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  1. Vir emosionele redes probeer ek hierdie gesprek ignoreer... , maar as 'n man sulke wyshede kwytraak moet mens darem jou stuiwer bygooi... CHEETAHS!!
  2. One of the best extreme (I guess) experiences I've had was Reverse Travers - Kloof corner difficult - Frodo's journey (with other caches on both ends & in between but this gives you the backbone of the route up Table Mountain). The Kalbaai caves are also great but they're definitely in second place for an air-loving upper-terranean like myself. The Darkness Beacons outside Robertson is also up there with the best. Don't have a clue about their D/T ratings but they will encroach on your comfort zone and are extreme fun that's for sure!
  3. Definitely do Sentinel and Proctology from Silvermine - it's a lovely area to spend some time with the family (weather permitting...). The Winelands of course hold great reward of their own - and I'm not talking about caching at all...
  4. This is the bane of our modern lives... Almost every corporate & government decision can be traced back to this in some form or another. Kudos to you for trying. The few attempts I made to discuss caches and CITOs with officialdom has left me completely demotivated - I don't have the strength to duplicate my work frustrations in one of my hobbies. OK, I feel better now, back to enjoying those places accessible to us all!
  5. Thanks for the interesting look at SA cacher stats Team DJ!
  6. Who-ha! Maybe I can eventually combine biology with earth caching... Biomineral Single Crystals These are biomineral crystals found in a sea urchin tooth. Geologic or synthetic mineral crystals usually have flat faces and sharp edges, whereas biomineral crystals can have strikingly uncommon forms that have evolved to enhance function. The image here was captured using environmental scanning electron microscopy and false-colored. Each color highlights a continuous single-crystal of calcite (CaCO3) made by the sea urchin Arbacia punctulata, at the forming end of one of its teeth. Together, these biomineral crystals fill space, harden the tooth, and toughen it enough to grind rock. From Discovery Magazine.
  7. Hesamati


    Who-ha! Congrats Capedoc!
  8. This used to be by favourite early morning stop with my 1st cup of coffee, but now sadly only the silent ruins remain... Has Facebook killed the forum-star...? Danie enige kans dat ons jou dalk met 'n bottel wyn of 'n versnapering van jou keuse kan omkoop...?
  9. I came across the 3D track image below on a cycling site. Anyone knows how they created it or something similar one can use to create 3D maps of tracks?
  10. Jeez go away for a few days and look what you lot are concocting! Would love to join but unfortunately the 8/9th is my only option... The 15-17th is a long weekend - we'll be away (but make my vote a "secondary" one as I'll have surgery on the 3rd and might not even be able to do something so strenuous 6 days later). If Andy goes this weekend we can still reserve the date for a group assault of a different kind...
  11. "No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?"
  12. OK after much consideration (and praying for bad weather)... I'm in! Hope it doesn't change into the "Great red-face reverse" for me... Please tell me Mr Pooks is just kidding around here and that this is not what's to be expected... See you there - I think...!
  13. Congrats to CownChicken, The Huskies and Henzz for entering the matrix! Probably the toughest challenge out there - salute!
  14. I hope that's a joke Doc? Nope Has 'Doc crossed over to the dark side? I bet it will have a lot to do with physical power... and maybe a bit of intellectual as well...
  15. Met apologie aan Jan FE Celliers Dis die blond, dis die blou: dis die veld, dis die lug; en 'n cache onder 'n brug - dis al
  16. Might unfortunately not be around that weekend, but if I am, I'd like to join you, so please include me in the discussions.
  17. Maybe you can share in the mean time what they were "very concerned" about to ensure we consider it in all our actions (if they actually defined it...)
  18. Ding-ding! That's it! Over to the farmyard.
  19. Lucky shot! I should have played the Lotto on Saturday! Ok, where's this brave young man going to...
  20. Who-ha! Great news! Congrats and may your inbox overflow! Looking forward to giving you something to do.
  21. I thought it might be Bulshoek dam, but couldn't find a cache that suits it. The Bulshoek cache GCXXP5 has no photos to help and surely CnC should have recognised it as they have found it....
  22. Looks like the tomsixteengates dam... (literally and figuratively as nobody seems to know this one!)
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