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  1. Rosco Bookbinder, I understood what you said with no problem, as soon as I read your answer I opened GSAK, and it worked great. Ghost, said he read the Help File "Flag" feature, I used the help file and did a search yesterday but it came up with Filters, so I went back after reading Ghost's reply, and searched a little better and founds Flags. Both were very helpful, but I know I can always count on you for help, you spent hours helping me with the help file on GPXSonar...Keep up the good work. Thanks again Jim W
  2. GREAT, I've got it now... Thanks Rosco Bookbinder, and Ghost Jim W
  3. Question: When I receive my PQ I usually have 100 caches, and I load them into GSAK, now is there a way I can select, or highlight just a few caches that I want to export to my ppc or GPS ?? I've tried filters, and distance, but I still get to many caches in the export file. Thanks Jim W
  4. Then it must be your cable, I would send it back, and get the same Cable I use, it was so easy just connect the cable and upload, and download with no problems
  5. It should work fine in the main memory. Here is what my screen looks like when I open GPXSonar, and it will find the GPX file. Just make sure you have "All Folders" selected.
  6. Check your G7toCE file in Explorer, and make sure you have an .ini file Make sure you downloaded the right G7toCE(ARM) program readme.txt for G7ToCE Installation consists of creating directories on the target CE device and then copying the G7ToCE file to the CE device placing the .exe in the '\Windows\Start Menu' directory and setting up the defaults you desire: 1. Copy the file G7ToCE.exe to the "\Windows\Start Menu" directory ON THE CE DEVICE. 2. Create the directory "G7ToCE" under the "My Documents" folder and place the file 'g7windatums.txt' in the folder. 3. Run G7ToCE. An error message concering G7ToCE.ini will be displayed. 4. Select "File Confinguration" 5. Select the DMS tab 6. Select 'Save Configuration at Exit' and any other setup items you desire on the DMS page. 7. Select other tabs (GPS, Text, Icon) and set the startup parameters you desire 8. Select OK 9. Exit the program 10. Check the directory "My Documents\G7ToCE" to ensure the file G7ToCE.ini has been created. 11. Use the program......
  7. Are you using G7toCE program to communicate bewteen the iPAQ, and GPS V?? If so here are the settings, open G7toCE and click on "File" then click "Configuration" make sure you're on the GPS tab.
  8. No, I didn't make any changes to the iPAQ or the GPS V...What cable are you using, and what iPaq do you have??
  9. I just received the iPAQ 38/39xx to Garmin GPS V Cable, and it works fine on the iPAQ 4155. I used a program called G7toCE on the iPAQ 4155 it translated the GPX files I have on the iPAQ to .wpt and uploaded just fine, the GPS V Interface has to be set to GARMIN for uploading, and downloading way-points. I don't have any Mapping Programs on the iPAQ as of yet, but I plan on getting National Geographic TOPO, and National Geographic Pocket PC TOPO soon, and then I'll try and get the GPS V to track on the iPAQ. Jim W
  10. Maybe this will help: Garmin Technical Support - Monday — Friday - 8:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m. CST - (closed holidays) - (913) 397-8200 or 1-800-800-1020
  11. Speed is no problem, I have an iPAQ 4155 400MHz 32MB ROM and 32MB RAM, and a 128mb SD card, and I run GPXSonar from the SD card, from the time I turn on the iPAQ to the cache page is less than 5 seconds. Jim W
  12. Thanks, Rosco Bookbinder, and GEO for correcting me and setting me on the right course again, you guys are great, and GEO you made me happy with GPXSonar, it just keeps getting better. Jim W
  13. I have a Garmin GPS V and a iPAQ 4155 ppc, and would like to be able to upload way points from iPAQ to the GPS V I've found a Cable to connect the two together, but what software program do I need for the iPAQ to communicate to the GPS V ??? I did a search, but came up with nothing. Thanks Jim W
  14. RockyRiver, this may come under Mail Fraud, I would go to your local Post Office and talk to the supervisor there, since you have this person's PO Box...Just a thought. Good Luck Jim W
  15. webwidejosh, I have both loaded on my iPAQ 4155, and I think they compliment each other, but I do use GPXSonar about 95% of the time, as it does a lot more, cache found, and notes just for starters. I use GPXView in the field if I want to see the cache hints automatically, GPXSonar will show the cache hints, but you must highlight the hint area to see them, sometimes in the field it's easier for me to read GPXView Cache Detail (as my eyes aren't what they used to be) GPXSonar Cache Detail puts the text right against the left side of the screen, no margin, but this is just a personal thing, if I had to choose one over the other, it would be GPXSonar 100% Hope this helps Jim W
  16. Check out this article on the New Dry Cell Battery
  17. Here's my 2 cents, I have an iPAQ 4155, and I run GPXSonar, and it's the best program I have ever seen for paperless caching..Bar none I also run GSAK on my pc, another great program.
  18. I also want to thank Clyde, Fabien and Robert for writting great programs, and not only for writting great programs, but always being there when you need help, I also want to thank Rosco Bookbinder for hanging in there with me when I needed help, you guys are the greatest. Thanks again Jim W KD6EO
  19. I'll second that, I also have an iPAQ and use GPXSonar, it's the best. Check it out http://gpxsonar.homeip.net/default.aspx
  20. Grimlock, do you have another GPX file you can download into your ppc, maybe the one you have downloaded got corrupted some how Jim W
  21. Grimlock, have you tried to load your Pocket Query.gpx file into another program on your PC to see if it worked there?? Jim W
  22. Grimlock, you may want to check the filters, and uncheck all of them in GPXSonar, this happened to me, and after unchecking the filters everything work just fine...Hope this helps Jim W
  23. Desert Warrior, what TOPO maps are you using?? I want to buy a good TOPO program, but didn't know which one to buy. Thanks Jim W KD6EO
  24. Thanks so very much Stunod, I knew I did something stupid, it said I couldn't check both boxes, but I never thought about not checking any boxes Thanks again Jim W
  25. Thanks GEO, I just updated my last post, don't know if I have things checked properly in my Custom Cache Page. Thanks Jim W
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