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  1. Can't resist investigating if it doesn't get answered... Haven't done it but found out it's HIGH VIEW
  2. Coincidentally saw this in the Nov Popular Mechanics... Yes, there's a compass in the heel! A 1966 invention. See the benefit of the goggles on a skiing slope where you actually need "turn-by-turn" navigation, but imagining them on a sweaty hike on the Helderberg I think they're going the same way as the Wayfinders...
  3. Thank you C&C! We will then start the racing with some Fine Wine (and also get the trackables going...). In same boat as Gr8scot - still waiting for our TBs - hope they arrive, glory beckons...
  4. W/o having any experience to back it up..., I think the rules are fair and clear - including your new #4 (maybe just deleting the word "unique" as it seems to suggest "completely new" cachers, i.e. ones that have not previously handled the bug). The 20 points for each new handler will probably automatically induce what Cincol also wants to see - independent/real traveling. MnCo, sorry for almost getting you into trouble... I see the WP bugs kicking some major butt - starting next Saturday in the Shark tank...
  5. 2 questions... 1) Any rules re the owner's involvement, i.e. is owner allowed to place/retrieve the traveler or post photos? (and if so is there a limit?) 2) Is dipping allowed?
  6. Thanks Henzz! Interesting to see the photos of the day coming in - see your back features strongly... Different issue: how many Capetonians are planning to participate in the 2011 TB race? Would it be worth organising an event for it or is anyone thinking of organising a near the end of the year event? I think MnCo might have volunteered...
  7. I'd be happy to help you. We just have to figure out where we'll start from... MnCo are you going to organise a Western Cape event for this...? Will transfer the possible event discussion to the Fynbos forum.
  8. Solved...! Message from Geocheck: "Sorry about that – I accidently imposed a protection on a GeoCheck directory giving access problems. It should be fixed now!"
  9. My cache pages where I used Geocheck are suddenly asking for "authorisation" [A username and password are being requested by http://geocheck.org. The site says: "Protected"] and the Geocheck clicker has disappeared. Plus - when I visit their website it asks the same question and although the login page works this pop up doesn't...?! Could it have something to do with GCTidy? Edited to correct confusion between Geochecker and Geocheck....
  10. Definitely a "wish I was there" photo! Congrats to the Huskies! I'll go with a SPRING (surprise...! ) feeling this month.
  11. Golden bear, seems to ring a bell... but that might be for the best Vodka
  12. Obviously my design tools are as outdated as a bow and arrow and my design talent as rudimentary as a rock painting but you should get the gist of it… (smooth the text, move the running cacher up (should be brown), the geocaching logo down and maybe it can work).
  13. My 2c worth... 1) Inland and coastal winter school holidays are the same, i.e. 25 Jun- 17 Jul 2011. Do you intent going the whole 3 weeks? 2) The Southern African Overland Forum has a wealth of relevant info. 3) I realise you just started looking at this but it would be great if we can get a rough idea of the planned route ASAP to help with our decision. Of course also info such as distances traveled per day, nr of days at any specific camp etc. 4) Do you intent making it an "all inclusive overland geocaching experience" (all travel together) or just to give us a list of the events and everyone must get there on their own? (your answer to TrevorH seems to suggest the latter) 5) (Only relevant if all travel together) Including as many as possible vehicle types will be great for caching but it will be a shame to miss out on the "real African experience" because you're stuck to easy accessible roads. A fine balance will have to be struck - my feeling is that I will base my decision to join the trip first on where we'll go then on the caching.
  14. Never owned a TB before (but of course plan to win the race ), so can you please explain/recommend where I should buy them?
  15. Thanks Danie - the graphs are great! The SA earthcache brigade is probably very satisfied with themselves.
  16. Umbono omkhulu! Ngizobhala i-earthcache! Also thought it's a bit weird. It's one thing to support local languages but it will definitely exclude non-speakers. You also "might have to translate" it into English for the reviewing process, which will not be a trivial job for earthcache text that can be quite long. Does this mean English caches will not be allowed in non-English countries? (what does "Grandfathered" mean?) Kyk uit vir my aardskatbeskrywing van 'n geologiese finomeen naby jou!
  17. Amazing how the above 2 photographs evoke contrasting but equally familiar and enjoyable experiences and smells! Here's my smell for the month, taken at Van der Stel Pass...
  18. We'd also be interested. Like the idea of having a natural theme be it animals, birds or landscapes and support Batsgonemad's sentiments re using it as a proudly SA marketing tool as well. The clay mock-ups of DamhuisClan will be very useful - I think it's going to be tricky if you keep it in to scale. Gauteng is going to disappear while the Northern Cape will fit only in large caches (hoog tyd dat die bordjies bietjie verhang word...!). The flag is easier but also more boring...
  19. Nice ones indeed! Some great colors, textures and symmetry to be seen and most important of all - they invite you to go out there and explore (and on a miserable day like this in the Cape remind you that the sun will shine again!).
  20. I think I got what I was looking for! GSAK has a Google Map V3 macro that does exactly what I want, i.e. stick a specific database on a map (Google) which is completely functional, interactive and can be stored for use offline. Below is a series of screen shots of increasing resolution. They are looking at including a ref (GC code) to the icons to make cross referencing even easier. Found caches are also distinguishable. You can find the macro here. Thanks for everyone’s contributions.
  21. Indeed (and yes the same kokerboom)! You're it and I'll stay out (until our GC histories diverge a little more... )
  22. OK where are we...?
  23. Our only DNF of the holiday! The Eye of Kuruman.
  24. Only 3 photos submitted in June. Two refer directly to the (somewhat weird) activities surrounding caching while the 3rd does so more indirectly (not that it was a prerequisite). My favorite (and winner for June) is the quirky, sole-full photo of Pooks - demonstrating his dedication to earn that smiley while having double barrels of fun. Over to you Pooks.
  25. Ai-Nokia your Northern Cape has thrown me now - we followed in your footsteps to and from the Kgalagadi, your log was the last one in almost all the caches we've done along the way! I was convinced it's Dealseville fountain, but that's in the Free State, so I'll have to settle for Kimberley's small hole...
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