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  1. The same thing is happening to one of my TB. I messaged a few people that discovered mine. I only got one reply and he said there was a list on Facebook called Public "trackable-discover" list but I couldn't find mine on there. One person posted they discovered it on Cachers Coin Facebook page but I also don't see it on there. Other people posted that it was on a list from the Munich Giga Event.
  2. Does anyone know of any new holiday coins being made for this year?
  3. Is anyone planning on making a Christmas coin for 2011?
  4. I just wanted to Thank You for making this coin. Cayman is also our favorite place to visit and has plenty of great caches to find. I had hoped for years that someone would design a coin for the Cayman Islands so I was extremely happy when I seen this coin for sale. Great job!
  5. Add me to the list for this coin. Thanks!
  6. I would like one if there are any left. Shiny silver. Let me know how to pay you. Thanks.
  7. Does anyone have an easy way to identify caches along the interstate highways that are in the rest areas along the way while traveling? I have found a few that people were nice enough to name with the highway number in them through searching but is there another way of locating more? Thanks.
  8. How can I move my travel bug to the graveyard or just deactivate it? It has been in the hands of someone for almost a year and there is no reply to emails sent.
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