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  1. Cool cool thanks everyone...I just wanted to make sure....... Delay
  2. oh no, totally for other people..I just want to place something better then what I placed before...more stuff=better stuff foreveryone!!! thanks!
  3. man you sound like a awesome teacher...What do you teach and where????????? I need to go back to school because I have taken way too much time off...Ahhhhh...I still need my AA in something..................AHHHHHH! I hate being lazy.......SCHOOL NOW PAT SCHOOL NOW!! LOL sorry, I am hyping myself here!! Delay
  4. Ok quick question, Is it ok to go back to a cache you have found and place a better item then you did when you found it??? I want to take some friends caching and I want to leave some good stuff instead of my norm...........Thanks!! Delaypat
  5. A master-reset won't change anything,since this is a firmware bug... The only thing we can do is wait for 3.80 to arrive and,untill then,use the "recent found" function! (how do you like your 60cs so far??) I am lovin it...Its so fun to play around with...I still cant get a waas lock but thats ok...Anyway see ya!
  6. I tryed the lock up tips and yep it locks up doing recalc on/off road...I sure hope they fix this....Should I go do a master reset????? Delay
  7. Hey.....Hey.........Yeah you.............Pick me...........yeah me..........HEHEHE it sounded better in my head....Oh well..... Delay
  8. Ive got a yellow lab..She is a great dog, but stupid as all heck..I wish I could take her caching, but we cant even take her outside without a leash because she likes to explore a little too much....She is just a dumb blond(no offense to anyone)...we have tryed everything but no luck.....She loves to swim and will jump in the pool even if its raining out...I have a video that I need to send into AFV where she is in the pool and I tell her to get out and she totally says NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Its great...Some day she will learn..I hope soon...LOL Delay
  9. I was going to a cache yesterday and then I noticed that the compass wasnt moving in my direction..Didnt change batts or anything..I had to recalibrate and then it worked fine...any idea on that one?
  10. checked the tracking over and over to see if it had moved..LOL....
  11. this happend last night and I was freaked out....good thing its not just me...I was going to cry....My new toy, DEAD....NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Ah yes, Very good album...I always thought the singer sounded like syd barret...' I was thinking more on the lines of actually caches...putting them as titles and the album would be called something like cache or hidden or something..... delay
  13. yes this is a thought, but what would you guys(gals) think of a geocaching related album? with I mean music that is....Song titles related to geocaching...My band is very open..I mean very open..and numbers and stuff wouldnt bother us...Not like we sell any Cd's, we mostly just give them out, but wouldnt it be cool if one of those regular people decided, "hey what are these numbers?" and looked them up on the net??? I don't know i'm thinking of new ways......Really the general public isnt going to know what all those numbers mean...Let me know what you all think.... Delay PS..PLUG: if you live in sacramento, we have a show tomorrow at Red Square on alhambra and K St.........8pm.........................come say hi to me! Yuck I feel like a pimp or something..LOL!!
  14. Delayed sleep..........Sorry I had to............. Delay
  15. Place some chicken wire over the front windows, build you a pass through door (doggie door without the flap) to replace the tailgate glass, and throw in a couple of opened bales of hay and VOILA' - Instant chicken farmer!! That's one of my main incentives! Like Tickbait I smoked for years. I quit at age 26 when I had a heart attack. I was huffing 2.5 packs a day!! After recovering and going through all my rehab I have been able to stay smoke-free ever since. That was almost 14 years ago, but unfortunately I compensated for not having the nicotine with food. Which now has become almost as dangerous. My bro-in-law invited me to go out on my first hunt with him back in January. I quickly realized that my excess 185lbs (yep you read that right!!) was about to put me down. I'm a big guy already , but that put me at 5lbs shy if 400lbs! I didn't even get half way to a .5 mile flat sidewalk hike before I was completely out of breath and had to stop and rest for about 15 minutes before I could continue. Then had to rest at the hide and then again on the way back to the truck. What should have been a quick in and out, took me over an hour!! I made up my mind I was going to get back in shape and loose this weight!! 20 lbs lighter and up to the ability to handle an easy 2 mile walk, means I'm on my way. All because of Geocaching. When you go to the first results page for the caches closest to my home co-ords, all of them are found except for one that is number three on my list. It is only about 4 miles from my back door. But it is inaccessible to me. It is a pretty severe hike to get to it, since it is on top of a mountain. The parking spot to where you enter the trailhead is at approximately 850ft, the cache itself is about .70 miles away, BUT at around 1700 ft.. I could hit the ignore cache button to remove the cache from showing up but I'm not. THIS IS MY GOAL!! To one day be able to find that cache!! It's a long way off, but to quote the country group Alabama, "One day I'm gonna climb that mountain, mountain, mountain!!" D-man dude, thats freaky..I smoke maybe 10 cigs a day and at least a pack a day on the weekends..Ok I need to stop now!!! i'm 25..................... Delay
  16. Oh and my GPS has totally replaced my pot smoking activity. Its great...So much time I have wasted and money.......WOW....I love life changes...Thanks Geocaching.com Really..Not a plug.... delay
  17. I thought at first you were talking about bass guitars and it peaked my interest being I play bass..but not very well..and then I looked again and bass=fish....Even better.....I want to go fishing...random thought....LOL Delay
  18. Is it too cheesey to place a guitar pick I have used and sign it, Delayed Sleep has used this pick? It would be kinda neat if it traveled around to another cache...But that could be really cheesey....But then again, its free so.......... Delay
  19. Awesome thanks..Just got the dish this week and I have it ready to DVR...Its friday and I know I wont be home..LOL........Thanks for the warning!!! Delay
  20. Do you have a USB 2.0 and a regular USB port on your computer? Maybe you are using the USB 2.0 instead of just the USB one...Don't know though... Delay
  21. Totally awesome, everything I wanted this GPS for....no more mapquest for me...I shall never get lost, Like I always do...LOL........... Delay
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