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  1. I have just seen on the news that Police are combing the countryside for evidence relating to the recent robbery making the headlines.


    This got me thinking. What will happen if they come across a Geocache? Has anyone had a cache found by the “Authorities” and what was the reaction? Did tyhay think you were barking mad?


    What would happen if the opposite occurred and a Geocacher found a box with 50,000,000 in it?


    Would he look like this :huh:


    That's a lot of Ammo boxes. :anicute:

  2. Having used the excellent geocachers tube map around London before, I couldn't help thinking when I stumbled upon this that it would be excellent to have an adapted version showing all the Motorway Mayhem caches, maybe with links to the cache pages.


    Saw this map yesterday whilst contemplating the M1 caches. Tried printing it out so i knew where i was but it was rubbish. No resolution!

    Great idea to adapt it though, as you say like the London Underground caches.

  3. If there are any Sock Puppets on this forum that are intent on causing trouble, then I am sure they will come out in the wash :)B)


    Darn it! Sock puppets causing trouble. Something's afoot, i hope they get instep and come to heel, even toe the line. :laughing:

  4. I have been considering buying the 60csx also for the last couple of weeks. They seem only to be available by mail order.


    Is there a shop outlet in the midlands where i can buy one off the shelf? Also the mapping software.


    I thought somewhere like Milletts etc may have GPS machines but they only have Etrex. I already have a legend but want to upgrade.

  5. Do you remember setting your first cache! That sense of anticipation, waiting just waiting for someone to log it. Hoping you hadn't cocked up. Waiting for the remarks, the feedback, all of that.

    That's how i feel every time i get a FTF. Obsession no, but just a great feeling.

    I can't get too used to it can i ? I live within Snerdbe's hunting zone. :):D

  6. I did my first caches abroad last Summer in Spain, Portugal and the Canaries. As SCAW says my main worry was the wildlife. :) Walking through waist high grass not knowing what may lay ahead gave me the creeps a bit, but, i did get the caches no problems. :D


    Wouldn't take the risk in Moscow at the moment though!!!

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