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  1. I'm just curious. So the rules say that no cache can be within 1/10 of a mile of another, but has this been overlooked in the TN area? It must have with the density and time frame you would have to keep up for that many caches. It boggles my mind imagining that many caches so close together and being able to find them to boot. What day did you do this? Did you use a car? I would think a motorcycle with a sidecar would be the fastest way to go. Ok, now you have me thinking of ways to do this!.....NO NO NO....
  2. Shouldn't there be a little peace sign on one of the buns?....Peace of a**.... Did I just type that!.......
  3. Thanks for the good info. You'll be the first one I look up!.... Most of my trips aren't well planned out, so I never know where I'll go. I usually try to take chunks of the areas I'll be and hope for the best. I always seem to run out my 5 max and then I'm stuck. If I take another trip out of state I think I'll just pay for the extra premium memberships and go with that. I was just wondering why the 5 max. I wouldn't think there would be that many that would ever go over 5 a day, so why not make it open.
  4. There you go it's perfect!.......
  5. I would not give it a second thought. There are always a-holes out there and you'll never satisfy everyone. The 1% that have to bitch about everything in life aren't worth the effort. Send him a thank you note and then go find one of his caches and fire bomb it!...... j/k
  6. I didn't know there was a state that didn't allow hunting on certain days. That's not right!..... Wear bright clothing and you should be fine. Pick up a copy of your states hunting regs or check online and know what areas are open to rifle hunting and stay out of those places. There are plenty of in town, parks, no hunting areas I would think in PA that you could cache everyday of the week and never worry about seeing a hunter. I would bet you're far more likely to get injured in your drive to and from caching than by any hunter. As much as the animal rights activists would have you believe, there aren't hoards of drunken hunters out there taking pop shots at everything that moves. Well, at least not here in WA state......
  7. I"d like to know who that is. I've been very carefull with my 60cs and it already has some minor scratches. If you geocache enough you will eventually scratch it. I know I'm pushing my luck. I dropped it face down the other day in some rocks and just about screamed. I thought for sure it was going to have a nice big scratch but it didn't. They are pretty tough, but only so far. I want to get mine covered before it's too late.
  8. I'm still trying to figure out where my Any key is.........
  9. I'm sure this has been answered before, but why is there a limit to the number of queries in a day? 5 is normally not a problem unless I'm going on a trip somewhere. I've taken 3-4 road trips from WA-CA and many trips around the state and to get the results I need I have to make sure I get my 5 max in for several days. I know this isn't that difficult, but many times I've changed my travel plans at the last minute and there I was maxed out. I suppose I could pay for multiple accounts, but these files aren't that large. Is the PQ setup that bogged down that we couldn't up the max to 10? I see on another thread that there is talk of making a selective PQ for area and size instead of the shotgun circle that we have now. That would be the biggest improvement I'd like to see. I can't imagine geocaching without my PQ's and PDA, so I love them, but they sure can get you wound up when they don't work right or don't come through.....
  10. Did someone grab the m10bike coin at Maple Pass? That was going to be my primary goal yesterday, but I had the pontoon boat all ready to go on my car, so changed my plans. I just about went nuts waiting for my pocket querie to come through yesterday morn. of the Deception Pass area and I finally gave up and left about 8am. I see it came through at 8:32am. Timing is everything they say!..... I did another 8 caches at Deception Pass, but sure felt naked without my PDA.
  11. Way to go Patudles!......Congrats on FTF and #800 on my new one.
  12. GeoRoo


    Don't get me going on all the fees we have to pay to use our public lands. I live on Storm Lake and I see the Fish and Wildlife Dept. is putting our money to good use. They've put up at least 3 new signs stating what it will cost you to illegally park without a stewardship decal on your vehicle. Several more stating that our pubic access is limited to only the hours of daylight, even though fishing is legal 24/7. I was going to place my daughters cache at the boat access on the lake here as there is a large section of woods off the side, but it's such a eyesore with all the signs that I said no way. My niece was fined $65 for sitting in her car at a fishing access site in E.WA this summer, and I know several others that have been fined. I finally broke down and bought the NW Forrest Pass this year. I have yet to see any improvments to roads or access areas where I"ve used it this summer. The $5 a day parking cost in state parks is another sore point. I was at the Iron Goat trail the other day and did a run and grab at that cache. Reading the info. board they have a large chart showing all the costs and fees. It boggles the mind. You can get a all inclusive go anywhere pass for $80. But then there's a asterisk and down below it reads only in participating areas!.....It's frustrating trying to figure out what you have to pay. I just leave a stack of $20's on my dash with the window down and hope for the best......
  13. It was snowing here on Monday, but Tuesday sure turned out nice!......Takhlakh Lake near Mt. Adams
  14. It was snowing here on Monday, but Tuesday sure turned out nice!......Takhlakh Lake near Mt. Adams
  15. I would like to know where did they come up with this $35 fee?.....I would contact the Park dept. or whatever agency is administering this land and ask to see the public comments and decision making process. Sometimes I wonder how often this happens and if the process is followed. Here in WA state we have a vast region of Burea of Land Management land....public land that is Federally controlled. Many areas that I use to hunt and fish are being closed to access. It's gone to the point where I'm getting ticked off big time and have been doing some digging. As far as I can tell it's not a decision making process like it should be, but several individuals that decide they don't want public access anymore. Namely a large rancher that leases the grazing rights for $1 per ac. This is getting away from the geocaching side of it, but an example of what can happen to "our" public lands if we stick our heads in the sand and don't question what's going on.
  16. I did quite a few virtuals on a trip to Calif. and I would say every one was a lesson in history or showed me a wonderfull place I never would have seen. There's bad examples with every type of cache, but the majority of virtuals I've done have been exceptional.
  17. Congrats Barnabirdy!.......wow, I can't even imagine 1,000. We've yet to meet, but I think every cache I've done in E.WA I've seen your signature. Now 2400 is out there in insanity land.
  18. Soft and cuddly, but what about the smell!....... That is astonishing that many caches could be that close and findable in that amount of time. I'm not even sure what my record for one day is. Maybe 15-20 at best, but most of mine are hike in or unnassisted. Hmmmm, maybe I'll have to do up a search and see what I can do for a 24 hr period. Of course each cache find is celibrated with a cold beer, so right now 24 is my limit....but then they do have 30 packs at the border, so the envelope is being pushed everyday!.....
  19. On a cache I did several months ago in the mountains of WA state I could not get a lock with 3 sats. on my Ledgend. I had a good strong signal on 3 sats. and even pulled out my external antenna and still could not grab that 4th sat. It took 20 mins sitting on a rock in the open to finally get that 4th and a lock. When it finally locked on I saw that I was only 80 ft from the cache. I now have a 60cs and driving across E.WA with a clear view of the horizon in all directions I had 14 sats. The 150 or so caches I've done with my 60cs I've yet to lose a signal, so I've been very impressed with that.
  20. Those Melakwa badgers can be fierce. Good thing you found a petrified one!......200 plus caches in a week would be insane. I can't even comprehend that many in a 24 hr period. Without going back through the thread, I'm curious what is the single day unassisted record?
  21. Seattle and the Eastside by far!.....on any given Sunday there are caches that you have to take a number and wait in line to find.
  22. I'm in Washington state and if past history is any indication we will soon have to pay to play. You can bet there will be a pencil pusher somewhere watching user numbers go up in the parks and federal areas and if geocaching is part of the equation then it will be regulated. Wait till the enviromentalists jump on the band wagon.....and this is a ligitment concern in many areas that I've cached. I have no problem paying a nominal fee for placing caches or a user fee if the money is used for that purpose. I hate to be cynical, but who thinks that will ever happen! Too many local and state governments are strapped for money, so if they can tap into geocaching then it's going to happen eventually. The free permit system is a visable start to that I'd say. We should all just shut the heck up and quit talking up geocaching......do all your geocaching at night in camo gear and be as quiet as a mouse.....maybe we'll get another year or two for free.....
  23. I almost lost my diet coke too! ....Looking at your logs and the cache owner saying his cache is low priority and then a month later he posts that the finale has been stolen again and he's replaced it!.....Come on. I'd be a little ticked to say the least that I spent that much time looking for it and find out it's gone. I'm fairly new to cache hiding, but I think there is a certain responsibility as a cache owner. I don't know what a resonable time frame is, but more than a week seems too long to me. I would at least disable it until I had a chance to check on it. I've had several DNF's that drove me nuts, so I know the frustration. One that I pulled out the metal detector and went back at night time and still couldn't find it. 2 days later I went back with a clear mind and it took me 30 seconds to find it!.....It was in an area that I had looked in a number of times and even dug up several old beer cans that were only 12 inches away from the ammo box. I think I'd wait till someone found it before I'd waste anymore time. Good luck.
  24. This is an interesting post as I did several caches the other day along the Columbia River near dams. One of the caches was in a ammo box that had ordinance written on it and other millitary writting. Seems like an invitation for trouble if a non geocacher should find it. I kept looking over my shoulder waiting for the sirens to go off. I read about a local cache that was found by a muggle and thought to be a bomb and was blown up by the bomb squad, so the present day situation requires some thought when we geocache. I've been amazed that I've gone this long without being stopped by an officer. Crawling around in the bushes just isn't a normal thing, so I'm sure it's coming. I'll cooperate with whatever is required and not be a trouble maker, so hopefully they won't haul me away. With the difficult job they do I'm glad to see they are out there protecting us.
  25. I find that the DNF's I read can often give me more information than the finds. I wish everyone would log the DNF's it would give a much clearer view of the cache. As a cache owner the DNF's are very valuable to indicate any problems. Recently on one of my caches there were several DNF's in a row and when I checked on it the cache had been moved and was smashed into the ground under some debris. I did a cache the other day that had 4 DNF's in a row and my guess is it's now missing, but you just never know. I have found caches that have multiple DNF's and have been very proud of my find, so it can go both ways. I'd say you handled it well and don't sweat what the guy said. I'll continue logging all of my DNF's. Those are on my watch list and if they are found will give me a good excuse to go back. I do use a PDA and a long set of posts will bump off the front page much faster, but it sounds like you give some detail. Many of the DNF's are hilarious, so it's all about having fun I say.
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