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  2. Vietnam March 4, 1970 -March 1, 1971. My best advice is to tell everyone you can in person. My father was a WWII vet so he took it in stride, my mother took it well also, as she knew that there was a good chance I would go ahead of time. Best of luck to you!
  3. This really nice stuff.
  4. You can download maps from DeLorme topo into this http://www.delorme.com/streetatlasusahandheld/default.asp
  5. Try this site, http://www.stransim.com/tlink.htm
  6. I would drive to Seattle to do this, I have an iPAQ 5555.
  7. All Right, All Right I've been silent till now. .YES, I WILL BE THERE
  8. Tenniskid and I are coming over for the cache machine, and are looking for a place to stay Friday night. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
  9. I'm using mapopolis on my 5555 and am planing on getting the blue logger. I have all of the state of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho on my storage card, with only half the space used on the 256mb SD card. You should be able to us the blue logger with other mapping software. By the way, you can use one of these to get your pda sound to play to your car stereo. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...5740995803&rd=1
  10. I started caching just using a gps, and now I use a computer, pda, and gps. I can get to the cache faster but it still does'nt mean that I can find it. I have also been looking at a blue tooth gps to add to my system, I just love tech stuff.
  11. OK, some of you may or may not be wondering if I'm going to make this event. Well maybe I will and maybe I will.
  12. George501949


    Hi, I just sent you an e-mail with my phone number in it. Give me a call, I'll help you get started.
  13. Also DeLorme Street Atlas has voice. I have not used it, so can not comment on it.
  14. Way to go John, wish I was in better shape.
  15. DIY on geocaching. I saw about the last ten minutes of this last night.
  16. The boss says sure, go, have fun out there, yippy, yippy. Bump
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