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    Hallo bloutand! Welkom! Hope to make your life miserable (but of course so much more exciting) for well into the future...
  2. It's all a matter of perspective... In my own world our 24 finds qualify us for the "dolomite" award...
  3. Pooks whatever you do don't leave your phone at home as it gives us other cachers access to a smart(ish)cacher when we get stuck...
  4. Assume you only used Southern African logs to calculate this...? Had a quick look at some profiles which have GSAK stats and although some (e.g. DiePienaars yours=85,578km GSAK 85,158km) are very similar others are way off (e.g. GlobalRat yours=95,014km GSAK=313,670km & Hesamati yours=74,224km GSAK=211,531). If it's only SA caches the more than 3-fold difference between TV&M and iPajero is also surprising. 11Mkm to sign log sheets...!! Interesting indeed - thanks!
  5. Must admit I'm not entirely sure what your figures mean, but two theoretical points re your calculations: 1) You should not only take the ratio between archived and active caches into account but also the absolute nr of active ones. As it stands you'll get the same ration (ie same weight in equation) for 1/5 and 2/10, while the nr of active caches are 4 and 8 respectively and surely a higher number of active caches points to a more "sustained contribution". Suggest (1 / 5 x 4) 2) Similarly, using the time between 1st and last cache planted in stead of total time from 1st plant will more accurately reflect continuous (sustained) activity and differentiate from an initial "flash in the pan".
  6. As our racer stands to benefit I'll abstain from voting but I'd like to complement Porky2 on the additional effort he put into this photo, which gave the TB a prominent place in the beautiful landscape and introduced some symbolism.
  7. I've never used Blackstar, so I can't compare. Just returned from Mauritius where I did 5 caches using my phone. (i) CacheSense worked with both my own SIM (not opened for roaming) and a pay-as-you-go one I bought there. (But I've only used the compass function, not the maps as I still have to figure them out...). (ii) The only real hick-up was that it took probably 10-15min (which felt like an hour!) for it to pick up the satellites the first time. (iii) Also missed the spoiler photo as I had a DNF on a cache amongst acres of boulders where the spoiler might have helped after 30min of searching. All in all I was pretty happy.
  8. 1. Doesn't this just %$^ you off?!! If you CHOOSE to play along - DO it or stay out from the start! 2. Indeed! As my TB is on the receiving end of your "longing for satisfaction" [/font] I'm very happy... THANKS again! I'm a rock definitely has the most non-owner miles on it (Bruce I'm going to make up categories until I win something... ).
  9. On the back of a wealth of experience I got yesterday doing my first cache with a 9780 and CacheSense - it works wonderfully! The GPS is quick and accurate and cachesense is user friendly and simple to use - even for a techno simpleton like me! Even the camera is a pleasure with no dodgy blue casts anymore (see here). Eventually straight forward paperless caching seems to be within my grasp! Will have an opportunity to give it a thorough test drive next week.
  10. I'm probably a dinosaur but I've never bought other maps. Just got a general idea of where the caches are (used to use the Google maps app in GSAK but the new Maps Beta is just as good), maybe even printed a hard copy of the map (at various resolutions depending on the nr of caches) and then just followed my nose on a white GPS screen and never had a problem. Because I have a very old Magellan I also had to upload the cache descriptions to an iPod (also a GSAK app - like the fact that it's so small and in any case in my backpack) if I needed them. As Cincol also suggested - a bit of homework is needed but then it's pretty straight forward. If you have browsing capability it is in general much cheaper to buy a SIM card in the country where you travel (or these days many hotels or even coffee shops will give you free internet access). Enjoy!
  11. I like to see a prize for the TB which got stuck in a cache the longest... 148/182 days (more than 80% of the racing time!) and counting... Maybe Don't come knockin' was not such a good choice as a name for a racing TB... In contrast I must say the efforts by some local cachers with "I'm a rock" are amazing! Thanks to everyone who makes this a fun game! My hat off to you!
  12. Can only offer moral support at this stage, but... (i) I should get my new 9380 in the next few days and will communicate my new found wisdom to you, (ii) we're also based in the Helderberg-kom, so give me a shout if you'd like to meet at a cache or need any help and (iii) saw on another threat Vryburger is using a Swartbessie, so I asked him to point us in the right direction.
  13. Hi Eaves, To add to what we've discussed when I did your 1st cache... 1) I enjoy your puzzles but has also discussed them with other people who do not have the same background and the general opinion was that they are too specialised ("too specialised" is obviously subjective, because if you intentionally want to focus them on a very small group you're successful). My opinion is that people in general don't want to be taught a helova lot of theory before they are able to do a puzzle. You must be able to read if fairly quickly and if you're not tickled by the content most will just ignore it - even puzzles are primarily about fun and not knowledge. 2) My personal biggest issue with your caches is that they can only be attempted at night. A very small percentage of cachers who do not live in the immediate area will travel to do a cache at night. Of course you can also bargain on bad weather days, etc. but the bottom line is that this will also reduce your number of possible clients, i.e. more people who will miss out on what is a brilliant hide for "water" at least... 3) The difficult rating is VERY subjective - what might be a 3 star for Besem is definitely a 5 star for most, not because the maths are so difficult but because they must first grasp the principles before starting with the calculations. 4) Finally, there's nothing wrong with difficult puzzles per se but then you must expect and accept fewer finds. WOW is one thing but you actually have to get there to experience it (and as Tom already pointed out WOW is also subjective - you also see the whole cache and rightly think they are WOW but everyone else only sees a brain numbing puzzle on the computer screen). Don't be discouraged! Do a 3rd short, easy one (also interesting with a good hide of course!), see what offers you the most satisfaction (status quo vs more logs with comments) and base you future hides on that. All the best! H
  14. Anyone else using Firefox experiencing problems logging a find after the website changes...? (The logging box disappears after a second.) IE seems to work fine.
  15. Sounds perfectly accurate for one of the members in our clan...
  16. Indeed! There are a few smiles to be had on http://www.springbokradio.com/ADS.html if you're old enough to get nostalgic... You're it Tom (referring to the game ONLY of course...)
  17. OK, who are these guys looking for...
  18. Think he was a school boy who also got hurt badly (paralysed or died) during a rugby match.
  19. Thanks to MM's message I've overcome my to-do-list lethargy and will be going up there with a group of muggle friends early Saturday morning. Let me know if I can pick up a permit for anyone (can't book but they've agreed to give them to me on Friday afternoon...).
  20. 10/10 for not just dangling the TB on an out out of focus finger! Also like the additional texture of the rope in what could have been dead foreground. Your mom indeed has reason to be proud...
  21. The thread's intent was to create a short list of the "non-enforceable caching rules" or "caching etiquette", which you usually pick up through experience. I also hate millions of rules and over-regulation but can see the value of this for new cachers. Differences in opinion seem to be along the line of "practical" vs. "philosophical" issues, i.e. issues such as maintenance assistance are no brainers but things that don't really impact on the game are variable and subjective. Things I'd list: For finds · 1. No physical cache log, no find. · 2. If the log cannot be signed (full or wet) and you cannot add a new log sheet/book, you must drop a dated calling card to be able to claim the cache. · 3. In general cachers value an online log that shows some appreciation, even when expressing some disapproval. A "TFTC" only is impolite and an empty log is plain rude. · 4. Don't replace a missing cache without the owner's permission and directions (whether you have found it or not). · 5. Pay attention to how the cache was hidden to ensure you can replace it exactly where/how you found it. · 6. Repair a cache when you can (e.g. dry it, add an additional log sheet, add a bit of duct tape). · 7. TBs and GCs should be logged and placed ASAP. · 8. "Disappearing" trackables is a crime against humanity! Note missing trackables (listed for a cache but not in the cache) ASAP to help the owner track it down. 9. Don't pick up or grab a trackable until it has been dropped into a cache. If it has taken too long, send the person an email. (because this can impact on the distance/route of the TB) For hides · 1. Maintain your caches! This is your obligation to other cachers – think carefully about caches far from home (and allow people to help you if necessary). · 2. Nothing beats experience. Wait until you've found 50-100 caches before you start hiding your own. (this is obviously debatable, but I think it makes for better caches) · 3. Be especially careful where you hide caches that will be able to accommodate trackables as this could mean that more than just the cache container is lost if it's muggled. In general (for old and new cachers) – don't be self righteous. Calvin (& Hobbes) said it best: "A little rudeness and disrespect can elevate a meaningless interaction to a battle of wills and add drama to an otherwise dull day."
  22. Shocking...! A Western Cape cacher has allegedly logged a find using less than 372 characters! Can possible witnesses please ID the suspect from the lineup below?
  23. Will only be able to make it on the 23rd. Definitely no fun in rain - have seen too many movies with storm water rushing down a sewer...
  24. Don't have a clue but assume there's a lot of vegetarians in the area...
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