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  1. Maybe they're all in on it together....or maybe there IS no frog, yeah, that's it, it's a global conspiracy to make us spend money, cause money's green like frogs, and they both fit in your pocket, and I'm SURE frogs are used as currency SOMEWHERE....wait, what was I asking again???

  2. Fine...let me clarify.


    If anyone reading this post knows who drew Signal the Frog, please post the name of the artist here so that we might all have clarification and be able to sleep an hour or two before heading out to cache again????


    Does that work? :huh:

  3. :) Does anyone know who drew Signal the Frog? I really like the style of cartoon and want to have a ferret drawn in similar fashion. Or, if anyone with artistic ability could do this for me, would it be worth a shiny new geocoin to them??? ;)
  4. Just try to take it at your own pace. Don't try to keep up with these "die hard" cachers. Some cachers are retired and are able to dedicate a whole 'lotta time to it, whereas others. like students or those of us with full time jobs or families, have to manage our time better.


    And yes, it is somewhat of a thrill to find a "virgin" cache, but even if you're not a FTF, the cache is still there waiting for you to find it. And that's just as fun in my book. I go for the fun of the hunt and being outside. Although, I will admit, my first week of caching I went a little overboard. ;)

  5. Obviously this cacher just doesn't get it. The reward is in finding the cache, not boosting numbers. That would be like me saying that I was jealous of someone who has been caching for 2 years who has found 300 caches, and then going and boosting my own numbers to feel superior over other cachers with less finds. It's not a race. Don't get me wrong, there is fun in competition, but that shouldn't be your only objective. I do it for the fun of the hunt, for being outside, and for spending time with friends who also enjoy it.


    Most importantly, it get's me off my butt and out the door! (especially in the winter!)

  6. As you may have read in my preivous posts, I've been trying o go paperless on my caching hunts. I managed to get gpx files to my Palm Tungsten ( using cachmate), but now I need to get the waypoints to my eTrex Legend. I took some advice from the posts here and bought an interface cable from semsons.com. I can physically hook the the two units up together, just can't figure out how to export the data now. Any help out there from the seasoned pros would be appreciated.

  7. I take that last post back. I just didn't try enough locations. Turns out the gpx file needed to be in the documents folder. So problem #1 solved!


    Now, how do I transfer the waypoints from my Tungsten to my Legend? I must be missing the obvious. And, do I need to change any settings on my Legend to make it work correctly?

  8. These are straight from GC.com. I tried .loc before I had a premium membership, and now I've tried GPX, but I get the same error for both. From what I've read, CMConvert works internally of MacCMConvert, and the error says "sorry, there was an error running CMConvert, your file was not converted", and then I get an applescript error. I tried re-downloading the ap, but I am still getting the same error. Plus I didn't think EadyGPS ran on Macintosh.

  9. I recently downloaded MacCMConvert/Cachemate to upload waypoints from my Palm Tungsten to my eTrex. When I try to convert the .loc files using MacCMConvert on my desktop, it gives me an error that CMConvert could not convert the file. Am I doing something wrong or am I missing a piece of the puzzle?

  10. Hey, the foam idea is something I use alot. I found a small piece of heavy duty foam made for gardening that has a hand hole in it. Friends made fun of me when I used it and said I looked like one of their grandmas gardening. I had the last laugh when they ended up with wet knees and cold bums!

  11. Yeah, park and grabs ara okay, but nothing beats a good hike. Now that I'm REALLY looking, I'm finding more parks that are "virgin" territory. When I started caching my first instinct was to check all my favorite parks, which of course are a lot of other people's favorites, so they already had caches in them. I'm suprised at the number of parks I drive by everyday that I've never noticed until now. Now I just need time to explore a few.

  12. Out here in Minnesota, we have a great business called Ax-Man surplus. Everything a cacher could want! Very unusual containers of every size for literally pennies. One of my favorites is a small black pog tube about 4 or 5 inches long. Very nice "large" micro container for the urban hides. Only 35 cents!

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