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  1. I find it sad that we are going to lose a third of all virtual caches surviving in South Africa when Metro Nomad archives his three Cape virtual caches.

    Sent Metro Nomad a PM to see if we can't work out some "unofficial" solution for these 3 in the mean time.

  2. Re December photo competition:

    UG @ Rolindale voted! Not only a fun photo but also technically good.




    Bruce could you please let us know how long people have to vote for each month's competition (deadline?), who can vote (only TB race entrants?) and if you have only 1 vote?

  3. We also like them! Only worry is that they are a little too pretty - will probably make them sought after "unofficial collectibles" @#$*!! I've seen many good looking GCs gone missing lately, which could only have been found by geocachers...?!

  4. Bottom line is there will always be different tastes/reasons/preferences/dislikes and these might change over time or even your circumstances or mood. No single attribute can be claimed as the "ultimate caching characteristic or experience". Some days chasing my own (modest) numbers gives me pleasure and other days a single log after a 7h hike. It's my choice and that's all I want. Irony is that I will probably think "these are boring caches" but still be tempted to do them...

    The one thing that in my opinion is not negotiable is that if you want to publish 1000 caches you should effectively maintain 1000 caches! They will therefore probably only work in desolated areas.

  5. I seem to be the only person experiencing problems with GC.com... Won't display maps (old shortcuts for particular areas), can't do searchers (hide & seek page), can't use the new favorites tool, won't decrypt hints, etc. Suspect it might be GCTidy, which I'm using in Firefox... Any ideas?

  6. After entering the spreadsheet I could hardly see straight - partly due to the lateness of the hour and also it is a manual action and I have to go into each and every listing to compile the scores.


    We've barely started and I already feel sorry for you! Just opening more than 60 TB pages is going to take a looong time. Can't one of the tech wizards write a macro type thing to extract this info from a pocket query or something?


    Or alternatively, can't you design a standard "information template" (in Excel) which every TB owner can fill in say every fortnight and send you. You then just consolidate the info (a honesty system should work fine but you could obviously also do some auditing).


    Also, just realised when I saw all the "discovering" at the events that this never featured in the discussions. Don't you think a discovery is worth a point or two...?

  7. I'm not a big publisher of caches, so it will obviously influence my opinion, but to be frank I don't really see any benefit from such a discussion... Of course I agree that the reviewers are doing a HUGE (voluntary!) job but the rules and guidelines are pretty clear and I've never had any major problems (and as a result unanswered questions) getting a cache published. Understandably there are some subjective/personal differences in some interpretations of rules (and even intangibles like "quality") and I've experienced from very approachable to somewhat standoffish interactions but always acceptable.


    Please give us some examples of burning questions you have, maybe I'm just bathing in a bliss of ignorance. :laughing:

  8. OK, I have to chew what I bit off... :antenna: This picture tells the story -




    There were 3 Sharks for every WP player on the field Saturday. A comprehensive beating and well earned title - congrats to the Sharks (and their supporters)!

  9. Great site Bruce! Easy to navigate with all relevant info - can't believe it's your first! Thanks for the TIME and effort - much appreciated!

    Our TB tags arrived - just have to get appropriate travelers and we'll be ready to race!

  10. Just enough details to make this solvable. We couldn't do this cache because of muggles but it sure didn't dent Ti's spirit. Lilli in the mean time grew up to become an anything that lies around eating, garden ruining monster...!



  11. This is my design, perhaps a little dark, but that we catching ideas for future designs.


    Greetings to all




    Few of the design aspects need work and a dark background always creates difficulties but I like this one! It jumps out at you and nothing says Earthcache like, ...uh well - the EARTH! The white text looks great. Will GSA be happy with a monochrome logo? I suggest losing the "motto" and maybe squashing it a little.

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