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  1. Vous utilisez CGEO ? (la question a déjà été posée sans réponse). Si oui, c'est là le problème, CGEO charge, via un navigateur et avec votre compte, les pages en Anglais et votre compte passe alors en langue anglaise.
  2. Bonjour, Avez-vous introduit les coordonnées dans le champ "coordonnées finales" ?
  3. Same problem for me too, three times a day, the app consummed 200,02mb, i exhausted my 4gb package in 5 days !! The solution was to disable thé background data for géocaching app on my phone.
  4. Ok, but it's not the same version of mine... Last update on April, 27th. Also, yesterday, i wrote a note on one of my geocache that's disabled, to inform followers that the cache will be activated in more than 2 weeks. Same probem : App crashes after sending Note Log. Even when I put a note on a cache that is not mine. I don't have this bug when I log found it
  5. Hi, Today, after installing the last update of the app, I did some maintenances, and when I send a maintenance log from the app, it crashes and closes, leaving me an error message. When I open the app again, the maintenance message doesn't appear in the logs, so I tried 3 times and nothing, so I went through chrome. When I came back home, I saw that the 3 maintenances are well logged... I tested again on a maintenance tonight, in wifi, in case it was a phone (3G/4G) network problem, I have the same result. I sent a comment following this new bug. Android 8 - App version 8.47.0
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