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  1. We posted an update on what is causing this: https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2018/07/security-update-required-for-android-devices/
  2. There was a temporary outage, it is working again.
  3. There was a temporary outage, it is working again.
  4. Hey there. We are already looking into fixing this, thank you for pointing it out
  5. We had some technical difficulties, but it should be resolved now.
  6. We had some technical difficulties, but it should be resolved now.
  7. Just stopping by to let you know that our engineers are aware of this thread and are looking into it.
  8. We are aware of the issue and hope to have a fix for it out by the end of the week.
  9. Thanks for the catch, we changed it!
  10. Geocaching HQ is doing some routine maintenance that requires us to temporarily remove the ability to upload new Wherigo cartridges. It may take several days to bring back the functionality. There will be no improvements, just return of functionality.
  11. Hey there. This is related to the technical issues we experienced, there is (for the lack of a better word) a "backlog". The FP will show up on the cache you favorited at one point.
  12. Hi there. That one is on us, we pressed the wrong button. Going forward you should only receive the notifications in the language you subscribed to.
  13. There is a cap, the maximum number of points you can earn for any cache log is 15 points. We created an FAQ for this and other promotion-related questions.
  14. Good news everyone. We have identified what was causing the issues and have deployed another fix. We still need to run a script to adjust incorrect score values, so it might be a while until you see the updated score/receive that missing souvenir. Please let us know if you still experience issues. Thank you for your patience.
  15. Do you by any chance remember which of the 5 awarded 15 points?
  16. We are still running a script to retroactively apply the points and souvenirs, like stated it will take some time, thank you for your patience.
  17. Thank you all for your patience. We have deployed a fix to the scoring bug, it is now working as intended. Souvenirs that would have been earned based on the correct point value will be applied retroactively, but it will take some time before you will see them on your profile. Happy hunting!
  18. Let's try to keep all the posts related to the scoring bug in one thread:
  19. Scoring for the Planetary Pursuit started at 12:00 noon UTC (5am Seattle time, 1pm in most of Europe), so your logs would have been before the start. To fix it you can delete your logs and relog the caches. We are working on a fix for the other reported issues, thank you for your patience.
  20. Just to make sure: You do have cookies enabled and are not browsing in incognito mode?
  21. Our developers are aware of the issue and are working on a fix, thank you for your patience.
  22. Hey there. I cannot reproduce this on my Android phone (Pixel 2) using geocaching.com in Chrome. What device are you using?
  23. Recently, GMX's mail servers have periodically marked Geocaching email as SPAM and delayed delivery. We've contacted them and they've simply stated that after a "predefined timeframe", their servers start accepting messages again. It might help if you individually contact them as well.
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