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  1. Thanks, I didn't mean to take this off topic. Was just curious to learn about other sites. From what I've seen they don't get much traffic, but then I guess there is a alternative motive to the cache.
  2. Could you please explain why you would post a cache on another site and not here on GC?.....I see letterboxing sites, and alternative sites and see many of those caches going unfound for months. So why would you go to another site? Why not list on all the sites? I recently placed a geocache at Mineral City and see there is another cache about a mile up the valley listed on another site. No finds. So do people get so #$%^ off at geocaching.com and decide they are going to be rebels and post somewhere else? Isn't the idea to share these places with other cachers?...Maybe I"m missing something.
  3. I was in Burnaby BC several weeks ago and 2 caches that I tried to find were stolen and a note was left stating the fact. The note was even left in a ziplock bag, so not sure of a person with the mind set like that. That has to be the most evil kind. There was a cache find on both caches that day, so I must have just missed the thief.
  4. You could always revisit Skyline the Top!......Nice looking coin, hope to grab one somewhere down the line.
  5. LB, you might want to do that one before you decide to adopt it. The trestle one is not for the faint of heart. I can't think of any cache I've done that comes close to "on the edge" as that one. Maybe it was because I was in a hurry and had a crowd of old people watching me and my PDA and GPS in my pocket of my shorts. Thinking any second they were going to fall to the river below. If after doing it and you don't decide to adopt it I will. It's one of my top 5 that's forsure. Sorry to hear that you are leaving us Kevin.
  6. Hey great to see it's going to be on the bestside, I mean eastside. Sign me up. I've left most of the Wenatchee caches to just this opportunity. Timewise works out great for me. If you like I can get over early and do a sweep of the park and make sure all the rattle snakes are gone... I hope it's 100 degrees then we can play in the river. You eastside slackers better start putting out some caches is all I gotta say.......
  7. Well count me out on opening up our Forest Service lands to geocaching!..... I don't want to see a bunch of crazy GPS toting technos out tramping my trails!.....This geocaching thing is just a fad and will soon blow over.......
  8. That looks like a good one EGH. It is incredible we have NO snowpack!....I've been up to 4,000 ft this past week and other than a few creek draws there is zero snow. It's actually been fantastic hiking time right now with few people in the mountains. Get out and enjoy it while you can. We are going to be in serious water trouble this summer if the snowpack doesn't start up soon. It can pile up in a hurry though, so it's not time to panic yet. I dropped off Peppers WA geocoin in this cache. Pepper you didn't activate it btw. Mohawk Mine and Falls
  9. GeoRoo

    Well Now...

    Big high 5 for the approvers too. I was surprised nobody jumped on my 3 new ones by Index that I placed yesterday. What a View, Vertigo View and Mt Baring View. Yesterday and today were perfect. When I was up there yesterday it was in the low 60's and only a few old patches of snow in the shaded areas and that was at 3200 ft!......If the snowpack doesn't get going soon we will be in big trouble this summer.
  10. Well, actually 10 now. I went out yesterday and found a new road that climbs up to some fantastic view points near Index. Top cache is at 3200 ft. and there was no snow!..... We're going to be in serious trouble with the snow pack if it doesn't start soon. There's a large communication site being built, so it looks like that road should be in good shape for a long time. I have 25, 50 cal ammo boxes and another 12, 30 cal boxes that I bought about 2 months ago, so I figured I better get busy with some new caches out my way. It's been spring time weather over here all week and I'm planning to put out more caches on Friday.
  11. I appreciate all the comments. I did receive a few e-mails suggesting I disable it, but the over all majority suggest keeping it active. For now I'll keep it active and hopefully the weather will improve next week. It's not looking good for the next week with snow levels above 6,000 ft. All that new snow is melting fast, what a mess on the rivers today. Hope everyone is safe. I can think of 3-4 nearby caches that may float away.
  12. I'll second the Yikes!......I know that area well and it's been the site of many head on accidents over the years. They really do need to put up more warnings and durring the winter often times the signs can be covered with snow. My story from that area goes way back to when I was a teen on a trip to Lk Chelan in my brothers old Corvair van. The area where it splits to seperate double 2 lanes and you can't see the west bound lanes. I didn't realize that we were in the double lanes east. All of a sudden my brother pulls in to the left lane and says he's going to pass. He nonchalantly pulls up next to the car and stays there. I'm in the front seat of a Corvair van, so I was always afraid for my life in that death trap. Anyway, I'm starting to wonder why the heck he's taking so long to pass and any second another car is going to crash head on. We come up to a big sweeping curve and I really started to panic. I started screaming to get over and my brother is just laughing!.....Knowing how gutless that van was, I thought we were going to die. I started to beg him to get over and almost grabbed the wheel........then I saw the signs to merge to the 2 lanes and realized what was going on......
  13. Very true, thank you for your comments. I'll see what others have to say, but I'm leaning towards keeping it active. If several more go up there and have problems I'll yank the m10 coin. I don't want that to influence someones decision or judgement.
  14. I recently placed a cache on Skyline Ridge above Stevens Pass Skyline the Top and placed a M10coin and a WA Geocoin. Cacher from Portland OR drove up and was very fortunate to not hurt himself seriously or worse. I've added a avalanche warning and updated the ratings to a 5-5. What is the consensus on this cache? I don't feel its abnormally dangerous in the winter, but then I've hiked this area many times in the winter and know the area well. I'd hate for someone inexperienced to go up there and get hurt or need to be rescued. I know there are many dangerous caches, so where does my responsibility lie? Should I add more warnings or do you think I've covered it well enough?
  15. If you haven't already left you shouldn't have any problem grabbing PRW&G as it's a lighted parking lot. Count the Rings is a easy grab at night too as it's right next to Hy 2 and lighted well in that area. You may need a flashlite on that one, but is a quick grab. Skyriverblues new caches along 2 from Sultan-Index are quick easy grabs and shouldn't pose any problem at night. I live north of Monroe and I've never seen it this nasty around my place. Ground is frozen snow, ice and water. Looks like a frozen bayou swamp out there right now with a low fog. I was out earlier and could hardly walk it was so wet and slippery. I heard on my weather radio the snow level is going up to 8,000 ft or more for the week, so not looking good up there. Freezing rain in both passes, so not a good place to be driving right now I bet. Drive safe.
  16. Navigatorz, how did your caching day go yesterday? If you made it over this way you picked about the worst day in a long time for weather. What a constrast from the day before. I was planning on placing 3 new caches and only made it out for one. Freezing rain and snow with the wind blowing about 30 mph made for a miserable day to be out. I heard there were dozens of accidents on Hyway 2 east of Monroe, so hope you didn't get stuck in any of those.
  17. I tried to log on to geocaching.com tonight to log my finds and.........panic it wasn't working!......I see there was a power outtage. Good to see it's all back up and running again. What a great day to be out caching!......Mountains were incredible and just the right temp. to keep all the muggles at bay.
  18. We would have to kill you if we told you what was going on...........
  19. I have a Ipaq 2215 with PC 2003. Sign me up. The different times when PQ's wouldn't come through and I had to go without my PDA were times of panic. If you scream at your printer and squeeze it, the paper does come out faster.......
  20. I now have a Dell laptop, Buffalo card, external antenna, Network Stumbler going and amazed at how many hotspots there are. Drive from Monroe to Kenmore popped up over 100 plus. Over half are open with out locks....... Thanks for all the info. on this thread it's been a gold mine.
  21. They may be to you, but if I'm waiting for a wife or gf to finish shopping and I'm sitting there in the Target parking lot that 5 mins I spent looking for a 35 mm film container might be the high light of my afternoon. Or I'm new to geocaching and I don't care what kind of hide it is. I'm new enough to geocaching to still appreciate the lame hides as much as the difficult ones. I'd much prefer to be out climbing a mountain peak in search of a cache, but we all can't do what we want 24/7, so the lame ones have just as much a place IMO. If people find them and log then are they worthless?.....I think not.
  22. I'm a Ham, K7CAR, but found the FRS radios so much more practicle for the average person. Yes, Ham radio is a much better way to go with superior coverage, but when I was stuck behind a logging gate I used my FRS radio and had no problem getting dozens of people coming back willing to help me. The FRS radio is a huge improvement over the old CB band and will have dozens of local people monitoring if near any large town. Ham is far superior, but for local coverage and price it can't be beat.
  23. There are no lame caches, only lame people!...... I'm sure if you spent 10 mins thinking of a place for the cache it won't be lame and your question will be moot. We all look at a cache differently, so every cache has it's merits no matter how lame.
  24. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about either. You can find dozens of examples of wasted space here on the geocaching website. Saying that the cache is a waste of resources and not towards the intent of geocaching is a bit of a stretch. Looking at the cache it's apparent that some are finding it and ejoying the cache, so I say leave it alone. I don't live in the area, but we all have a choice to either find it or not. If you don't like it, then shut the heck up and don't do it! Who really cares!.....
  25. I have a pair of Motorola's that are always in my geopack, but have rarely heard any geocachers. I was late for a group cache on Halloween and used it to contact on Chnl 2 and it worked great. Another use was the day after Thanksgiving when I was locked behind a logging gate. I had no cell phone and used my FRS to cordinate my eventual escape. 5 hrs later I finally got out, but the FRS came in handy and with the elevation where I was made it out about 15 miles. Generally the distance is less than 1 mile depending on terrain. For group caching or if you have kids they are excellent and a must have.
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