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  1. Some of the matchtubes I've bought have a cheesy flat gasket, and my bison tube knock-offs had pre-dry-rotted o-rings. If it looks like they've scrimped on seal quality, it would be best to start with a good o-ring. But as briansnat said, if that's a decent matchtube, it will work fine. Who sells that kind? It's a relatively hard plastic and the Oring is flat. I got it at Harbor Freight. I think that I will list it as a "unknown" size when I place it. That will make things fun.
  2. I'll use polyart (waterproof/tear resistant) paper so even if the log does get wet it won't deteriorate. I'm lucky enough to have a source for the stuff.
  3. I'm thinking of placing one in a far away area and don't expect more than a couple of visitors a year. I wonder if it will hold up against the elements.
  4. To be fair, he does use other crappy containers besides yogurt and cottage cheese containers.
  5. No, I'm not. But there isn't a descriptor for someone smarter than an Uber Genius so I had to rate it down a little.
  6. You can count it even if you never found it. It would be scummy to do though. The guidelines say you have to sign the log to claim the smiley though.
  7. The Powergenix batteries and charger are on sale today at Penny Wise I guess it's not too hard to get that deal but it's still a bargain at $7.99 for the charger and batteries IMHO.
  8. Yup, the deal ends at 6PM Pacific time. It will probably come up again in a couple weeks if you miss out this time. OT The DOTD for today is a pair of hats for $6. They are really good quality hats. I got a pair of them last week and they will be VERY warm. They are made by Bear USA (not to be confused with BearWear. Trust me, most won't want to look that one up).
  9. That doesn't make much sense - I'm guessing a word or two is missing? Thanks for highlighting the deal. At that price, hard to resist, so I bought one to check the batteries out. I read here that some folks use the "lithium" setting on their GPSr for battery type. OOPS... The sale is also available TOMORROW. Basically they have a 24 hour sale but allow you to get in on "yesterdays deal".
  10. Could you share what units you use these in and how long they last? Run time? What battery setting would you use, my OR does not have a NiZn setting? Also, does the extra 0.8V for a pair change anything? Thanks for the post. I've used them in my Colorado on the Alkaline setting. The only bad part is that there is almost zero warning that the batteries are low before it cuts out. The extra .8 volts is actually .2 volts per pair over alkaline. Most electronics are set for alkaline and since alkaline batteries vary, the electronics will handle the extra .2V just fine. I originally bought the batteries to give full power (and rechargability) to my 2XAA Leatherman 100 lumen flashlight. In all honesty I found that the batteries won't last as long as alkalines in the flashlight but since they are rechargable I am OK with it. In the Colorado I can do a regular caching trip without running out of batteries. Again, the rechargability makes it all worthwhile.
  11. I am not affiliated in any way with Powergenix or Shnoop.com. I just clicked shnoop.com and they have the Powergenix 4 pack of batteries AND the 4 station charger for $8.99. I just bought the same setup at Fry's a few weeks ago for $20. Powergenix batteries are Nickel-Zinc and pack 1.6V per cell instead of 1.2V that most rechargables have. Personally, I love them. The sale is today but the sale is also available. It's weird how shnoop.com works but it does work. Just letting you all know. P.S. I just bought two sets. So now I have 12 batteries and 3 chargers total.
  12. Let's not all fall all over ourselves praising Geocahing.com. It's far from perfect. It just happens to be the biggest player in the game.
  13. Stop scuttling your butt. Garmin owns the site. They registered it in 2003. And I am willing to bet their pockets are deeper than Groundspeaks. Registrant: Domain Administrator Garmin International 1200 East 151st Street Olathe KS 66062 US domain.admin@garmin.com +1.9133978200 Fax: Domain Name: opencaching.com Registrar Name: Markmonitor.com Registrar Whois: whois.markmonitor.com Registrar Homepage: http://www.markmonitor.com Administrative Contact: Domain Administrator Garmin International 1200 East 151st Street Olathe KS 66062 US domain.admin@garmin.com +1.9133978200 Fax: Technical Contact, Zone Contact: Domain Administrator Garmin International 1200 East 151st Street Olathe KS 66062 US domain.admin@garmin.com +1.9133978200 Fax: Created on..............: 2003-09-14. Expires on..............: 2012-09-14. Record last updated on..: 2010-09-29. Domain servers in listed order: ns2.garmin.com ns.garmin.com
  14. From Shnoop, I got 12 of the PowerGenix AAs with the charger for US$18.99 total delivered. They just had a 4 pack for $5 delivered. Every couple of weeks they seem to have some combination of these AAs and/or chargers in their deal of the day. But shnoop does a single deal per day. I don't think I have the time or patience to wait to see if the powergenix batteries come up again.
  15. I got mine at Frys. 4AA batteries and the charger (that will do a pair of AAA when they come out) for $20. Best investment I've made in batteries so far.
  16. I tried recharging regular batteries with a charger. There was about 10 minutes of a high pitched noise that I couldn't find and then a LOUD POP! Took me a couple hourse before I figured out that it was the batteries. I only found out because the second battery was making that noise. They DO explode.
  17. <Kabump> I just tried out a set of these batteries and was very happy with the performance. I was using them in a Leatherman Monarch 500 (100 lumen) flashlight. I didn't know there was a piece of plastic in the charger so when I went to charge them they didn't charge but lasted in the flashlight for about 30 minutes right out of the package. Now they give over an hour (which is the battery rating on the flashlight) placing them in with a full charge. Something really interesting with this battery/flashlight combo. There was NO period of less light. The flashlight went from full intensity to zero output in about 3/4 of a second. I'm liking these batteries a lot!
  18. I have completed an entire city on my mountain bike. Alternately I am just finishing up the repairs needed on my motorcycle.
  19. It appears you carry more baggies than a drug dealer.
  20. If you are going to hide one that's 300 miles from home, you might want to hide it a bit off of the freeway. Walk somewhere at least 150 feet away and place something larger. Don't follow a trail because trail caches are the ones that get muggled first. The farther away from home that you place a cache, the more secure you should make it. JMO
  21. I would but today I was chatting about geocaching to a coworker and he said it sounded silly (stupid). I can't possibly wear a geocaching shirt to work now.
  22. I got the Email also. Seems as someone got in trouble and are thinking they can scare the rest of us. I'd like to see them get a wedgie just for wasting my time with the email.
  23. What the OP describes is sort of lame. I had to check to make sure the OP wasn't talking about me. I just archived, then placed at the same coordinates but there was a backstory as to why. In my case it's a new hide. New container, new logsheet, new caching experience. Only the view from the cache stayed the same. I can't imagine someone archiving then republishing the same cache with no changes. They probably did it to get visitors since the cache was stagnant. That's lame too.
  24. I'm going to delete any logs on my caches that say it was sunny or clear. I don't want people to think it's always sunny and clear here.
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