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  1. If I come up to a cache that is suppose to have a Tb and hasn't been found in a while. I will leave a note to the owner that it wasn't there.
  2. GermanSailor, I almost did the same thing. Its like people think so locally. Heres Mine
  3. Ive gone Geocaching in Most of western Europe and a little in Asia. @( diffrent countries I think. I lose track sorry
  4. My Cache, One attempt and no finds after 1 1/2 years Foggy Hilltop There is even parking close by, just look at the picture.
  5. Every one thinks so locally. (ie. add two states.) Check out my profile for a WORLD map of countries I've cached in. As for my resolutions I want to add three more countries and possibly add another continent (Africa) to my list of caches. There is a whole world out there, and Geocaching is a great way to see it.
  6. I hate when there are so many replies that it takes forever to read them all.
  7. I was recently back in the states, and came across a cache just like that. I didn't relize it was a micro until I was searching for it. I ended up being a film canister painted black set at the base of a tree. Iwas in the middle of the woods.
  8. I can't belive I'm the only one that uses a Mercedes. And I don't do just urban caches. I take it down farmers roads and up over some terrain that I probably shouldn't
  9. Just go to one of these monuments.Zero Kilometer Mark Opps, thats for the country
  10. I found this one in London Hyde Park #10. It was a nano cache placed in the gate. But open for all to see if you knew what to look for.
  11. PS You can go to your local general aviation terminal and pick up old Pubs that list every airport/navaid etc for diffrent regions. I have one foe Europe and northern Africa. One book about 3/4 inch thick.
  12. I visit many countries. I fly into many airports. It is easy enough to find the lat,long for them on the internet. When I find out I'm going someplace new I do the research my self. I consider it part of the search. I agree with robertlipe airports do move very far once the are place. I took a cruise recently. I do think there needs to be an icon for ports were cruise ships dock. Ohoh and one for major interstate/autobahn intersections. And rest areas they are good places oh I have an idea lasts make an icon for what planet they are on. Ok I might have gotten a little carried away. Do the research your self, its part of the fun.
  13. I guess if you did get to close to the radio active vials, it would make night caching alot easier. You could save money on flash light batteries, and use them in your GPSr instead. The song with the lyrics " You light up my life." comes to mind. "Wow, your brilliant!" "You glow with an inner radiance." "Watts your name?" What are some others paople can think of? Team Cabear
  14. Gas here in Belgium is about 1.12 Euro to the Liter. That is about 4.23/Gal. I stopped the at 100 Euro the other day, as I filled up my '95 Explorer. With the current exchange rate that equals about $123.00. I wish I could fill up for the prices you are complaining about. As it goes I use my Explorer when my wife goes geocaching with me, which is about half the time.(She is the primary driver.) I use my Mercedeces the other half of the time. We don't have many logging roads, but the farmers roads in between the fields are very muddy with the constant rain. I use both vehicals, and go where ever I want. The explorer is 4x4, and the car is not. I rarely use the 4 wheel drive on the Explorer prefering to use my brains to figure out how to get around, or through an obstical. The only advantage to the truck is the higher clearance. As far as people needing 4x4 for snowy mountain roads, I have been all through the Alps, in many diffrent countries. Most of the vehicals that I see are cars. There are a few Land Rovers, BMW SUVs on the road but those are the exception not the rule.
  15. Now now you are suppose to trade even. Bad Geocacher Bad.
  16. I don't understand what the big deal is. I live in Belgium, and almost every day I see people pulled off the side of major roads to relieve themselves. A lot of churches in my area have a wall with a drain that goes to the sewer that is designed to urinate in. When I am on a long drive around europe I stop anytime I get an urge to go. It is common practice around here.
  17. Multi caches are not that hard to maintain. Of the closest 100 to my house 60 are Multi and 4 Mystery, and the rest single. Alot of the Multi-caches are over a 3 mile walk. One I found recently had 15 points, and you had to find 12 other caches to find the first 12 points of the 15 original.Hanskes Hidaway was one of the most enjoyable caches I have found. With that said I agree that you should get some experience finding multi's. If nothing else, it gives you new ideas
  18. only 700 behind now 1037 finds, and 1737 hits.
  19. We travel to Culji about twice a year. The cache is only a few KM from the airport.
  20. I was thinking of doing one similar to the bus. Only it was on trains in the Tokyo, Japan area. I didn't get far after I started my research. The train system there has many trains on the same track. however the same exact train did not pass the station at the same time every day. I could not find a reliable pattern in the short time I researched it. I ended up not trying to submit it. Cabear
  21. I have a cache that is something like what you are talking aboutCambron St. Vincent The diffrence being I actually have a cache at the end of mine. I Have mine listed as a Multi. Team Cabear
  22. There are a lot of people with balls who geocache. There are a lot of people who don't have balls, but by the very things they do whilst geocaching prove somewhat otherwise. (Stupid or Ballsy... you decide.) The caches that promise some sort of dance with death, or have high injury potential for the participants? The best! (I wish there were more... I'd not bother with the others!) Betting on the outcome? Come cache with me! Will she... or won't she find the cache?! The best part is that beer drinking while being a spectator... The key, here, however, is to be faster than everyone else so you're to the top of the peak and back down before most everyone else... you can spectate their return to the parking lot over a nice cool Heinie (puhleeze... the beer) or hefeweizen. Hopefully they won't have been so long that you will have finished your beer... and theirs too, eh? That said, geocaching is my hobby. Sometimes I do 'sporty' things in the pursuit of my hobby - hiking, walking, kayaking, etc and I keep in shape so it's easier for me to do my hobby, but you know what? There is NOTHING 'sporty' about walking up to a lampost in every strip mall parking lot in my town. Especially when I can park w/i 10 feet of said lamppost at any given location. Hmmm. Now, if I could run from lampost to lampost, maybe... I do like my hobby tho. -=- michelle I wonder how many people here know what HefeWeizen is. I know that it is dadgum good. Chris
  23. When I ski, it is a competetion. My friends and I are always trying to out do each other. In fact just about everything I do, I try and do it better then those around me. If there is nobody around then I try to do whatever I am doing better then I did the day before, or the last time I did that same thing. Heck when I walk down the side walk to the store I am trying to get ahead of others. I guess life is a sport Chris
  24. Alot of my cache finds in other countries then where I live are because I have flown there. I have only hidden on cache from where I landed. Foggy Hilltop was placed after we shot an approach into Cluj, Romania and had to do a go around. The fog was to thick so we landed on top of a hill a little ways from the airport. I placed a cache where we landed. I think flying is a great way to see other countries, and logging finds. I know there was a thread about posting caches near airports. Here is the tread Oh, I fly UH-60 Helicopters
  25. I just got an e-mail from someone that found my cache in Japan last year. He said my name looked familiar when I logged his cache in Germany last month. I havn't actually met him, but I thought that was a strange twist. I also came across a TB that I got to log twice once when I found and placed it in Japan. I came across the same TB in a Cache in the States.
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