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  1. Use this cache as your center pt. Rocky point I think they have about twenty miles of trails in there now,its located in suffolk cnty
  2. I just hiked fourteen miles thru Long Islands south fork,I had !00% deet on.I still had plenty of ticks on me but they didnt seem all that willing to bite and were easily picked off.
  3. I ordered mine on wensday and just got it today!no problems with anything,now I just have to mail in the rebates!
  4. "Too bad it didn't sink like a rock. Would that have been better? " What small and petty thing to say!
  5. How much is the software for that,and do you need to buy any cables for it?
  6. Magellans do float!!.........very qiuickly down the river!I dropped my sport trak map while kayaking being black it blended right in with the water and was gone!The yellow tape idea is great i wish i had thought of it my self.So now im in the market for a knew model I just can't decide which?
  7. I'd say 48 hours should be max How about after 36 hours you get 2 points instead of 3 for retrieving and dropping a flag. Then 1 point for every 12 hours after that. In other words, there should be incentive to drop it off quickly. 39 is good Gives you a day and a half I'll agree with that. (with 39 hours, not that it's a day and a half) I just want to find out how many quotes we could do before the GC Server Explodes?! LOL... They'll probably close this thread before we get a chance to find out. Why would they do that? It's the quote cavern of doom!! You guys are really immature! Hey I thought you were on my team! The both of you, stop it! This is getting me dizzy.... Wow! Cool diamond effect! Have we got the record yet? Packanack wrecked the flow. Figures, leave it to someone from Jersey. Back on track! Look deeply into the swirling vortex that is this thread This is like one of those things where if you zoom out long enough it all starts over from the beginning. We just might have discovered the vortex of the universe here. Does it surprise anyone that the vortex of the universe was hidden in a cache? What the hell are you talking about? I just finished eating and scrolled down the page really quick and I think I might throw-up. What was the question again? Reminds me of those cascades on Usenet. Wow, I am getting dizzy just scrolling down the screen. Me too, but the important thing is to keep this topic related to the original topic. We have BOTH flags. If we keep going will we squeeze the original message so tightly that it is just a string of individual letters? Please stay on topic before they shut this thread down for gross silliness You're right. NJ Sux. There, on topic. Now, now... lets put credit where credit is due... NJ did NOT invent Levittown!!! And let's not forget the first community built on sexual freedom, wife swapping, and Marxism... The original Hippies, 150 years ago, in Modern Times... in what is today Brentwood... Let's make this a cache, I'm thinking of a post, please tell me the author, date and time. FTF wins this swirling vortex of text.... On a serious note, when is the first round set to expire? Wasn't it 30 days at first? Sept. 1 I believe. Oh no!! We've maxed out. The original message core is disappearing! KEEP GOING!!! Hippies in brentwood?nj didnt invent levittown?WhaT?
  8. I just got back from pathmark they still sell them but they dont have a display anymore ,they're just in with the regular stuff.
  9. That would make a nice feature if you could average out your diffeculty/terrain ratings on your finds,just to make things a little more intresting.Maybe the next gsak upgrade could have that feature?
  10. I was a hundred ft from a cache when I saw what would be a prfect hiding spot,so I gave it a look .It was a hollow tree stacked full of porno mags in black garbage bags.
  11. I fixed it I had one of the settings on data not default so all is well now thanks for your reply.
  12. I removed some data bases but left the default base in I also added a new data base,the caches wont load ther either. i clicked on the X and its all zeros and yes the correct data base is showing.
  13. I have the latest version ,before i down loaded it I cleared out ll the caches and data bases to start out new.Now when I go to load caches into it ,it goes thru the whole process tells me it is complete but the page (default) is empty.this happens with zip files single gpx files and loc.
  14. I use the sport trak map,I set the alarm to go off at one hundred ft then wait to see what it does some times its right on and other times it takes a minute to catch up.By the way I have over twenty five hides and there have been no complaints about my co;s being off.
  15. the one at costco is called the islander but this is the same thing with a different namemajestic 10It came with the paddle a skirt and a roof carrier.(some foam and rope)
  16. I just picked up a kayak from costco for 350$ came with everything you need except a p.f.d..
  17. I got in this one kinda late is it still 1500 or 1600?
  18. Way to go joe thanks for keeping things fun!
  19. way to go and some nice hides too!
  20. I have a tree fort in my back yard we could meet there on say wensday nights!Or we could meet here deep in the heart of the long island pine barrens I know I left the "c" out!
  21. I didnt mention im using gsak.
  22. A group of us did a six part multi last night one of them lost something on the trail and asked if i could email him the waypoints.I uploaded the wp,s to thier own data base but cant figure out what to next?I would like to send a zip file,but just cant seem to figure it out Thanks!
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