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  1. Wow. interesting thread!


    From Clovis, New Mexico USA -- well I actually used the zip code --


    1 mile -- 10

    5 miles -- 40

    10 miles -- 58

    25 miles -- 116

    50 miles -- 143

    100 miles -- 864

    500 miles -- 42822

    1000 miles -- 171032


    Pretty much like John, immediately preceding this post -- except even more desolate here.

  2. Well, I broke down and bought a Legend HCx -- can I use my old MapSource maps on it? Should I do so? Do I even WANT to do this?


    What are the pros and cons of this idea?


    Or is it entirely better to purchase a preloaded micro SD card for the entire US?


    Thanks all,


  3. I have a TB called Mooovin' milk! I use a magnetic sign for the TB number and graphic. The TB can be either a Lancer or else a big ol' milk truck.


    I don't know if I can put the link in here or not, but you can find it under my profile.


    I've been driving from eastern New Mexico to north of Bakersfield, Ca for several months with it on the truck, and also to Oklahoma and Arkansas. Sad to say, nobody has discovered it on the truck, only on the car while at a major Geocaching event. Keep watching out there!!!

  4. I may have goofed a day or two ago. I found a TB in a cache, wrote down the tracking number, and put it back. When I got home, I started to log it, but it was shown in a different cache for over three months. I simply retrieved it from there and put it in the cache where I found it.


    Wonder who moved it and if it went through any other caches on the way to where I discovered it...


    After a little digging, it appears the guy who moved it doesn't bother to log ANY TB's, he just moves them.

  5. I like to watch TB's I log. After a log or two, I remove them from my watch listing. One I moved a while back was picked up by someone in October 2007, and hasn't been logged since then. Looking through this person's profile, there are maybe five TB's he has kept for an extended period. He's very active, and looks like he lives in Iowa.


    They own one TB, and if I ever get that one, I'm hanging on to it until they put these TB's back out! Of course, this isn't too likely to happen, since their one TB is a full-size PRIUS! :rolleyes:

  6. I'd like to replace my old Garmin GPS V, but how do I choose what GPS to use strictly for Geocaching? Is there a web site somewhere that will allow me to compare features? I'd like to be able to use the computer to load caches, and I'm hoping to finally lose the old 500-point limit. Any suggestions?


    Of course, I'd rather not spend $500 for this.




  7. Two days ago I hiked 1.86 miles each way to get the "Cady Moose cache". That sounds like peanuts, but it was in the California desert with a temperature of something over 100 degrees F. It took me 2 1/2 hours, due mostly to the heat and my running out of water on the way back in.

  8. Here's something I just posted for Cady Moose Cache near Ludlow, Ca -- thought it might be interesting for this section of the forums --


    July 11 by KD5XB (141 found)

    TN L:Geocoin SL

    Now that we’ve covered the basics, let me flesh it out a bit –

    I’ve been looking at this cache for several months, as I drive the 18-wheeler by on I-40. The only problem is that the road going toward the cache doesn’t look as if I could turn the truck around so I haven’t tried for this cache – until now. I got word a few days ago that, after this week, we’re not going to be driving this area for a while. It was now or never, for the Cady Moose cache!

    Pulling into Ludlow at noon, I knew it was going to be hot, but this cache was screaming for me to get out there! So, having attended the 6th Annual Portales Event, I have a brand-new backpack just meant for Geocaching, and I grabbed it and loaded up. Went into the DQ/convenience store and bought two bottles of water and left. Once in the parking lot, I realized my GPS was still in the truck, so I grabbed it and headed north. The GPS said 1.86 miles to the cache.

    Good thing I had a hat!

    On the dirt road, I started out fresh as a daisy – making about 3 MPH, just a nice relaxed walk.

    Gee, it’s HOT! The wind is blowing almost the same speed I’m walking, causing a layer of almost superheated air to cling close around me. It feels almost like a bad fever. Drink some water, keep walking.

    This soft dirt on this road makes it a little hard to walk.

    Gee, it’s HOT! Drink some water, keep walking.

    I see power lines out in the distance – wonder where they go.

    About half a mile out, I turned and looked back at Ludlow. OMG! It’s UPHILL all the way back!!!

    Gee, it’s HOT! Drink some water, keep walking.

    About .8 mile from the cache, I noticed a marker of some kind off the road to the east, perhaps 25 feet. Walking over there, I found a memorial to someone – Eric Carlton somebody? I should have written it down, but I didn’t. The marker states the poor fellow died out there in the desert in 1995, at age 30. Sure glad I have enough water with me.

    Gee, it’s HOT! Drink some water, keep walking.

    I found a crossroad where it appears a good driver just might be able to turn a rig around. I could probably do it, too.

    Just past the crossroads, I notice the GPS is now pulling me off the dirt road – it was a simple matter to find the cache. I signed the log, took nothing, but left a geocoin, and here I messed up really badly – that coin has a stated goal to remain in the “Four Corners” states of New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado.

    BTW, it was really neat to see a Second-Class Scout “Mother’s Pin” in this cache.

    Gee, it’s HOT! Drink some water, keep walking. Oops, my first bottle of water is empty.

    Passing the memorial again, I went over and looked once more, then continued towards Ludlow. My neck and arms feel like they’ve been sunburned pretty badly.

    I see a lot of stone formations, guess tourists have been busy out here. The GPS is showing me at perhaps 2 MPH walking now, I’m tired, hot, and wish I hadn’t done this.

    I can SEE Ludlow, so I put the GPS in the backpack. At perhaps .5 mile out, I run out of water. I put the empty bottles in the backpack and continue walking.

    Gee, it’s HOT! Drink some water, keep walking. Oops, can’t drink any more water.

    Finally arrived back at the parking lot.

    Time back in the truck – 2:30 PM. Two and a half hours for a walk of less than four miles! In cooler temps, I can walk three miles in less than 30 minutes. Wow!

    And today, there is no sunburn -- weird!



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  9. So -- I have picked up the same Geocoin (TB1AVA0) TWICE now and brought it back to Texas from Oklahoma. The stated goal of this coin is to "Travel about Texas. No Events except for Patriotic Events." Each time I have brought it back, I've put something in my log entry about "bringing it back to Texas as per stated goal".


    Right? Wrong? Rude? Or just trying to help accomplish the published goal?


    7 3


    And as of this past December, the thing has gone MIA. Wasn't even mine, yet somehow I feel some sense of responsibility for it's loss -- if I had put it somewhere else, etc. Somebody took it, didn't log it, hasn't placed it in 6 months, I'd call them a thief if I wasn't trying to avoid an argument.

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