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  1. I've placed this note on the idea's forum to because it is very use full to many geocachers. :laughing:


    It's an idea to add GC-Tour on Geocaching.com.

    GC-Tour is an option to create a geocache tour very easy. :laughing:

    Now you can do it also but it is really cumbersome.


    You can load a tour online and let your cache buddy's download it. :D

    It's easy to switch the order of cache by dragging them or click an arrow up or down.

    There is also an option to change the print version of a listing.

    You can delete some info you don't need or add info you need, like the map at the bottom of the listing,if you don't need it?Cut it out.The text on the listing, don't need it? Cut it out.

    Even the size of letters you can change.

    At this very moment it allready exists as an add-on on firefox,but Geocaching.com doesn't allow add-ons on their site because it slows it down i guess.

    If they integrate it in their own site this add-on won't be needed no more and a lot of geocachers will be very happy. :anitongue:

    They can make it a premium members only item to.


    Here you can find a link to the ideas forum to vote on my idea.


    GC-Tour Vote Page


    Right now i'm ranked 38th place but it can be better if you vote.

    Just click the link and vote on the left side of the name GC-Tour.

    The more vote's it gets the better, so please vote with 3 votes if you can...


    Thanks a lot, from me and the others who agree with me. :yikes:


    Kind Regards,


    Den Davy

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