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  1. Well I don't know what's going on, I just received my PQ for today, and the cache that I found "It Is... Outta Here!" by MisteryMe GCH22V on 1/24/04 does't show. Does anyone have any ideas?? This is what I have checked on my Custom Cache Page. I want to receive both "I have found" and "I haven't found" caches...Guess I'm pretty dumb trying to figuring this stuff out...Sorry, this stuff is all new to me.
  2. I just went back and reloaded the PQ for 1/13/04, and 1/20/04 that I've saved, and they worked correctly on GXPSonar, both showed cache found, and my note. Guess I just got a bad download of PQ on 1/25/04 Thanks Jim W
  3. Thanks Team GPSaxophone, I should receive another PQ today and I'll check it out.
  4. GEO, I don't have any of the filters checked
  5. Year, I hear what you're saying, I was in the Navy from 1958 to 1962
  6. I found my first cache on 1/24/04 and logged it on Geocaching, yesterday I got a new Pocket Query download, so I loaded it into GPXSonar, and into GSAK, the cache I found doesn't show up at all in GPXSonar, it shows in GSAK, but shows last found 1/18/04... Am I doing something wrong ?? or is this normal ?? Thanks Jim W KD6EO
  7. Team BlackZ, yeah I changed the setting to NiMH, it was a brand new set of batteries I had in there, and only been recharged once, so maybe they will work better after recharging a few times. Jim W KD6EO
  8. DomHeknows, I'm using Rayovac 2000mA 15 minute rechargeable, and they work great, haven't seen any of the 2300mA Jim W KD6EO
  9. Renegade Knight, I was out yesterday with the GPS V for about 3 hours, I had the GPS on all the time, no battery saver, and when I got home I check the little battery indicator and it was down to less than 50%, don't know how accurate the indicator is. Jim W KD6EO
  10. DustyJacket, I have a Vivitar HV285, and a Sony HVL-F32X strobe, and both take AA batteries. Sorry, got mixed up with strobe, and flash..Back in the old days photo flash were called strobes Jim W KD6EO
  11. Yeah Mike, you think like I do, almost all my gear uses AA batteries, I have 12 sets of 4, and 4 battery chargers, I camp and hike with my wife and daughter, so we have 3 FRS radios (they aren't hams) 4 digital cameras, all but one takes AA, and 2 external flash, flashlight Mini Q40, and GPS V ... We should buy stock in a battery company Jim W KD6EO
  12. Can't argue that point Desert Warrior, I didn't know if it was my unit or if others noticed this issue, I'll just carry a spare set of alkaline in my backpack for emergency use, along with another set of Ni-MH. Jim W KD6EO
  13. Good point Rocket Man, I was going to have a little fun with the Recruiter, and ask him if I could sign up, I wanted to see the look on his face as I'm 63 years old, but thought better of the idea because I wanted a neck lanyard
  14. I was out yesterday looking for a neck lanyard for my GPS V, I went to Wal-Mart, and they had nothing so I went to Sport-Mart same thing no luck, so I went to Big 5 Sporting Goods, and they had nothing, but the sales person told me he had a couple at home that he got from the Navy Recruiter, so off I went to the recruiter's office, and told the Chief PO there what I was looking for, and what I wanted to use it for, he ask me how many I wanted, and what color I wanted blue or yellow, I said the yellow would fine, and easy to see, he went in the back, and came out with three real nice heavy duty neck lanyards...So if you're looking for a neck lanyard head out to your local Navy Recruiter. Jim W
  15. I have a Garmin GPS V and I've noticed that the NiMH batteries doesn't last near as long as the alkaline battery, has anyone else noticed this problem?? Thanks Jim W
  16. I have a Garmin GPS V and I've noticed that the NiMH batteries doesn't last near as long as the alkaline battery, has anyone else noticed this problem?? Thanks Jim W
  17. I received my Garmin GPS V with City Select v4.01 as a Christmas present from my wife, I went online and registered the unit with Garmin, and also receiver an e-mail from them saying I was eligible for a free update to City Select v5.0, I answered the e-mail, and filled out the online form and received it in about a week, with a free unlock.
  18. I have the iPAQ 4155, and GPXSonar...Great combination
  19. Didn't mean to stir up a hornets nest, just making a comment on what I observed while using the program. Jim W
  20. Hi IV_Warrior, I understand what you're saying, it's just that you have selected Garmin Mapsource Format you would think it would tack on the extention...No big deal now that I know I have to add the extention. Jim W
  21. robertlipe, I didn't say that GPSBabel renamed the file, what I did say is it doesn't put an extention on the file name, and the only way you can add the extention is to right click the file and click rename and add the extention .mps Even tho you have selected Garmin Mapsource Format Jim W
  22. Thanks for pointing me to GPSBabel, and it works great, but I did notice when I converted a GPX file to a MapSource file, and saved it, it didn't put a .mps extension on the saved file, I had to rename the file and add the .mps extension. Thanks Jim W
  23. Thanks anmtcalf, that worked great. Thanks AllenLacy, for the site. Jim W
  24. Hi All, Is there a way to enter the Lat/Lon by hand into the GPS V to create a waypoint?? Thanks Jim W
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