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  1. Ok maybe I should read what I am posting before I post! Delay
  2. HEHEH I didnt even see that, even though I typed it in... DUHHH me! Delay
  3. I wasnt really saying I wanted one for free..Well...HEHE....I guess it sounded like that...Just something under $50 Thanks Delay
  4. Hey all..This is my first post....I just heard about this site from a friend and want to give it a try...I have a Magellan Blazer12...I got it for free from a friend of mine..Wat I was wondering is, Does anyone have any old GPS's that they don't want anymore? I am looking for a step up from what I have...I really don't want to spend tons of money, because its all going to school so I can register...If anyone wants to get rid of thier old ones, please let me know...Anyway thanks! Delay
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