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  1. I've violated posted hours for non FTF caches. Caching has little to do with when I will, and will not, break the "law". That is right, the authority lies with the cache owner. The cache owner agrees to be the one responsible when the cache is listed, it is a required part of the listing agreement. The cache owners have authority over whether or not their cache exists and what kind of cache it is (with limits) but not much beyond that. The cache owners are obligated to allow the "find" of anyone who has found the cache and signed the log. If that's not the case, someone needs to rewrite the guidelines.
  2. Ignore the request or point them to a few threads about TB Prisons. TB prisons are not a good idea for the TBs. It's like getting stuck at a 4 way stop and not being allowed to go until someone else comes up to the intersection. One could be stuck there for a LONG time. I sure hope my TB(s) are never taken hostage like that.
  3. So, a question to those who say the deletion is the way to go. Is the person who found it during "off-hours" supposed to go out AGAIN to (ahem) find the cache AGAIN, sign the logsheet AGAIN, to claim the find or are they forever banned from "finding" the cache they found?
  4. OMG! I might have to change my position... In reality I HAVE broken the law (admittedly many times) in search of some caches. If those logs were all deleted I would want some sort of retribution. I spent MY time looking for caches and met the guidelines for getting the smiley. Delete my valid logs (per the guidelines) and you aren't acting in the spirit of geocaching. I know... GS could give us all the ability to decide who can, and can not, find our caches and what times and days we allow people to find them. Then we can delete the rest. So, no finding my caches on Tuesdays unless between the hours of 9PM and 9:15PM. All other logs will be deleted.... Hmmm... That sounded like an ALR.
  5. I wouldn't do that. That's just asking for unnecessary drama. You do all realize that there is no difference between first to find and twenty-ninth to find, right? Just as there is no difference between a car with 10 miles vs a car with 100,000 miles.
  6. And if you are posting on stolen bandwidth then the mod should delete your posts.
  7. That's right. He was fired for buying gas. The details of the crime showed he was using his company card to do it without authorization. He was still buying gas. He was fired for unauthorized use of a company credit card and theft from the company. Whether gas or grass or ... well, the same result. The gas had nothing to do with it.
  8. Can you give an example of when an ALR has been allowed by the froggie under that claim. If you can't then there is no basis for the statement (facepalm) What is this thread about?
  9. Any great employee who was caught geocaching on the company dime and fired wasn't really a great employee, were they? Geocaching might have been a contributing factor but probably not the only reason. Maybe their productivity was down (possibly because they were too busy geocaching).
  10. Um, most of us aren't moderators and probably wouldn't get the same backup. Having said that, I really don't have a dog in the fight but really dislike the whole policy, being portrayed by members of GS staff, of we can do whatever we want if it's "in the best interest of geocaching" being used as a tool. But, hey, I don't own the game. I just think it's lame practices. ALR's aren't allowed... unless they are in the best interest of geocaching... Yeah, that sort of sums it up, doesn't it?
  11. I knew a guy that lost his job after 12 years all because he was caching on company time in the company car. Scubasonic WOW, you lost your job?? ***just kidding.
  12. Just thought of another reason to place a condom in a cache. Take a condom, unroll it and add a little dab of sunscreen to it and then tie a knot to make sure the sunscreen doesn't dry out. See? A personal dose of sunscreen. You might just help someone avoid skin cancer...
  13. If cache finds can be deleted because someone broke the law to get the cache then we are going to head off to a slippery slope. Speeding to get a FTF... Deleted log. Went through a yellow light to get to the cache... Deleted log Stepped onto a property that had a no trespassing sign (and the cache isn't on private property)... Deleted log. Made too much noise (where a noise ordinance exists) because you finally found a cache after searching for an hour... Deleted log Slippery slope... Deleted log. Regardless of WHY it should be allowed, it shouldn't be allowed. We are NOT police, and certainly not judges. We do NOT get to determine whether or not someone broke a law even if they are stupid enough to brag about it. The rules are, as follows... Find cache, sign log, log online, get smiley... I don't care what briansnat thinks on the issue. Although he is a very respectable individual, in this instance he's wrong.
  14. Bittsen, you're right. I first printed with an inkjet printer but the ink wouldn't go into the waterproof lable paper. It just smudged all around. We used a lazer printer to get the ink on there and stick. Well, that too but I was more referring to the signatures. With all the different types of pen ink, you can't insure against all transferability from people who are signing the logsheet.
  15. Get waterproof paper. That way it doesn't matter if the seal is good or not.
  16. Something else to be noted on those types of hides is that some types of ink will transfer and leave stains on the paint of whatever the magnet contacts.
  17. Yes, but only one at a time. The cookies that geocaching.com use are only able to have one person logged in from a computer at a time.
  18. ive thought about outing him since he does cache in oregon, but mostly in washington. There is going to little patience in this hobby for a thief. Just so you know... technically you already outed the friend.
  19. Seal them with Varathane, diamond finish. You can buy a quart of it for less than $10 or get it in the spray can which will cost more per application but still seal a few hundred of them if you do them all at the same time.
  20. Please keep your caching friend away from my caches. I have a tendency to get mad (even) when someone does something like what your friend does. I would totally out anyone I found doing that.
  21. TB hotels are just regular caches that the cache owner has dubbed a "TB hotel". Nothing else officially special about it. You an search for any TB hotel with a basic membership if the owner of the cache has left it open for basic membership. If the cache owner has set it as a PM only cache then, of course, you would need a PM to search for it.
  22. Some things I shake my head at but others might shake their head at what I have taken from caches. I do like to pick up used Golf balls. If nothing else, hit them off into the river or something (no, it's not going to kill anything in the river). I also picked up a plastic cockroach. My caching buddy was asking why I was picking that up. Well, it would make a good TB or cache... Used movie stubs, not so much but some concert ticket stubs have been known to collect value over many years. Ya never know. Heck, even grocery receipts an be used by some (less than totally honest) people to add to their tax deductions.
  23. what kind of glue do you use? I've used a few types of adhesives. One is liquid vinyl. And I've used PVC cement, ABS cement and even super glue. It all depended on the application.
  24. SOme people use glue. Some people use EPoxy. I take neodymium (super strong) magnets and then put them inside shrink tube (stuff that you can buy at Harbor Freight) and then glue them to the plastic containers on the inside. This is where a 4 year old says "why?". Welcome to the forums.
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