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  1. I need to figure out how to quote someone........
  2. Keystone, what would have happened if things had gone "right"?
  3. Thanks for the info. It looks like Strong Engineering does make these for quite a few models, and less than a buck a piece!
  4. Hey just got it tonight! It rocks! I'll have to accessorize now...
  5. I have the same unit as Criminal. These things are great. I've been caching in cold weather, and haven't had any problem with longetivity. I actually think they are performing better than alkalines. Not to mention it's only 15 minutes to recharge, in the car! I've had my Legend on continously for several days before I need to swap them out.
  6. I was just wondering if a screen protector exists for Garmin eTrex GPSr's. I've thought about just cutting up one for a PDA, but I'm lazy and want something form fitted for my unit. Anyone know?
  7. just heard this sold the other day
  8. Wow, sorry to hear about the root canal. Oral surgery sucks. Just had my wisdom teeth pulled not too long ago, and got dry socket. Not Fun. Anyway, I ordered a black fatboy from your website on Friday night. I actually sent an email the other day to an email address that is listed in the paypal receipt for your website. Not sure if that goes to you or not. I'll email you with my personal info if that helps. Thanks Much!
  9. . . . . . . . . . *frrrpt* OK, who stepped on the frog???
  10. Well, is the other person still caching? If not, and if you still have access to the other account, you could just change the user name and all the info would stick with it. I doubt that you can transfer info from acct. to acct.
  11. Great! Keep us up to date. It would be nice to see something for Mac that works like the Mapsource software. If it's as good as it sounds, I'm all for it.
  12. I'm also a Mac user and have been searching for the same thing. I checked the above webstie, but was finding contradicting info. On the requirements portionfor Mac, it lists GPS recievers, but under the FAQs, it says it will work with Windows only. Am I missing something?
  13. Also interested if still available. Check your email.
  14. Has anyone else ordered anything in the past few days? I haven't gotten a response about my order yet.
  15. What's the time frame I should expect my order? I placed it Friday evening.
  16. This is messing with my abnormal sleep patterns......guess it's time for the foil hats *runs off to corner of room mumbling "the frogs are watching me"*
  17. Another ferret...we could go into "business" together....
  18. Here in Minnesota, we have several... Most caches (in the world as far as I know) - King Boreas (currently with 361) Travel Bugs Found - Centris (938 bugs and coins) I'm in awe...
  19. Sweet Mother of Mystery! I created a monster......
  20. Ah...*sigh*. A fleeting hope. I can still wish.
  21. I...I.....I.............have nothing.
  22. While I was out today my thermometer was reading -6 degress, not sure what the windchill was. Only able to hit 5 caches today, darn.
  23. .....maybe I should just ask the frog
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