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  1. True, but it might help somebody from a few towns away or somebody visiting on vacation
  2. It doesn't show up on the category search, but the group page says that the category has been created and this is the page when you click on their managed categories. From what I can tell, there is a category but at the same time it's not showing up on the search so I'm not sure
  3. This part I love. I'm looking at the Waymarking page, and there's a lot of things I know are interesting around my city that should be cataloged. For example, my (now old) school's mascot is a metal bear the shop class made some years ago. That's pure history right there! And another example, I was looking at the groups and found one for coin operated laundromats. Not the most interesting subject, sure, but I know of one a couple blocks away that I could add. But before this, I never paid the thing any mind! The crazy thing is, knowing the different categories and even just the existence of Waymarking can open your eyes to locations around you that you would've never passed a second glance to before
  4. Yeah, I read about all of the history before when I was learning all the different cache types. I remember thinking that it's a really cool concept and being sad it couldn't be supported anymore, but understanding it was a major hassle for Groundspeak This however, this I'm really excited for if it's real. Part of the main reason I want support for it on the app is for me without a GPSr it's a hassle to look them up and then navigate there by using waypoints in the app. If there were a seperate app, I'd be absolutely ecstatic and it would probably help a lot more people get into the hobby
  5. That makes sense. I know I personally would rather see Waymarks added to the app above all else, but that’s just one opinion out of many
  6. Like the title says, is there anyway to upload a save file from the iPhone app? There's an option titled Upload Save File, but whenever I hit it I just get taken to the Wherigo home page
  7. Yep, that exactly. I had a feeling it would be possible, I just wasn't sure what I would have to put before the name. Thanks!
  8. I was wanting to make a post inspired by a comment I saw earlier and was wondering if there's anyway I can credit the person or tag them in the post? If not I just plan on typing out their name, but it would be cool if there's a way to notify them or have a link to their profile
  9. God, yes, this. I've been using this time to get into all the different types of location-based games. I think Waymarking is such a cool idea, and I would love to see more support for it. If they could just get the word out about it, maybe more people would look into it which would hopefully give Groundspeak a reason to improve upon it once this quarantine is finished with
  10. A cache me and the family found on a walk the other day with a drawing of the park on the lid
  11. Gotcha. Makes sense, but kind of a pain when you visit a statue and log the visit under three different waymarks
  12. Thanks! I've heard other people mentioning one waymark being in multiple categories. Does each one require a seperate listing, or is it all on a single page for the location/object?
  13. Yeah, that's a better way to look at it. I was hyper focused on the map, and was worried it wouldn't make sense when it's all drawn out since its travels will look different to mine for a personal one
  14. I messaged him before I went to grab it, it's been sitting there since January and he was really grateful that I was helping it move. I think he'll enjoy seeing that it logged an extra 30 miles north and 30 miles south
  15. Thanks for the quick response and great answers, but I think I didn't use very clear wording on the bolded part. What I mean is I find it a bit weird that on the map, a trackable moving from one cache to another with several days in between draws a straight line instead of going to wherever the current holder spends those days, if that makes sense. But then again, that's probably me being very literal and wanting to see the path it takes instead of focusing on the miles it racks up
  16. There are some cool areas that I think are deserving of a waymark, but are also able to have a physical container placed for a geocache. Is it okay for the two of them to be in the same area? Or is there a distance rule similar to the .1 mile rule for geocaches
  17. Not sure if this question has been answered before, but I was unable to find anything so I decided to make a post. So I recently have picked up a trackable that is trying to head through Canada, and I'm holding onto it for a few days until I'm able to head by the border. Today I took a trip up north and grabbed a quick geocache while I was up there and logged a visit on the trackable. Upon returning home, I had it visit a geocache (that I've already found) a few blocks away so the map would show that it returned. Is this the right thing to do? Or should I have waited to log it at the next cache I go to without resetting it to my "home base". Does this answer change if I get a personal trackable to show all of the geocaches I've been to? I don't think it would make sense for it to visit one an hour north of me before jumping to one half an hour west without first stopping at my house, unless that's the direct path I took. Any input is appreciated, this is my first time on the forums so if I messed something up please let me know
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