. We have two cars. "Red" and "Blue" but Blue sometimes gets called "The Mom-Mobile" and Red is sometimes called "The C*** Car"
  17. Cool, thanks. Unit I'm using now is a Garmin GPS80(MIL) which is fantastic, but I have to hand-enter with the rocker switch and it's majorly easy to screw up. Once I was caching in a local park and I happened to look to see how far off I was. Over 5000 miles! oops. I had it looking in the wrong hemisphere.
  18. Just some units that I don't have to hand-enter coords. I'm shopping for a new unit.
  19. Santa brought my HUSBAND a nuvi. My non-caching, map-hating husband. Of course this is the santa that visits the in-laws' place, so he might not have been well-informed. Or maybe Santa knows my hubby gets lost going to the post office.
  20. Does said pretty girl feel like they did something wrong to attract the attention, or that something is wrong with them beacuse thats the kind of attention they do attract? Does said pretty girl find her needs are met in rest stops through glory holes with strangers or frolicking in the bushes at pickle parks and accosting strange cachers in hope of a quick fix? Ironicly at least one pretty girl I work with had as her job helping to install the hardened plate steel to try and keep our restrooms from being romper rooms. It's not as pretty, quaint, and cute as Hollywood likes to show us, so I don't think normal folks feeling uncofortable is amis at all. As a girl who was "Blessed" with certain attributes men tend to find attractive, I can say that I'd often felt I'd done nothing wrong, even nothing at all, to attract the attention of said men. I was often rather confused, especially since my peers from grade school through high school went out of their way to tell me how disgusting and hideously ugly I was. Imagine my confusion when I hit college and I was approached nigh constantly by 59 year old mouth breathers (always with bad teeth, for some reason) with an uncanny inability to maintain eye-contact and who wouldn't leave me be. Who followed me from the coffee house to my car as I tried to make polite comments mean "You're very creepy so please go away now." because my momma'd done her best to raise me right. You did right by telling that guy off. I've since become "not right" and tend to look for improvised weaponry as I'm walking, especially in the woods. One of the benefits of my outdated military spec gpsr is that I could probably beat the snot out of someone with it wipe up the blood and go caching after I'd had time to recover my wits. And a bit of advice they gave me back in one of my LE classes back in the day "Go for the eyes. Don't stop til you see eye jelly." Also, if the Owner was aware of this problem they probably wouldn't have placed the cache. There's a lovely park in the next town. Needs a cache, but I'm not putting one there because it's where the local homeless go to bet busy. Whether someone who just came to the area knows about it is another thing entirely. They might just see a pretty neat sculpture park in an old section of town. Pop an nano on the largest piece and wait for the finds to roll in. Only when the logs said anything about it would they have an inkling. I can see it from a few angles, but I'll never say you were wrong in telling that guy to go have relations with himself.
  21. My loving, understanding, dear sweet Muggle husband just scored me some preforms at a drug store. They're selling them as test-tubes with candy inside. They're on sale now since it's so close to Halloween, and will probably get even cheaper after. Good luck and have fun!
  22. Wow! Another cork for my display in the bar. Fantastic! Crafts are crafts, sooooo, here's a pair of inch and a half googly eyes.
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