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  1. Interesting article, Bill Lieder reminds me of Tim Eyman in that any small point he may have is effectively lost in how annoying I find his views and grandstanding attitude. I almost instantaneously find myself rooting for the opposite view point because of this. That said I have had a miserable hiking season so I am going to hike up to Monte Cristo on October 13th. I will be at the trail head at 8:30 and will start hiking at 9am. Bring your NW forest pass as it is needed at the trailhead. I will see if I can get an event published in time. Edit: I have submitted an event for that date and time, lets see if it makes it under the deadline. I am probably going to pull my caches up there. It will be end of season and with the construction, there isn't many reasons to let them sit for 2 years.
  2. I can't speak for all of the contamination, but the only way to pull arsenic out is with a still. IIRC, contamination is also around the assessor's office. One thing to note about arsenic as well is that the Pacific Northwest in general has naturally occurring elevated levels of arsenic from natural processes. In many cleanups that I have completed the "natural level" is higher then the state mandated cleanup level. It happens in areas of concentration and a risk based approach is used as well as showing that it is a background issue. This is not the case in Monte Cristo, that is a man made contamination issue, but just some FYI. TL, yes the assessors would likely be heavily contaminated as well.
  3. Sol Yes this is a bit of old news, but worth repeating. This is my industry, and coincidentally mostly caches on the way out there I adopted from paradise so I have been keeping an eye on the situation. The RI/FS process is very long and drawn out, based on the preliminary plan I have read the "new road" is only going to avoid the landslide and river, but like the article said it may be a new road; thats part of the RI/FS. The "new road" is currently planned to match the old wagon road for a bit, which to me is potentially damaging to a historic feature in and of itself. I know the company that is doing a lot of the field work for the RI/FS process. Those were some lucky field guys, I wish I had a project like that I was working on. While some artifacts will need to be moved and some MAY be damaged it is important to remember that is a highly passionate issue that no one will agree on. I have seen the chemical water data and I for one will never drink from that river unless I am using a filter specifically designed to remove heavy metals. Its not worth the health risk to me. What does that say about the benthic life down river. The gentleman quoted in the article, Lider, is well known and opinions of him are significantly varied. Lets just say that he is probably telling the truth as he sees it, but I feel that he is overblowing the situation for the press. RI/FS will generally look at cost and the ability to solve a problem based on risk. So on one end of the spectrum may be do nothing, Cost: nothing (or maybe a fine from a court), doesn't remove any contamination and doesn't fix the problem. The other end may be dig up, and remove all contaminated soil. Cost: very expensive but removes all potential contamination from the area. Other options may be something like, remove small areas of the most heavily contaminated (Acute) and leave lower level areas (chronic). What the very initial preferred option was removing the worst areas and capping the rest of the areas under clean imported soil, basically removing a few feet of surface soil and then covering with clean soil. Then you have to realize that the areas of concern are relatively small areas around the mine openings and concentrator, not the town site itself as much. Its not like they are going to level the buildings that are there. I could ramble here for quite a while, but I will leave it at that. Someone will most likely take exception to something I posted, but that's ok. There are many valid viewpoints on what needs to or should be done up there and everything becomes weighted to what is important to your world view.
  4. too bad it had to be archived. It was a great hike and cache.
  5. Well we couldn't make it to the campout but the family is going to try this one with me.
  6. Well... (did you or didn't you?...) Yeah, I don't think so. Although I did find another whole container of the stuff while searching for another cache. It was up in a tree. The person I was caching with asked what it was. I said, "If you don't know, I'm keeping it!!" :laughing: Not that I would, of course... This jogged my memory, I once found a drug dealers kit stashed in a shrub line in neighborhood over in the Sammamish area. At first I thought it was the cache thinking 'wow, what a nice case,' and it was, black, about the size of a small ammo can, it looked a lot a mini version of those boxes that are used for music concerts with a couple of foldout shelves in it like a tackle box. Anyhow, opened it up to find some paraphernalia, including a small scale. I wanted to get rid of it by throwing it in the trash but being a rural street the only trash containers nearby where the cans the residences put out for pick up. I ruled that as I didn't want to get questioned about it by a home owner and then trying to convince them it wasn't mine. The same for taking it with me to dump in some dumpster, I could just see myself getting pulled over for some reason and trying to convince the officer that it wasn't mine but that I had found it geocaching and was just taking it home to throw out - 'riiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht let's go...' Ended up dumping the contents on the side of the road and leaving it all there. I figured that was the best solution, I would stay out of trouble, the dealer would lose his stuff since I figured he wouldn't try to grab it out in the open, and the home owners would pick it up and toss it out while at the same time letting them learn that this type of activity is in their neighborhood so might want to keep an eye out. Ummm its called the police or if you didn't know the number for the non emergency line then 911. "Hello I have stumbled across a drug dump at this location and I am leaving the location as I don't feel safe. If you need to contact me this is how."... My response at four similar situations, just substitute, prescription painkillers, meth waste, bong with joint, and heroine needles. I am a bit shocked that you would just dump it out where kids could easily find it on their way home from school. You will not get hassled or even bothered, the police are generally truly thankful you bothered to call it in and that you left the area and didn't put yourself in harms way.
  7. Have fun you guys... I went last time and had a blast. This is really an experience not to miss!
  8. I supose it never hurts to ask, so... Are we going to need any of our parking permits for this one? It doesn't seem like it but I need to renew at least one of mine so I would rather not get caught unaware. Also it looks like a coworker wants to escape to the dry side as well so one more.
  9. I am going to try to attend this one.
  10. I would vote for twin peaks, but that is mostly because I have already done Wedge when the drysiders did it. Wedge is a steep but beautiful hike. Driving to the parking lot is hairy though.
  11. I don't know about anyone else, but I am quite sunburned today.
  12. Well it looks like the wife and kids will no longer be going with me... So I have an empty vehicle and am willing to carpool people over. Let me know.
  13. Just state you interest here. The "reply all" was part of the email TL was quoting in that post. Yup posting your interest to join will help me out a bit. I give out a signature item at the beginning of the hike and it helps to know the headcount. This looks to be a big group hike and I'm excited to see everyone again. Jester, for the record, we'll do last month's hike to the lookout again, but we'll call it the W-w-wipeout! HOTM. TL Please remember to bring the tag for the Baker Lake snowshoe. See you on Saturday.
  14. I will be there. The family is going to spend the day in town while I am out hiking.
  15. Your link to the Pilchuck event tomorrow points to the event in Seattle.
  16. Craig Glad to see you are still with us! A prepared as I think I may be I can't really imagine how I would react under a similar situation.
  17. Not going to make this one, with the CM the weekend before I need to stick around the house. Sound like a good one though.
  18. Whats the weather like out there? How deep is the snow? Its not perfect, but I did a search on webcams in Coeur d'Alene and came up with this. Looks fairly good.
  19. I have heard from him and taken over at least one of his caches.
  20. I'll PM my address to you. I want to leave by 6:30 so I can pick up my daughter on time. Got it. I will be there.
  21. Ok I will be there. I just got a set of snowshoes last sunday and even my wife is hoping I will get to try them out this season. Greg, any chance you have an extra seat in your jeep? I don't have a problem driving up but carpooling seems to make sence.
  22. How have you "never heard of Geocaching until last week", but your forum post clearly indicates you first signed up in 2007??
  23. Sigh, OSM does not have satellite data. You, like so very many others here are confusing the OSM map with the default setting which is MapQuest. Your post should say you think the MapQuest Maps are terrible.
  24. correct, but since Google doesn't release those costs to us we will use what we have for a comparison, and obviously if GS is moving away they didn't have a Business API license to begin with.
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