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  1. I picked up my 60cs w/o maps for $130, which was the lowest I could find it for after hunting around craigslist for a couple of weeks. I think refurbs go for 170 plus shipping on ebay w/o city nav. So I would agree that $150 with the maps would be a good "friend" price. Maybe $175-200 for someone you didn't know, depending on condition.


    Thanks all, I just don't want to be a scum bag to my buddy. The GPS is in awesome shape(me being totally anal about it)..Thanks for the tips!!



  2. Wow Its been along time since I have posted, Hello again!! Anyway I'm here because I'm wondering how much I should sell my old Garmin 60CS with City Select V6 for...I won $200 on TV the other day and I'm totally going to get the 60CSx...My buddy wants to buy it..Anyway thanks guys!!!



    Old maps, and a used non-X unit? $150, maybe.


    Really? Only $150??? Well crap....I was hoping for like $250...Don't want to over charge!!!!



  3. Wanna send me your Magellan? I will take it off your hands. My girlfriend could really use it. I have 60CS which I love.




    My mistake I was refering to the x model.


    In which case you will find that the 60CSX is an amazing unit. My Magellan Meridian Gold sits under the seat of my car these days while my 60CSX takes me everywhere.

  4. I will trade you my 60CS!!!!!!!!


    You're not alone. I'm unhappy too.


    I purchased my 60CSx from REI. REI has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I'm seriously thinking about returning my 60CSx and all software to REI.


    There are many threads with complaints about the 60CSx. Here are two:


    Version 2.70 Bug


    60CSx Elevation (read especially the most recent posts on the bottom of Page 2 and top of Page 3)



  5. Nope, From what took like 30sec's is now taking 2mins at least....AHHHhhh.............I'm rolling back.


    So I was wondering if anyone else was having a problem locking on sats on the 60cs with the newest firmware??? It seems to take much longer now. Hmm....I hope Its not my unit going dead...That would stink!



  6. Ah, Sacramento, the city of my birth! May I never be forced to live there again! [i spent a year out at Mather in the Air Force and discovered why my mother (also born in Sacramento) was very happy to leave it!] I am a bonafide fourth generation Californian and damned proud of it! But I still wouldn't live in Sacramento by choice!


    But I digress. I might expect someone as far west as you are to pick that one up but I was really surprised when I saw it here in New England! Maybe we were getting some tropo-scatter or some other anomaly?


    Do you get a solid lock on 48 or, as I do, just get the hollow bar? 35 has been the hollow bar for a while but I understand that is because it's moving and isn't sending ranging signals, just ephemeris data.


    Bill W


    HEHE yeah, sacramento isnt all that great, but its home. :rolleyes: I only got a strong hollow bar on 48. Really strong actually...I was in the field caching, so I couldnt capture a screeny. Anyway hello!



  7. OK, what's #48?


    I don't recall seeing #48 before but I loaded the beta 2.51 software into my VistaC today. I've been following this thread for a few days and so I was paying more attention to the satellite screen than I usually do and up pops #48! 35 was low and southwest but 48 was even farther west. I'm in new england. And 35 was popping in and out while 48 was pretty steady and had a higher bar than 35. Neither one got a solid bar but I didn't expect that from 35 anyway. I was getting my D's, however. Not consistently but I didn't have a lot of time to play. Maybe tomorrow I'll get out into a more open area and see what happens.


    I haven't found a reference to Garmin 48 anywhere yet but I'm still looking.


    Bill W


    I also saw 48 today. It was a strong sig, but no lock. Had all D's though.

  8. Need more information. WHY??? Is garmin coming out with a new model soon? Are there going to be some major sales soon?



    For those of you thinking on getting the Garmin C or CS models (legend, vista, 60) be aware that they are DISCONTINUED. yes they are still available at a discount, but the x models are being discounted too.


    Most of you know this, but i am sure you all dont.


    Cary in SD


    Garmin came out with the 60CSx and 60Cx to replace the old 60C and 60Cs. 2 major differences are that it has a better receiver and has removable storage. Some folks like the older models better. They are still available for purchase from some dealers.




    I am one of those people that is totally happy with my 60Cs...In fact I am getting awesome results with it. +/-6ft while driving...Who needs more maps when you stay in the area!?!?! I love it..

  9. Wow I got a really good lock today inside my house with my 60CS. This is like the second time this week I have gotten a great lock inside. Awesome, i'm happy over here! HA!






    can u answer a question please if you have the grid ref to a car park which is near a cache how would i input this into my gpsmap 60cs and go to it.


    Yes you have to have it connected to a computer and you just press the button and everything that is on the screen of the GPS is captured...Its kinda cool, and helpful when you want to remember what settings you used so you can play around. I tend to play around with settings all the time and forget how I had them. :lol: Anyway have fun!!

  10. Hey all I was looking around myspace and I came up with this. I guess there is a movie coming out called GPS the movie. Looks interesting, but its going to bring a bad light to geocaching...here is thier webiste: gpsthemovie.com

    Anyway thought I would share this!



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