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  1. Hey Kitch,


    Don't worry about the wood...I took care of that when I was out caching today. Was on a steep incline and took a spill down the hillside. Knocked my head against two very large and hard trees. :blink: We should be good for awhile.


    But seriously, I want to thank Towlebooth for all the hard work he's had to take care of over this holiday.


    Cheers to you and Happy New Year!

  2. Question:


    I'm a Mac user and want to use Cachemate on my Tungsten. I see I need something called CMConvert. After downloading it, it says I need the Expat XML parser library. I'm not sure I understand the whole install process it says is required and what else is required to download. Can someone walk me through this???

  3. Hopefully I'm not being repetative with this topic, but I'm trying to find someplace to make custom geocoins. More likely on my budget it would have to be wooden nickels or poker chips. If anyone has sugestions of where they've had there's made or knows of someplace to do this, please post here. Thanks.

  4. Also, once you get there, if your cousin has internet service (why wouldn't he/she ???) just pop outside and take a reading with your GPSr and use that as a starting search point on GC.com. It will give you all caches in the immediate area based on mileage from your cousins house.

  5. Just adding my two cents- I also have the Legend, and have had really good accuracy with my unit (unless there is heavy tree cover or close to buildings). Over the last three days it has been amazing though. I've been averaging 5 to 8 feet! Normal reading is about 10 to 15 feet on average. At that proximity I'm usually tripping over the cache anyway.

  6. One of the most important things for me is keeping my feet warm and dry. Even if the rest of me is toasty, if my feet are cold and wet, I'm miserable. A good pair of wool socks is great insulation plus is great at wicking away moisture. My favorite socks are Smartwool socks (can find them at REI or just about any good sporting goods store). Also a good pair of boots that are waterproof, or at least treated with a waterproofing agent. And I agree about silk as a base layer. I have a pair of "high tech" silk longjohns that I swear by.

  7. Rayovac just introduced "15 minute" rechargable batteries...they rock! You can even charge them in the car! And the charge lasts a long time. They are supposed to be able to be charged over a THOUSAND times without discernable loss of performance. You can get both AA and AAA.

  8. I completely agree with you. I've already hidden three of my own, but they're only a difficulty of "1". I want to hide something more challenging than that. It seems that all that's left are small community parks where easy caches are all that I would be able to hide. If that was the case, I could have hidden at least 20 by now, but that's not the point. I found that the harder caches are somewhat more rewarding, and I'd like to do the same for my fellow cachers. Just stumped on where this would be possible without crowding more caches. But, maybe that IS my only option at this point. Just think, in five years it's possible new cachers my not be able to hide any at all in the area. I think I just answered my own question. Geez...

  9. I'm fairly new to geocaching, and want to start hiding more caches in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. BUT, it seems the area is completely satuarated with caches already (not that I mind). Every time I think I've found a new park, I check the GC.com website and there's already at least one cache there. I could hide more in the bigger parks, but it seems that's already the case. Plus I don't have time to venture out of the Cities. Any suggestions?

  10. I just recently hid a cache in a large tree with what appeared to be a vacated squirrel nest. I made sure it was "clean" before depositing the container. I have yet to see any squirrels or birds try to plunder the cache. The opening is large enough to get a good look before reaching in, but it still makes me a little nervous when checking on it. No complaints, yet.

  11. I may be new to geocaching, but I've been enjoying state parks all my life. I fully agree with everyone. Geocaching is the least of their worries. In fact, it would probably bring much needed revenue to the park system. I have no idea how many local parks I've visited that normally I wouldn't have, all thanks to geocaching.

  12. I guess I went a little overboard the last couple of weeks. My first offical day caching with my own GPSr was Dec 1st. Found 50 caches in three weeks! Just call me a cache-machine!

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