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    Delorme PN-40

    When adding notes are these saved and downloaded with the track? Operationally, I would agree with your contention 10 track logs is plenty. In 2 years, I'm hoping to be on a multi-day hike where a laptop would be very inconvenient weight wise. 10 track logs could be a problem. (Hmmmm perhaps a good argument for an OQO.)
  2. Is the 60CSx known as being more accurate then the Delorme products? Wow, mine is pretty old too, however the way I look at it if it's not broke don't fix it.
  3. davewolfs

    Delorme PN-40

    Sounds good, perhaps Chip could chime in to tell us if recording to an SD card is on the road map. Not trying to start any flame wars, but could any of you give me some reasons as to why a new user who has never used a GPS device should choose a PN-40 over 60CSx?
  4. davewolfs

    Delorme PN-40

    Sorry I meant track log. I do not own a GPS device so I have no idea what features are deemed standard. In terms of "tracklog" capabilities, is there any limit on the number of track points that can be saved with the PN-40? Also, how often are the track points archived to file? Are these points saved to internal memory or can they be saved to an SD card? Your 60CSx will record an activity log, how??? Perhaps you mean a tracklog, pretty much a standard GPS feature.
  5. davewolfs

    Delorme PN-40

    Does this device have similar support for logging features as the Garmin 60CSx, specifically I am interested in being able to record an activity log while on hikes. Could any of you comment on the PN-40's logging capabilities. Thanks, Dave
  6. Can the PN-40's support detail tracking and logging like the 60CSx series? You sound bitter!
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