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  1. Thanks Nick for your efforts. I know I got in late on this deal. Keep me on your list for next time. If you have any left let me know and I'll take at least 10.
  2. I was going to do a challenge cache.......it required doing 10 caches in a years time. Would anyone be interested?
  3. If you do my Skyline caches above Stevens Pass ski area I guarantee you will come across blue huckleberries and blueberries that will fill your freezer. This area is picked commercially and is well known for lots of berries. Check it out and let me know what you think. If you have to go move than 10 ft. you are working too hard.
  4. If I wasn't so darn lazy I bet this would be a good spot: Craft Island If you go out a week before or after the peak you can see plenty. I just came back from E. Oregon and saw dozens each night I went out to look. The weather is looking sucky for the west side, so go east young man!......Table Mountain is the place to be.
  5. I wanted 10-15, and it doesn't look like the locals stepped up and got them for me!......well you should have you know..... I'm good for placing the caches. They would be hike too ones though. What's left and can I pick them up somewhere?
  6. I'll cram as many as I can in the back too. I'll fold down the seats & fill er up if needed (at least til the tires bottom out). Allanon's cans are going in to one of our cars too & somehow we'll get GeoRoo's in there if Nick gives the o.k. I sure don't mind. It might be kinda fun explaining all the cans to a state patrol if we get pulled over...twisted sense of humor. Brad sometimes doesn't get it - kind of like the time I said it might be fun for him to stand in the Marysville Cemetary with a shovel & his metal detector & clock how long it took the local police to get there.... Thanks Lizzy if you can squeeze in my cans with Allanon's. He's just down the road in Monroe. When I picked up my 25, 50 cal cans in my Honda Civic I was stuffed. I had this nightmare of getting stopped by the State Patrol and the SWAT team converging on me thinking I was transporting live ammo!...... I'm heading to Oregon tomorrow, so I'll try and check in here while I'm gone. Hope there's still cans available.
  7. Thanks for all the work with this cache Nav. I'm just checking it out and will have to go through what I've done and hidden. I think I have 8-10 so far??? I just saw the 100 Highest, so I'll have to get busy. Fire lookouts have always held a special interest. If you want to check out some current pics and info. on the Slate Peak road check here. Slate Peak Info. Looks like it should be open any day now.
  8. That was always my understanding. Thanks for posting the proof. I've seen the "Private Property" signs posted at many beaches and have wondered how they get away with that.
  9. Thanks Jon for all the effort on this cache. Great to see it up and running even though I'm getting in a few weeks late. Wish I had known about this cache yesterday when I was up replacing my cache on Table Mountain. I would have grabbed a few more. I hope to see some new caches placed. I"ve wanted to many times, but so few people do the climb/hike type caches this will give me some incentive to place a few more. As a side note, via NWHikers the road to Slate Peak is almost repaired and should open any day now. That will open up an easy almost drive up cache (Dew Line) that I've been wanting to do. I've yet to jump into the Fire lookout cache, but that's another one I'm looking forward to starting.
  10. Are all the cans spoken for? I'm getting in late on this post. I'll take 10. I still have about 15 50 cal cans left from 2 years ago, so if anyone is interested in a larger can I'll trade 1 for 1. I'm located near Monroe. Allanon and several others are close, so if you all work out a pick up time let me know. I'm heading to OR and Calif. later in the week, so I'll be gone for a week. Thanks
  11. Good to hear all is well. I had to laugh when I read your post on my Make-n-Bacon cache on the way back from vacation. Just a bit too close to home, so good thing you had the crazy family members to keep everything in check!......
  12. Edited to add: I just found an anomaly in the Lake Wenatchee listings..... Goat Rock is #98 on this list, at 5811 feet. But She'll Be Coming [GC1D8], on top of nearby Round Mountain, is NOT listed, and it's higher. ??? (Elevation is between Goat Rock and the higher Alpine Lookout.) This is what I got off of my TOPO maps: Round Mountain - 5700 Goat Rocks - 5819 Alpine Lookout - 6235 This is what I get from running the caches against the DEM (first number is where the cache falls on the list of highest caches): #57 - Alpine Lookout - 6170 feet #98 - Goat Rock - 5811 feet #117 - She'll Be Coming - 5655 feet Yokay, I stand corrected. I just remember climbing up to She'll Be Coming (on top of Round Mtn) and down to Goat Rocks (outcropping on the side of a mountain), so I'm confused. But Goat Rocks is on the way to Alpine Overlook, so maybe it is higher. My bad! It would be interesting to see the second 50 or 100 highest caches. I bet a lot of familiar places would finally crop up, like the ones I mentioned. Good to see some of my caches in the top 100. Yeah, you drop then climb from She'll Be Coming to reach Goat Rocks. Must have been all those skeeters sucked your brain dry! I need to do that hike again and grab the Round Mtn cache it was under 5 ft. of snow last year. Without looking thru 5 pages of posts when is this cache going to be active? Sounds like one right up my alley. I'm surprised at how high the lowest ones are!.....Get me some oxygen to do this one!.... Edit: I actually read back a few pages and see it's still in the works. Sign me up. I saw the County cache and as others have mentioned felt it penalized the early WDC'ers. Hey, get this cache going before the snow flies. We're wasting good hiking weather with all this discussion!
  13. Thanks Jon for the new challenge idea. After doing the WDC I kinda got burned out on geocaching, so this would be a great way to jump back into the fray and renew my interest. Hiking cache would be awesome! I see 4 of my hides and not sure on finds. Maybe 5-6. I didn't realize how many high caches there are in our state. I'd say many above 6,000 ft. are only going to be accessable for a limited time this year. The percentage levels might be more fair to the ones that don't hike. Is this going to be a drive to cache or hiking cache? Get er done!....I'm ready to go.
  14. If you get out don't limit your info. to the FS. The majority of the time they don't have a clue as to what is open or closed. Much of their info. is way outdated or flat out wrong. Best spot to check for road conditions is the WTA website or www.nwhikers.net where you will get first hand knowledge. EGH the road to Tonga is open and fine as is the Foss Rd and Miller River. The trail to the Foss Lakes is open, but you will have to do a log cross of the river as the footbridge is washed out. Even in high water the creek is only knee deep, so shouldn't be much problem for the average hiker. Same for the Ice Caves. Bridge is gone, but an easy cross of the river once the water drops. July on shouldn't be any problems. That bridge may be years till they repair, so the ice cave cache will be seldom visited I'm sure. TL reported on my Sunset Mine cache the road is closed. That's almost correct the Index-Galena road was severely damaged just past the turnoff to Sunset mine at mile 6.6 from Index. The turnoff to Sunset mine is at 6.4, so that cache is no problem. The county has said the Index road may be 5 years to repair due to the Wild Sky Wilderness bordering this area. I've gone through some of my caches and several nearby ones to update conditions. There are 4 of mine and 3-4 others in this 4-5 miles island section that's closed now. The caches are still reachable, but you'll have to walk a few miles of closed road to reach. You can still access the area farther NE, but you will have to come in via Jacks Pass out of Skykomish. There's a gate near Troublesome Creek that will be locked and only permit holders can access. Jacks Pass road has been graveled and is a smooth go now and will be maintained by the county. It was plowed this winter, so this opens up a huge new area to snowshoe and winter camp. My Jacks Pass cache would make a good snowshoe cache now. The Troublesome Cr lower campground was damaged, but the upper is fine. This CG will be closed for the forseeable future as it's inside the gated area as is the San Juan CG. My 3 caches up Silver Creek/Mineral City are stuck in the middle of the closed area. You can still access this area, but it will add another 5-6 miles of walking. Might make a good mtn bike ride on the closed road. That area is already getting to be a brushy hike, so will only get worse with little access. If you are looking for a remote close by hiking spot that would be a good choice in the next few years. FS rd 63 is closed 1.5 miles after the turnoff. This road acceses the Blanca Lake area and Cady Ridge. There are some nice caches up that way. The washout isn't that bad and there's plenty of room to drive around, but the road is blocked with concrete barricades. I'm hoping this will be an easy fix, but with so much nearby damage this will be no doubt be put on the back burner. The Mountain Loop Highway was suppose to open from the 2003 floods in June, but enviromental groups are putting that back on hold, so we might be lucky to make the loop again by next year. The Middle Fork Snoq. road is being gated and will be permanently closed to all but key holders. This is going to happen in the next few weeks from what I'm told. Another long section of road closed to access. Don't know how many caches are up there. The eastside of the mountains didn't have the floods, but were slammed with several windstorms, so many roads are closed from downed trees. Most of those shouldn't be a problem as they will be cut out as more people get out and the snow melts up high. I'm sure this Memorial Weekend cleared quite a few. There's a lot of damage out there, but really not as bad as I thought. I'm totally disgusted with the Forest Service on how lazy they are. I've carried a chainsaw in my wanderings the past 3-4 months and have cut out many roads. Often times it's just one or two trees down across the road. I've passed a number of FS employees and not ONCE have they had a chainsaw or had any good knowledge of road conditions ahead. I've seen 4 FS vehicles drive around a fallen tree and not bother cutting it out of the way!.... This is not acceptable IMHO.
  15. Oh forgot to add. Runhills have you or anyone attempted Last Will and Testement? I was over there last week scoping out the route from Nason Ridge and it looks doable without ropes. If you read the cache description they took the most difficult route using ropes. I wonder if it's reachable from below? You would have to do it on a cloudy day or the sun would be brutal and it would be a 2500 ft climb. 2 months ago would have been the time to do it when there was snow on the ground and the brush covered. Still might give it a try this week if it's not too hot.
  16. RK you do come up with some wonderful cache ideas I was surprised to see it was rated a 1/5 when I initially saw it pop up. I've always tied the two together. The 5/5 rating is too high IMHO. Not having done this cache yet that may change!..... What specialized equipment is required to do this cache? If I can reach it in a day with standard hiking gear then I think a 5 is a bit too high. My initial thoughts after looking at the map and your description put it at a 4/4.5 I have my Skyline the Top and On the way to Florence Rae rated at 5 only because I started them off with a M10 bike coin. I didn't want anyone to get hurt. It's about time I changed those. They really aren't a 5 for most hikers. It is a balancing act on ratings, so I suppose your 5/5 is justified till several do it. It's good to see a challenging new mountain cache come up. You could of at least put a M10bike coin in it and I might have gone out in all this rain and gave it a try. I figure if you're going to be miserable on a hike you might as well go all the way!.......
  17. Congrats to Mr Gadget for completing the WDC and I see the Barnbirdys did too!.....Geez, has it been that long since I've looked at the WDC. Wow, you guys have been busy. I need to get Blindleaders TB off to Ruck and get it moving along I didn't think anyone was going to complete it till the snow melted.
  18. I've wanted to fish Omak Lake for a long time. There is some awesome cutt fishing in there I hear. Looks like a cool looking cache. Wondering how it got approved though. I had 2 of mine turned down due to being on an indian reservation????
  19. Forest o'sagebush Actually not too far from Caliche lakes-speaking of which- how is Caliche pronounced? Mr. g-people and I have a bet on this one. On this page you can click to hear the correct pronunciation: Caliche Who won? Thanks Nav for the link. When I was over near the Potholes last month I was asking the Game Warden how Upper Ca-Liche, was doing. He was new, so he said....."oh that's how you pronounce it".....LOL....guess I was wrong.
  20. GeoRoo

    Cache Quandary

    how about...since the original question has been answered...this thread gets locked and we move on? No no, we can't lock this. I ran over this evening and checked the original log and a number of you have scribbled your name and I can't read hide nor hair of who signed what.........Just kidding!......
  21. GeoRoo

    Cache Quandary

    Wow, looks like I missed all the fireworks! I appreciate all the comments. I think all of the cachers involved have either contacted me with plans of redoing the cache or have changed it to a note. I think it's clear that the majority of cachers don't scrutinize every single numbered find to the nth degree. Like Stump said in an earlier post.....it's the journey not the destination Defender1, if you want to log my Skyline View cache go ahead. Your buddies both did, so if you saw the cache and couldn't retrieve it I have no problem with that. If memory serves me your e-mail didn't give me any indication you had found it. If I'm mistaken by all means log it.
  22. GeoRoo

    Your Ride

    Cool, I bet that will be the cleanest your plate will ever be!........Good thing you got a picture right away........
  23. Hey Mr Gadget, I see you were out caching at Banks Lake on Sunday. Did you see the red Honda and tent parked near the boat launch on the lake? That was me!.....I see you did all 5 Barker Canyon caches and the ones on Steamboat Rock. Wow, you must have been beat. I did those 5 caches almost 2 years ago and they still rate as one of my most memorable days caching. Almost stepping on a nest full of rattlesnakes and having a huge boulder almost crush my leg may have contributed to the fun....... I didn't see anyone other than a few guys on motorcycles, so I don't know how I missed you. I was out hiking for 2-3 hours around noon and placed a new cache near the huge cave and waterfall to the south. Look for that one to pop up anytime. That's such a cool area to explore. Shame so many have to be such slobs and leave their garbage. I must have picked up 5 large bags and there was plenty more. I see they closed off the road near the boat launch to access. I did see your tracks!......
  24. GeoRoo

    Cache Quandary

    I just logged the first 'cache' thingy I found...LOL... I'll go back and sign the real one tomorrow. Don't worry about going back out and signing the real log. I'm far enough out that there isn't much caching to do other than my caches around here. Unless you want to stop by for a visit or do some fishing.......
  25. GeoRoo

    Cache Quandary

    Same for me. I was curious what others thought. I know it's been brought up before how geocaching ethics have gone downhill. I know the ones that signed the temp. ziplock bag and then the replacement cache were within 12 inches of the real cache, so that's close enough for me. I have 60 plus caches out there and I'm afraid I've been shirking my responsibility and haven't been checking the logs the way I should. I'd be curious if any cache owner ever check their logs? I do appreciate the efforts and speedy replacement of my cache though.....LOL When I saw it reported missing I thought....dadgum, wasn't even out a week and a 50 cal box gone to some kid sneaking around in the woods. All 3 of those caches are in very muggle prone areas, so we'll see how long they last. I know the one on Flowing Lake is in a very high traffic area. That one you are at a disadvantage if you don't fish or have kids with you. Edit, I don't normally say dadgum!......Can I say dam if I live by a dam?
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