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  1. I fly in on February 15th and leave that Thursday night. Staying at the Hilton downtown. It's too bad there's no event. If I knew of any places there I'd host one to have people come out.


    We love any excuse to gather in Indy! If you book an event, they will come! LOL

  2. We have regular monthly get-togethers we call "GiGs." We'd love to have you join us if you can make the date. our February meet is on Monday the 8th in Noblesville (just northeast of Indy). Check out GC233EG for more details. :)

  3. Just another quick note: We're still looking for pathtag donations for a raffle item we're working on for the picnic. If you would like to contribute (we are only asking for ONE of each design), please contact us through our GC.com profile for mailing info.



  4. You should also consider coming to a local event. The Central Indiana GC community is a VERY social bunch. We have monthly get-togethers we call "GiGs." GiG technically stands for "Girls in Geocaching" - but EVERYONE is invited (the events are only hosted by women). We just had our January meet-up last week in Avon. February is currently being planned, but I believe it will be in Noblesville.


    There is also a chili cook-off event coming up in early March (GC22Y91) and the Spring Picnic is just around the corner in mid-May (GC1YWMP).


    If you're able to make it to any (or all!!) of these events, it will give you a chance to mingle with the natives and get some great advice. I have learned so much, and made some really wonderful friends because of this hobby. Hope to get a chance to meet you someday too. :)


    Alicia (of lakedawgs)

  5. Any good hotels in the area and any that are giving a discount for us geocachers at the time of the event?


    Daryl, excellent question. We've called two - The Best Western Circus City Inn and the Knights Inn. Both require us to commit to a specific number of rooms and leave our credit card number to secure the rooms. Sorry D, I like ya'll, but not enough to put up my personal credit card. LOL We'll make a few more calls and let everyone know if we run into a deal.


    However, the Best Western made an interesting suggestion... if there are a group of folks that need hotel rooms, they can get together and book rooms at the same time and shouldn't have a problem getting a group discount (at least 5 rooms, I believe). So if anyone wants to spearhead that effort.... :D


    Alicia (of lakedawgs)

  6. I don't know that you'd want to call us "official" or anything :) but there is a great group of gals in the Indianapolis area called "GiG" (Girls in Geocaching). We host monthly get-togethers and everyone is welcome - the events are hosted by women, but plenty of men & kids attend. We just had our Christmas bash last night up in Carmel and it was a BLAST! We had in the neighborhood of 50-60 folks show up, I'm guessin'. Be on the lookout for upcoming GiG's and other local events... lots of us in Central Indiana are event hounds, so there are usually lots to choose from. Hope to get the chance to meet you at one soon.

  7. I purchased a subscription for myself and also gave a gift subscription as a door prize at an event I hosted in January 2008. In the summer of 2008, I and the gift recipient received our one copy of GM. In my opinion it was a very nice issue and was actually a bit surprised at the VERY nice, heavy quality of paper used (seemed expensive to me LOL)... but I digress.


    I was more than thrilled to see a great friend of ours (Dulcimer Guy) featured in a "meet the cachers" type of article in the issue. After reading the mag from cover-to-cover a few times, I happily gave my copy to Dulcimer Guy to keep for himself as a memento.


    Then I watched my mailbox not-so-patiently for almost 18 months... still no second issue. I am very sad at the way this whole situation has been handled. I understand businesses go under and can sympathize. However, it would have been nice to hear the story straight instead of receiving email after email after email stating that the next issue was on it's way to press (or some other way of saying it was in progress), keeping our hopes up for so long. If we had just heard from Michael that the venture failed, and had been offered an apology, maybe I wouldn't be so sore about the whole thing.


    I'm sorry things didn't work out Michael and crew, but I'm sorrier that you felt you couldn't (or wouldn't) tell your subscribers the plain truth.

  8. Hope to get a chance to meet you guys soon. We're also transplanted Texans (the Mr. is from Houston, the Mrs. is from Dallas). Definitely keep an eye open for events - we have LOTS of them in the Indy area.

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