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  1. Eventually broke the 100 barrier this past holiday (but still have to log...) and still I'm <50% Some nice new ECs in the PE area. Thanks!
  2. Reasons are bound to be multi-layered & agree with Matt's points. Combine also with "developer saturation" - I guess initial developers were mostly geologists who also ran out of new ideas/energy and now we have more amateur developers like me who take ages to develop each one. In my experience the new criteria improved the average quality EC. Agree.
  3. Eish, not even at the halfway mark yet! Time to retire and travel! Any sponsors...?
  4. So the one thing we're sure of is that only TechnoNut has ever found this cache...
  5. The toughest challenge in South Africa! Who has found most of them? Will it be the iCachers from the Eastern Cape or not...?
  6. Suspect both the above have more to do with numbers than nature. I.e. low number of letterbox vs traditional. Think you'll see significantly different patterns when you look at FP / nr of finds for most of the above.
  7. Fascinating - thanks Danie! The interesting interpretations of favourite point stats is great and underlines its complex nature. E.g. the likelihood of a favourite point for a large cache of course also indirectly says something about where it's placed - something along the line of "caches aren't great because they are large, they are large because they are great"...
  8. LOVE the maps - dankie Danie! Possible to do similar for favourite points?
  9. Better than loosing your head while looking for your Ray Bans...
  10. This is an interesting stat! Shows that there's almost no difference between a specific difficulty and terrain rating, i.o.w. our interpretation of the relative "toughness" of a cache doesn't differ for these two parameters, which is great. Also show that on average CO's rating are on par. Might of course also just reflect superficial choice based on the rating...
  11. Based on the nr of alerts I'm getting it also had a big impact on the nr of new caches.
  12. Trevor, I've been caching with only a smartphone (first BB and now a S4) for the past 3 years for all the reasons you've mentioned above plus the fact that I don't like carrying many things around especially when travelling. The battery life can't compare to a GPS but one adapts to that, e.g. always have a charger available and only navigate when really necessary. But I must also admit that I very seldomly do more than only a hand full of caches in any given day... Have you considered just buying an additional battery for your phone?
  13. NICE - thanks! Terrain seems to make general geographic sense. In my case it's an irrational number as my find rate is probably < growth rate...
  14. The above D/T profiles for the different provinces will be interesting - will give an idea if these are determined by geography or sociology...
  15. Except for SA this clearly aligns with tourism. Something people (C&J...) who might be looking for sponsorships should keep in mind... (not that GC is the main reason why tourists will choose a particular destination). Danie, soos altyd - baie dankie vir die interessante blik op caching!
  16. Hesamati


    That's one of the reasons why we're still going after 5 years.
  17. Would you be able to list these 100 for us please? I like the idea of supporting the oldest caches in the country.
  18. Mr Nut you're on the dot!
  19. OK let's leave the Southern Cape...
  20. OK, has been around for some timenow ... It's "Aloe hill" in the Bontebok NP.
  21. Pieter is in die kol! All yours...
  22. GC20DT3 ▼ Nelspruit's Granite Domes
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