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  1. How come the title only addresses "male" scouts? Ever hear of the Girl Scouts (They are the ones who sell cookies, not peanut brittle). Hrmmmph!!
  2. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see someone say that correctly. Down boy... DOWN!
  3. Yeah, yours would be easy to add a gasket. I'm glad to hear that you are open to upgrading the container. Cache on!!
  4. I have an electrical cover hide as well but mine comes with a gasket between the cover and whatever surface it it attached to so the magnets cause the seal to, well, seal. It's been out for over a year and during Portlands wettest winter in years and the log is dry. Of course the log IS in a sandwich baggie.
  5. Yeah, I've taken some apart, but I prefer now to buy rare-earth magnets online. They're not that expensive, they come in many, many different sizes, shapes, and strengths, and are easier to obtain than worn-out hard drives. I wouldn't say that. I have about 40 hard drive magnets within 15 feet of me and at least 2 dozen more distributed between the two companies I work at. (I just recovered 8 in the last 2 days) But I also have an ample selection of Ebay bought magnets too.
  6. For the late Geo. Box, perhaps. Didn't you find something like that once? Or am I just thinking of a thread that you participated in where people were speculating that it was a cremation burial site? Seriously doubt that it would be a mining claim or anything like that, coralteach. The standard way of staking a claim is (believe it, or not) put the paperwork inside of a tin can, and either put that tin can upside down on a stick in the ground, or in a rock cairn. Pretty high-tech. I didn't find it. I was just a participant in the thread.
  7. I've seen a few of those in my caching advetures. A way around the wet logsheets is to use Rite in the Rain™ paper or Polyart™ paper (Someday I should start selling the stuff)
  8. You found the cremated remains of a loved one. The box is supposed to survive the elements but will only do so for a relatively short period of time, maybe 10 years normally but possibly a few decades in the desert.
  9. Like you, I also have a dislike for what I consider to be lame caches. Lame, for me, are those hides, regardless of size, which are hidden in uninspired locations, with little to no thought put into the hide technique. This description accounts for roughly 98.2% of all micro/other/not chosen hides in my area. (Hey, if you don't know any real statistics, make 'em up!) As such, the "Filter Out" solution works wonders for me. For the other 1.8%, I filter out hiders. If I find a small, regular or large that fits my definition of lame, I make a note of the hider. If I see a pattern evolve, with one particular person hiding an excess of caches that hold little interest for me, I won't search for any more of their hides. And I still end up with way more caches than I'll ever find in my lifetime. Yeah, it really sucks that people don't hide caches without you approving them first.
  10. I don't cache as much when the spiders are out. I don't like spiders at all. I'm not afraid of them, mind you. I hate them more than words can say. Well, I hate them ON me. Away from me I couldn't care less.
  11. Why? A week ago I was going down to a river to place a cache and saw a nice healthy garter snake. He was pretty thick in the middle so he's been eating well. He was only about 2 feet long or so. He was sunning himself and didn't see me till it was too late and couldn't get away. I saw the look of fear in his eyes as he tried to remain still, knowing his path to safety was too far away. I just squatted down, said hi to the little guy, contemplated picking him up but knowing he would poo on me, and reached out to pet him on the back. He didn't try too hard to get away and let me pet him a couple times. Then I gave a gentle flick on his tail to encourage him to go home, which he obliged. And then I was on my way as well. One of these days I will remember to take pictures of the snakes I see.
  12. Was that in Portland? Cuz I found that exact thing down near the Willamette River.
  13. It's my understanding that cache terrain ratings are determined by the hardest part of the terrain, even if it's only for a short period. If the path to the cache is flat for a mile but you need to risk your life for the last fifteen feet, you rate it for those fifteen feet.
  14. Somewhere in the neighborhood of my 20th find I found something like this. It was an old abandoned electrical box with a logsheet inside and a bison tube tucked behind it. People were signing both logs so I did too.
  15. How do you write a 4K character log on a Walmart parking lot LPC?
  16. Nah, the maps aren't correct. It's on the edge of the river and will be completely submerged once in a while when the water level is up (anytime there's a good long rain storm)
  17. Terrain is based on my path to the cache. One missed step or slip and you are swimming. Otherwise you have to climb through some bushes/trees with a definate (and likely) cut or bruise. In fact, I discovered a nice three inch bruise on my knee today. Mind you, the terrain is based on only 20 feet or so of the trek. It's my understanding that the terrain is based on the hardest part, not the overall path. Otherwise it would only be a 3 or so. (It only takes about 15-20 minutes to get to the cache from a car) But, here's an idea... Go find it and get back to me. ~LOL~
  18. Thanks. The pictures were taken from 3 feet away from the cache so they would have been pretty close. Those pictures don't do the area justice. A few better pictures are on the cache page. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...1c-241e2ebd0a67
  19. Get a ziploc freezer bag for your GPS and then put it in it then get another ziploc freezer bag and put it in that one and so on for 4 bags. Your GPS will be fine layered in 4 ziploc freezer bags.
  20. Oh well, it gives me a reason to get pictures with a better camera. What did you take those pics with? I have my Blackberry set to geotag all photographs. So if I did what you did, I might be able to save the day by using the coordinates from the photograph. I should set my MyTouch to geotag in case it happens again. THose were taken with the cell phone. The new pics taken with my Olympus Stylus came out much better.
  21. Once you have the image URL (address) in your forum post, highlight it and then click the little tree icon. It will add the code for you.
  22. Well, that's up to you but it should be completely submitted tonight.
  23. The deed is done. It's a good thing that the cache spot is one of my most favorite spots or I would have just abandoned the cache placement attempt.
  24. Yes but there are a few areas of Arizona that Hell aspires to be as hot.
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