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  1. Perfect! Just what I was looking for. Thank you. You're Welcome
  2. I find Waypoint Workbench great for converting Decimal, Grid Reference etc. You can download it from the link above.
  3. 50 million quid? I know nuffing!! This wood take some LOGGING
  4. What would happen if the opposite occurred and a Geocacher found a box with 50,000,000 in it? Would he look like this That's a lot of Ammo boxes.
  5. Thanks for arranging this DRC and co. Really enjoyed the day. Had already done AQ-Y but it was a good opportunity to meet a few fellow cachers and talk caching. The beer wasn't bad either
  6. Saw this map yesterday whilst contemplating the M1 caches. Tried printing it out so i knew where i was but it was rubbish. No resolution! Great idea to adapt it though, as you say like the London Underground caches.
  7. You got mine at Corley though. Cold wasn't it?
  8. Done a couple today and an event tomorrow Worked 12 hour weekends for 25 years so i know the feeling, but now i don't have to. Not much caching next week by the looks of it -10c and snow. The micros will take some finding !!
  9. Darn it! Sock puppets causing trouble. Something's afoot, i hope they get instep and come to heel, even toe the line.
  10. or one of these. GPS Warehouse I have been using it for over a year with no problems. More expensive i know but it does power the GPS as well as connect and it connects directly to USB.
  11. I have been considering buying the 60csx also for the last couple of weeks. They seem only to be available by mail order. Is there a shop outlet in the midlands where i can buy one off the shelf? Also the mapping software. I thought somewhere like Milletts etc may have GPS machines but they only have Etrex. I already have a legend but want to upgrade.
  12. Do you remember setting your first cache! That sense of anticipation, waiting just waiting for someone to log it. Hoping you hadn't cocked up. Waiting for the remarks, the feedback, all of that. That's how i feel every time i get a FTF. Obsession no, but just a great feeling. I can't get too used to it can i ? I live within Snerdbe's hunting zone.
  13. I think the IRA probably had a few boxes hidden around the landscape in the Irish countryside some years ago. They've all been archived now though.
  14. I did my first caches abroad last Summer in Spain, Portugal and the Canaries. As SCAW says my main worry was the wildlife. Walking through waist high grass not knowing what may lay ahead gave me the creeps a bit, but, i did get the caches no problems. Wouldn't take the risk in Moscow at the moment though!!!
  15. If your still sick and you want to lose a few hours Try this Tough Quiz not Geocache related but interesting.
  16. Remember VirtualCacher. He was around when i first started and got loads of FTF's. He soon gave up when his logs were deleted. Just ignore this bozo and hopefully he'll go the same way. Just pass the word in logbook pages when you log one after he has said he has logged it.
  17. Does this one of mine count - GCRFMV I had permission for Corley itself and set the cache. It was soon muggled!! Too many folks in service stations watching but you can't see them.
  18. Todays Calling cards, Tomorrows Collectable Look here "the minor transient documents of everyday life”.
  19. Yep, site seems to have slowwwed right downnnnn.... Could be all the nice new icons, roll overs etc in the new styled site or maybe Sunday evening syndrome spilling over into other days.
  20. A Geocoin in the shape of a buckle that had been with the forces in Iraq recently went for many hundreds of dollars on the bay. It was pretty unique though and the money went to charity, so maybe there is some sense with the money. Don't think that'll end up in a cache do you?
  21. Big Well Done Des & Bren, Mark, Lynn and the children. It was a great day out and i was pleased to be part of it. Roll on the next one
  22. You can count Hillhappy1 in as long as it's on the right day for me. Preferably a Saturday.
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