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  1. I am having a hell of a time finding a detailed map of the Snoqualmie Forest area but this is what I have found MAP Huge area and quite a few caches affected.
  2. I havn't seen anyone else mention this, but Hancock Timber has long had the ability to drive behind their gates (at least in the Snoqualmie area) if you bought a motorized access permit. (currently $225) Looks like starting at the beginning of the year they have decided to charge the hikers, biker and equestrians as well. here is the link to the permit information. So basically its now $75 to hike to Fuller Mtn and onto any other Hancock Property off of the North Fork Road.
  3. Travis, The area around 63 and the lighthouse is exactly correct now. Glad you understood my description.
  4. Google maps shows roads approaching very close to each of these. Is this incorrect? Even if 63 (Graveyard of the Pacific) is a half mile hike, I think I still want to keep it on the route, because seeing the bar from the lighthouse sounds so cool. The road to 63 (Coast Guard Road) is gated at N46.28218 W123.05444. To get 63 and 64 you park at the parking for the Lewis and Clark Museum at N46.27865 W124.05295. There is a steep paved trail up the hill to the south to get 64 and then a trail that heads east around the inlet to 64 down a steep hill then back up a steep paved road to the lighthouse. It is a fantastic view from the lighthouse, just the hike is a bit longer then the route shows and about 200 feet of elevation change. I actually found this one the day before the Astoria Cache Machine. It didn't seem like that long of a hike to me. Are you including the drive halfway around the lake in your distance, or am I mis-remembering? I measured the distance based on how I remember the trail wrapping the lake and measuring the route using google earth. From the parking across the lake it was about a .3 mile hike in. It was a very nice hike and I would keep the cache on the route.
  5. Ok a few thoughts 63 is a hike from the location of 64 about 1 mile RT 66 there is a trail from the north From the North Head Lighthouse. May be possible from the south but it is a lot steeper that way. 70 is about .6 mile RT One of these caches needs water, nearly a full gallon.
  6. Note that the starting location is a micro cache not the small sized letterbox that is way easier to spot and is less than 4 feet away.
  7. Boy I would have expected this to go quite a bit higher based on the past.
  8. Yes, WSGA looked at it, that was my first thought. But again, we don't have $4000 or so for the current lot of 1476, or anywhere to store that many (seriously, that's a LOT of cans, 2-3 times as many as cachers have bought in previous auctions). If other caching orgs in Oregon, Idaho, or BC want to partner with us (say, 500 cans each), and can pay and pick up theirs in the time frame required by Ft Lewis if we win the auction, I'm game. Each org would need to be willing to pony up to $2000 depending on the auction prices and how many orgs take part. We have plenty of storage space as needed... Including a storage locker in Issaquah that's 20 feet by 40 feet by 20 feet tall. That part isn't an issue. The real issues is determining what the price point the clubs are willing to go to per can.
  9. Totem et all I found this mapping program in another blog I read www.cacheye.org Lots of options to look at GPX files.
  10. its possible, I have to get it cleared.
  11. Really!? I would love to see some data to back this wild claim up. I mean its great to see such concern over a hobby we all enjoy but where the heck does this sentence fit in.
  12. There could be a couple of unintended consequences. The most important being that at least one person has enough caches to qualify, yet they are unable to complete the challenge until the one year moratorium expires for them next January. That is indeed an unintended consequence. I figured by allowing archived caches, that would negate the one year waiting period. Also, there are quite a few others available foe people that happens to go get without having to wait 4 months to do it. I looked, I have 29, of those I haven't looked to see how many have been from the last year. That said I am not worried about the FTF and I will put the COTM caches in my GPS like my other POI file. If I am nearby I will grab one here and there and will get there eventually. I think that the reason there has been less interest in challenges of late is, like caches, there are now quite a lot of them, and many are very lame in that you can just go grab random ones to qualify. My favorite have always been more specific ones, like this one, the history challenges, lookouts and the Delorme. Just my thoughts. I for one appreciate caches like this that at least draw attention to the caches that others have liked. edit: ok I had 2 from this last year so I actually need 3 caches.
  13. Do you mean Site 3 where the cars were parked? (Site 2 is where we found the last cache of the day on the way out) If it was Site 3 take 4 miles off that and you get ???!!!!????!!!! a lot more then 10 miles round trip. No wonder I hurt. Side note, I found myself hiking up Sauk Mountain today, stiff legs and all.
  14. email sent with extra details.
  15. No Onley Pass is about 8 miles away from the parking area. Parking is at N47 58.416 W121 36.810 Given that most all of us are planning on camping the night before we hadn't really planned on a start time yet from the camp site. In reality we aren't exactly sure precisly where we will be camping either as we are tossing around a few ideas. What time do you thing you could get there?
  16. Well that was a heck of a Monday and I can honestly say that I am getting fidgety to have the weekend arrive. My food from packetitgourmet arrived and I think I am definitely going to eat well. So its time to get this thing planned out. These are the people that have expressed interest in this hike to "On the way to Florence Rae" GCQR2P as a long day hike or a possible overnighter. Yes AndrewRJ Landrover TotemLake SKS verygeeky Maybe Criminal GeoRoo I think that I have everyone's email so I am going to take a lot of the planning off line but if anyone else is thinking about this let me know so I can fill you in on the details. This is a 14 mile hike in total. 2 miles in along the road, 5 miles out and 5 miles back along an old road that is in places washed out, brushed over, flooded by beavers or a combination of all three, and then 2 miles back to the cars along the road.
  17. Thinking similar thoughts. One option is to cross the river and set up camp at the picnic area if there is a good spot for some more privacy if we want to leave equipment in camp. I am also thinking of bringing a smaller day bag for the hike itself.
  18. I have contacted the last two finders as well as the cache owner. They agree that there really isn't a better place to camp once we cross the river. I was told that we could probably clear an area in the trees out of the bushes but that seems iffy. So the question is how do we want to do this? I think that hiking in Friday and camping for the night would shave 2 miles off the trek, and that means a 12 mile hike out, or if you wanted a second night. Not everyone needs to have the same camping plans either. I was thinking that if someone didn't want to camp they could hike the 2 miles in and meet us at a given time before we headed out. I am going to bring a small pruning saw with me for sure.
  19. Where it says to post the coords for CFM 47.49865 latitude, -120.83264 longitude This is the camp location.
  20. With the way the Landrover drives I will be holding on tight in a few spots but definitly add it, that is a fantastic view.
  21. Ok Yesterday took the family up to Spada Lake on a recon trip. It took me an hour and 10 minutes from Duvall to the Boulder/Greiter Trail head. The road is paved until about 47 56.640 121 42.275 after this it is relatively good gravel. there are a few areas that have heavy washboarding and the occasional cluster of potholes. The construction is proceeding normally with minimal impacts to the road. They have backfilled each replaced culvert with soil but not really smoothed them well. some are like speed bumps and others are like large potholes. In addition they are so frequent that it is difficult to get up any speed before the next one. The trailhead is located at 47 58.416 121 36.810 and hey have a new trail section that heads east before reconnecting with the old roadbed.
  22. Ok this (even after rereading what you linked too) is how I understand it. You can't camp on the PUD property. But... The PUD Property ends just before the old Boulder/Greider Lake trailhead. IMO this means that we just have to be up the trail about the first 2 miles before it is legal. I understand that it is legal to camp at Boulder and Greider, which have the same starting point and the same parking location. Maybe someone else has better information.
  23. I have been thinking about this a bit and after talking with the cache owner, I am wondering if there is any interest in doing this as an overnight. I am not sure the details of where we could camp but that would cut the hike down a bit. Either way I am very excited.
  24. Just wanted to say that I had a great time on Saturday. That is a brutal elevation profile you have Greg. Next month August 27th "On the way to Florence Rae"
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