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  1. Interesting to know. But I wonder now if the method on the cache page would be the most accurate of the ones I mentioned? GSAK gives almost the same result, so maybe that would be the one?
  2. So, I found a cache very far away from my home location. It's almost antipodal, actually. And with this find I also discovered that such a seemingly simple concept as distance between two locations is not simple at all, and that when calculating the distance between two points on Earth, the results may vary. OK, so there's different ellipsoid models of Earth, there's different formulas to calculate the distance but which one do you think is the most 'correct' one? And which one does the geocaching site use? And why is it that the site uses two of them? The distance to that cache shows up different when I look at the cache page (20011.1) and when I look at my statistics (19997.632). This is the cache I'm talking about - BASILICA SAN MARTIN DE MONDONEDO I've also tried calculating the distance using various tools, the results vary with every one This is the summary as I've posted it in my log: P.S. I also got the FTF on that cache, could this be the longest (distance-wise) FTF run ever so far?
  3. Bring back the time, Groundspeak! I always write down the exact time I find a cache in the log I'm posting, and that time was very conveniently seen on the field notes page just before clicking the button for writing the log. Seems a very illogical choice to remove it...
  4. Greetings from the Baltics! Latvian: Paldies par slēpni! [PPS] Lithuanian: Ačiū uz lobi! Estonian: Tänud peitjale! / Tänan aarde eest. Pupiņvaloda (Latvian "bean language"): Papaldiepies papar slēpēpnipi!
  5. No, the problem is, that I have set the correct timezone in the settings but the time rendered is still not right. And I have only one timezone in Field Notes file.
  6. Yes, I'm using a GPSr, but it does not matter because Field notes file does not contain any timezone/DST information whatsoever. The time there is represented by GPX standards: http://www.topografix.com/gpx_manual.asp#time [b]<TIME>[/b] Optional in: 2002-02-10T21:01:29.250Z Creation/modification timestamp for element. Date and time in are in Univeral Coordinated Time (UTC), not local time! Conforms to ISO 8601 specification for date/time representation. Fractional seconds are allowed for millisecond timing in tracklogs. So, that is just plain UTC time. The website should just set the time displayed according to my set timezone. But, for some reason, even though my timezone is set to +12, the website sets the time to +13.
  7. Well, the wrong date comes in play if the cache was found in hours close to midnight. FIeldnote loses it's time when it is made into a log, of course, but I just always like to write the found time in my log. And I take the time from the field note. It was all good all these years wherever I was, and it was alright when I arrived in NZ as well, just seems that it went wrong after the Daylight saving time changed here. Now I just need to remember or figure out which hour was the right one when logging.
  8. Oh, I'm not talking about the arrow pointing in the wrong direction. I'm not using the compass at all, it is turned off in my unit. I mean that the arrow is not at the location where the unit is, it is shifted for up to 300m to somewhere else, but GPS still shows that the accuracy is 6m or whatever small number. You arrive at GZ, step out of the car, restart the GPS and then realize that GZ is actually 300m away
  9. Yes, I' m proud of myself that I could come up with my own conspiracy here Well, the windows on backseat doors are coated, not the windscreen and front side windows, I think. But when the car is not running, it is just fine, with the windows up. But why does the GPS unit not know that the accuracy is 300 instead of 3m? Shouldn't the accuracy then change accordingly? E.g. if I'm walking between high buildings, the arrow drifts away but then the accuracy meter shows 28m or whatever it thinks it's wrong.
  10. Has anyone ever heard of cars that deliberately interfere with GPS signals? So, my friend has a Toyota Wish (2003 or 2005 make). Whenever we go geocaching with it, my Garmin Oregon 300 is rendered quite useless while the car is running. What happens is, the GPS accuracy shown in the device stays the same, it still shows 5m/6m/7m, the usual but the GPS arrow just drifts away somewhere. In reality, the accuracy is now about +/-100 up until 300 meters. It just goes somewhere in a random direction. When I get out of the car, if I want to get the location right, I have to restart my unit. If I do not restart it, it sorts itself out eventually but that takes some time, maybe 5 minutes or so. I can go back to the car, sit in it and everything is fine but as soon as we start driving, the GPS arrow drifts away again. So, the car has a built-in navigation, my guess is that maybe manufacturers have installed some sort of jammer that would interfere with GPS signals of the receivers in the car, and only their device has the decoder that gets the signal right after the jamming. That way you would be bound to use GPS from them and fix it by them, them making money out of it. But that sounds like really douchebag thing to do to your clients... Anyone ever experienced something like this?
  11. Hi! I'm experiencing a weird bug when dealing with field notes. I'm currently in New Zealand. Time zone now is UTC+12. I have set that in the site preferences. After uploading field notes, I see that the time showing up there is shifted forward by 1 hour. (First cache on my list was found at the actual local time 22:00 but is showing 23:00 on FN) "OK, no big deal," I think, "I'll just change the time zone to UTC+11 and issue will be solved" And, it seems that it is - now the first cache shows the correct time - 22:00. But what happens the next time I upload field notes? (So, I left my time zone to UTC+11) The time of the field notes is now shifted an hour back! It is showing 21:00 find time for the first cache. I would not mind "living in another time zone in site preferences" but this is a bit annoying, currently, to get the time right, I have to change zones all the time now. To get the time right, I have to first be on +12, then change to +11 after upload, then, after logging but before next upload I have to change back to +12. attaching some illustrative screenshots Time zone My FN file Right Timezone, Wrong time Wrong Timezone, still Wrong time
  12. I'm also confused by this new search. Before I could easily find all the caches in a specific country, is it possible now? The search that gave the result like this - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?country_id=111 The link still works, and I can change country by changing the number in the link, but then i would need to know all the numbers... Now i want to find caches in Iran, for example but i cannot do it! If i put "Iran" in the new search, it does not find anything!
  13. Same here. I also have tiny text, when composing log from field notes. Here's how it looks on Firefox https://www.dropbox.com/s/uh9o8ysomwzbxdl/Screenshot%202014-06-20%2012.30.26.png I can't really tell is it just me but other text also seems a bit different. Like, toolbar and "hello, [user]" part.
  14. Also, i'd suggest making it possible to generate complete PQ files from bookmark lists that contain more than 1000 entries. I've seen a list (not myfinds, not favorites) with almost 3k entries. I tried generating the PQ and got 1003 waypoints in it To be more precise, it is user qrang and this list http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=d62f0839-90cb-4365-a1c3-e6f6002ec47f I have a bookmark list with 1000 entries, tried adding another and got "You have reached the maximum number of items for this list (1000)." message so I don't know how it's done.
  15. So, i've been fooling around lately, making some bookmark lists and have come to the conclusion that their functionality is very limited and afaik hasn't really been improved during the last 6 years, since i started caching. Then, i saw the lists only as a tool where one drops some caches in to remember for some reason or generate a PQ of chosen caches. But now they are widely used for statistical purposes, therefore I just wanted to throw in some suggestions for the BL, that I have in mind: 1. Sort view. There are currently 4 columns in the list by which the current view could be sorted but the list is sorted alphabetically and that's it. It would be nice if we could click on the column title cells and sort the list view by either GC code, List owner found it, Distance or Cache name. I'm no expert but it think that this kind of sorting could be done purely by browser and hence wouldn't affect server load at all. I know that the list can be sorted anyhow by changing the entry name but that's "hard-coded" sorting and c'mon... 2. Additional columns. As stated before, there are 4 columns in lists which show us some kind of info. Would be nice to see more of them, though. The most useful would be: "Placed date", "Hidden by", "Last found date", "Cache type". There could be even more, like "Find count", "DNF count", "Terrain", "Difficulty", "Favorites" and others. Would be super-awesome if each user could specify which columns he wants to see in his lists (or on each individual list!) from a list of options with checkmarks. 3. Bulk moving/copying entries between lists. Has been suggested before, i'm just re-iterating it - we have an option to check multiple entries and to bulk delete, would be nice also to bulk copy or move to another list 4. Search public bookmark lists. Also has been suggested, it would be useful if we could search bookmark lists marked as public by keywords.
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